New Sonic Boom: RoL Details Revealed, Chaos Crystals, Time Travel & More


An E3 2014 demo and interview with Big Red Button’s Mark Vernon has revealed some new details on Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric for Wii U. The previously seen crystals are called ‘Chaos Crystals’ and there are nine of them to collect through the game’s story. Vernon also goes into more detail about the game’s time travel element and reveals that players will go to the past and the future, seeing areas in both times.

The name of the underwater base level played is ‘Ancient Template’ and in this demonstration we get to see some of the hidden areas of the level. Vernon gives us a look at the collectibles menu and a ‘Freeze Rod’ weapon that, as you guessed, freezes enemies in ice. It’s clarified that while these weapons are obtained from enemies, the enemies can’t actually use them and they are one-time limited use only. You can’t store them.

Vernon also explains that collectibles will earn you upgrades, which aren’t just for making your characters stronger, but also unlock new abilities. When asked about a release date, Vernon says he can’t remember the exact date, but it’ll probably be the first half of November. Finally, merchandise fans will want to stick around until the end to have a close look at some of the upcoming Sonic Boom action figures.

Source: The Family Gaming Team

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  1. WTF!?! Nine items instead of the traditional seven > ~ < absolute cringe not gonna buy. But seriously I like what I'm hearing so far and glad there is a mix of variety. Hope to hear more news soon.

    1. I played the game last week in France at Japan Expo and it wasn’t good at all!!…
      The 3DS game is better, even if it’s far from being a fantastic SONIC game!!…
      In the Wii U version, it is as if you were not playing a SONIC game : well, I know that’s a SONIC BOOM game and not a SONIC THE HEDGEHOG game, but even if I thought I wouldn’t enjoy SONIC BOOM, I didn’t think it would be so lame!!…
      When you play as Sonic, the fights agaisnt robots are too long and not amusing at all (though the franchise proved fighting with Sonic can be fun : SONIC THE FIGHTERS, SONIC HEROES with Knuckles or any other Power character, SONIC BATTLE, the Werehog in SONIC WORLD ADVENTURE)!!…
      It was slow, the graphics were not beautiful (and I don’t mean the character design that I don’t like at all in SONIC BOOM), the actions were not fun and so on!!…
      It was more like a JAK & DEXTER or RATCHET & CLANK experience than a SONIC one!!…
      In fact, the Nintendo staff told me they had negative feedbacks from SONIC fans but that on the contrary kids enjoyed the SONIC BOOM experience!!…

      Moreover, we couldn’t play with the Japanese voices… and as far as I am concerned, they are part of SONIC’s identity!!…
      Well, I’m eager to play the next game in the series that Sonic Team, of course, will release probably next year!!…

      Anyway, I’m glad to see Chaos Crystals in the BOOM universe because it proves again and again that SONIC THE HEDGEHOG and SONIC BOOM are two different universes not to be mistaken!!…

  2. All kinds of lame here. Sonic CD? This is nothing new people, so DO NOT start commenting like the time travel thing is revolutionary or any kind of cool. Seem’s like a big mess, they’re trying to do too much.

    1. we still have not heard any other details about the story, so don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

  3. Either I’ve been overlooking shit but TIME TRAVEL? SONIC CD LOL. But seriously, I’ll wait more details on this project.

  4. 4:04 He can’t even name Sonic’s “Trademark move”, he was clearly a doing a homing attack (15 years and counting), who hired the developers they know nothing about the series. Stop ignoring the obvious signs community we gotta stand to this!

    1. Have to agree. SEGA is making us accept a whole new take on Sonic which is nerve racking enough. The last thing I want to see is a developer unable to distinguish a homing attack from a spin dash. Regardless the game does look kind of fun though… won’t knock it till I try it

    2. YES! We will stand to UNITE against the abysmal SEGA/BigRedButton! Their tyranny will come to an END! MARK OUR WORDS!

  5. How intriguing. I do hope they aren’t trying to do too much at once, but if the time travel only really affects pathways (I.E. in the future it’s a vat of acid, in the past it is a river) and such, then it isn’t too bad. When plot gets involved and you aren’t careful, that’s when the plot holes start to form.

    Chaos Crystals, I wonder what kind of lore will be involved in this. It is certainly something to look forward to. All in all, still going to try the game since it doesn’t look bad at all to me, and I really am looking forward to the story and character interactions.


    1. Most of the people commenting on this article are worse than the trolls on TSSZ. Especially that TheBlackHoodedGamer dude who is just plain overreacting.

      1. Dude, I was making a joke. Next time, maybe I’ll use all caps to get that point out clearer. I’m actually looking very forward to this. 🙂 It holds lots of potential, if I do say so myself. The only trolling I intend is the playful variety, not blind hatred variety.

