The 1994 Sonic Super Hedgehog Russian TV Quiz

I don’t know all the details on this one. But back in 1994, there was a Russian TV Quiz show about Sonic the Hedgehog, no idea if it was a special one off or a regular thing, but one thing is clear… it’s hilarious.

For starters, it begins with this very dodgy animation in which Sonic is seen escaping a road traffic accident, before hitching a ride on a helicopter whilst escaping gunfire from a futuristic fighter jet. The jet is able to shoot down the helicopter and Sonic somehow crashes out of a TV screen.

The first video then begins with this guy dressed up like a spaceman complete with a fake laser rifle who opens the show with all the emotion and enthusiasm of a 1970′s Dalek.

Throughout the show, a random Sonic cartoon animation appears in the corner of the screen and talks to the audience, sometimes showing his teeth and doing little gestures

The show also includes what appears to be Russian Sega MegaDrive adverts in which we see Ecto one driving through the streets of Russia to cure a sick boy by giving him a Sega MegaDrive

Theres prizes which are given out which include Sonic 2 themed watches and even a Sega MegaDrive 2.

They also consider the “Nissyo Iwai Corporation” to be Sonic’s creator, in English this means The Nissyo Potato Corporation.

Thanks to SSMB member Crystallize who sent this in.

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