Sonic Boomcast Episode 5 “The aftermath of the Boom”

Sonic Boomcast Episode 5 “The aftermath of the Boom”

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Sorry for being so late on this one folks (two weeks after the recording), but as a retail clerk, you can imagine it’s been a real busy week for me. I even forgot to add the intro and ending music! GAAHH!!

Anyway, this is the episode that’s been four other episodes in the making! No more speculation, no more talking about demos or trailers. Sonic Boom is fully out there now and me, Christian and Lidice will be discussing the comic, the cartoons and the games in detail.

You can also catch me doing more talk on the Sonic Boom games on my other Sonic podcast, “Sonic Talk” over at Segabits and I’ll also be a guest on Act 64 of the Spindash podcast at

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