Sonic Jump Fever Out On iOS And Android Today

Jump back into the fray with your favourite hero…Tails? A new app is hitting the mobile platforms today! Sonic Jump Fever is the improved follow up to Hardlight’s original venture with Sonic, Sonic Jump.


There’s new worlds to jump in, old favourites to unlock and play as, and a new Chao mechanic that should definitely spice things up for old Sonic Jump veterans with their unique abilities.  Have the launch trailer below.

There is one thing that should be noted about this release, though. Many people who have already bought the game are reporting that you do not, in fact, start off Sonic Jump with Sonic. Instead, Tails is who starts the adventure off the bat, while Sonic himself is an unlockable character! What a strange twist in conventions!

Sonic Jump Fever is free to download, although like many F2P games there are microtransactions within the game itself.

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  1. Start as Tails? Refreshing 🙂
    Reminds me of when I first played Sonic Heroes, for a change I started with Team Dark and ended with Team Sonic

    1. it is available for the Android. Chances are its not compatible with your Android powered phone/tablet, I have the same problem.

  2. i found it strange to start as tails but i dont mind, sonic is boring. the first charcater i will aim to unlock after the maditory sonic (get him within the first 5 level ups) is probabley Amy.

    good to see Sega arent being stingy with the red rings or normal rings. but there is a time out meter like those bejeweled rip-offs… -sigh- (1 free refill though).
    i have no character leader board though… eggman was there but now he isnt and i wanna see metal sonic on the rankings… hmmm maybe later.

    cant name chao or play with chao (as it said i could but i guess it means just play the game) – your chaos name is “normal” by the way … as thats what the game refers to it as. “normal has become your friend” – normal is not a name!

  3. I’mn actually having fun with this one,it’s a lot more fast paced than I expected but I still enjoy it.Sucks that you can only play for as long as you have “energy” bars,eh maybe I can use that time to do something productive I guess…also the Chaos are back…wish you could do more with them though.

  4. I was so excited to try out Jump Fever, since I played Jump to death and loved it. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed; the amount of ads and in-app purchases constantly shoved in your face is majorly irritating. I get it’s free-to-play, but even for an iPhone game, it felt very bare-bones. Hopefully after a few updates, it’ll be worth playing (honestly, I feel like maybe they should have spent more time developing it before releasing Jump Fever).

    Regardless, I’m super excited for Sonic in Smash Bros! at least there’s that to look forward to this year 😀

  5. Crashes on ART. (Nexus 5, Android L Preview)
    Come on, it’s not that hard to get rid of Dalvik…

  6. >Sonic is unlockable

    Reminds me that Mario himself was unlockable in Mario Golf in 64. What the fuckles.

  7. Dang, need iOS 7 and there’s zero support for old iPod touches :/
    Time to jail break…

  8. I’ve tried it, and it was fun. A lot more fast-paced, as when I went back to the original iOS Sonic Jump (No, not the one on Java-Based flip-phones and such) it felt really sluggish and slow. Though I’m kinda disappointed by the fact that there’s only one mode and you can only play as long as you have energy. Not to mention there’s no proper title screen. I mean, where’s Story Mode, or even better, Infinite-Jumping Arcade mode? Just this weird mode where you go to the end and have to wait 2 days for the next zone? Oh well, at least Red Rings are very common here and they don’t use that weird font they used in the original.

  9. I got it the day it came out. The gameplay is alright. Waaaay too many adds though. It’s like every single menu shoves in-app purchase possibilities down your throat. It gets annoying really fast.

    The Chao mechanic is cool and all, but c’mon Sega, I want a REAL Chao garden, not powerups in the form of Chao.

  10. Is anyone curious of what Sonic Team is actually doing? I know Boom is on the way, but that is no where near my top priority as Smash 4 is also on the way. Sonic Team hasn’t been active since 2011 (Generations) because Lost World was developed by the same team as Colors. That means a game has been developing since ’11, and they always start a game a little before another’s release (e.x. SLW being developed as a PC title in what, 2010 or so?). I hope they know it out the park this time as Generations was short, SLW was meh, and Boom is just…
    Lets just leave Boom as “…”

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