Sonic Boom Toys to Appear at Nuremberg Toy Fair

Sonic Boom Toys to Appear at Nuremberg Toy Fair


You may remember a few months ago we brought you word that Tomy were indeed planning on releasing the Sonic Boom toys in the UK. Well, since then there’s been very little word on when exactly this will be happening, however it looks like that the toys are indeed on their way to both the UK and Europe as a whole.

An advert printed in the December issue of ToyWorld Mag for the Nuremberg Toy Fair confirms that not only will Tomy be there, but that they will also have on show the Sonic Boom toys.

Now, this unfortunately doesn’t give us a clear indication as to when the toys will actually be released. In the period of January – February, there are major toy fairs in New York, London and Nuremberg, what typically happens at these events is that toys due for release much later in the year are put on show, buyers then do deals for their stores later in the year.

The thing to take away from this is that this advert confirms that the toys will come to Europe, however there’s no firm release date yet and no word on the exact range, since for previous toy lines the EU range has been significantly reduced.

Source: ToyWorldMag.

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