        1. And, I’m sorry that I didn’t get the joke the first time. (I take things a little seriously)

  7. As much as there are a million ways you could do time travel wrong, there are also millions of ways you can do time travel right. I don’t think this is going to be a terrible game purely because there is going to be time travel involved, I’ll have to see how it all works to make that assessment. Still, it sounds interesting enough, I just hope they manage to make it work while maintaining the mystery of this new world. Also, nine chaos-based elements to collect this time? Well, I have to say, I do believe that is a number we haven’t quite tapped into yet. I’m still looking forward to this game and I can’t wait to play it!

  8. well it does look fun and and time travel sonic CD style sounds pretty neet, I really couldn’t give two shits about the new sonic character design, hell even if they made him look like that in the main series I’d be cool with it, I’m not as hardcore as most of you guys so I feel like a dub lover in a weaboo convention half the time (it’s okay if you didn’t get the joke), I see sonic as a series of games it’s nice that the fanbase is so passionate about their love for sonic but some of these comment are just stupid I grew up with sonic adventure and I think I played sonic 2 first though but I only remember it because of the horrible time I had with the last boss, well a few of these comments sound as stupid as mariotehplumber rants but who cares the sonic fanbase is famous for it’s hilariously stupid sounding fans that are way to obsessed with a video game charter

  9. Time travel!?!
    Because that hasn’t been done before with Sonic ever!
    Chaos crystals!?!
    Totally original concept, Chaos emeralds what are those?
    Very ugly figures I hope these are prototypes,G.I. Joe this ain’t! If not I take back all the mean things I’ve ever said about Jazwares!

    1. They only said that they wouldn’t have the chaos emeralds, I don’t think they ever said that they would never have ANYTHING to look for in Boom.

  10. I really like where this is going! They’re taking concepts from past Sonic games and making it into one bigger polished game! Gaming is about giving freedom to the player in choosing what they want to do, from the looks of it, there’s plenty of options. From what I can tell, the artwork looks beautiful and the level design is big enough in size to allow the player to make a choice on which path to take (and afterwards, with trial and error, can even mix it up a bit to create there own path for speed runs and replay value.) My first Sonic game was Sonic CD for Win 95, and was quite surprised to hear that they’ll be bringing the Time Travel element back. If it turns out to be good, I might pick up the game and a Wii U when the console is at the end of it’s life span. I’m also quite excited for the upcoming television show too. ^_^

  11. The more stuff they cram into this game, the less interesting it sounds.

    At Boom’s announcement, I was expecting a lush world, leagues ahead of Sonic Adventure, some serious thought put into the history and depth of this world….and now it’s turning into a mess of ideas. I picture there being multiple writers who, in a chaotic ballet of childish writing and fan-base pandering, have constructed a kiddy version of action-platformers from the past, like Ratchet and Clank, and are sprinkling elements we already know so that it feels more familiar, even if it offers nothing to the story or gameplay.

    I won’t be buying this upon release. I will wait to see reviews and hear-say. The risk was HUGE in changing these characters’ universe, designs, and so on…and that was admirable…but in order for it to work on any level, it needed to impress, and it hasn’t. “Looking good” isn’t enough.

  12. I’m starting to see a trend with these boss battles,you
    1.Use the tether thing to grab an enemy
    2.Launch it at the boss
    3.Rinse and repeat till game notifies you otherwise
    I really hope the other boss battles don’t follow the same formula so we can get some variety,I just wanna beat the crap outa a machine boss with a character without having to use the tether…is that so much to ask?Oh well,they have a couple months before release so I’ll wait a bit longer.

      1. You may not realize this…but it’s not difficult to be cynical about Sonic games anymore. Not exactly a consistently good series of games, unfortunately.

  13. Im starting to understand the reason why the gameplay in Sonic Boom Wii U is the way it is. Think back to the multiplayer mode in Sonic Colors. In that mode two players share one screen and the objective is to get from point A to point B. The problem is the characters you play as are fast, uncontrollable hedgehogs and you are forced to share one screen for the sake of co-op. For those who played Sonic Colors “Co-op” with a friend, you know how frustrating it was. How does this involve Boom. Well if the developers made the characters much faster and made the levels more “traditional Sonic” (i.e. Sonic 1-3, Sonic Unleashed, etc.)  than the game would play just as bad as Sonic Colors Co-op.  Yet by slowing characters down and make the levels more expansive and slower paced, it eliminates the things that made Sonic Colors Co-op so frustrating and it makes the game (Boon Wii U) play more like a traditional cooperative adventure (<-  THE REASON SEGA HIRED BRB TO MAKE SONIC BOOM WII U IN THE FIRST PLACE SO IT COULD BE A COOPERATIVE ADVENTURE WHERE YOU AND YOUR FRIEND WORK AS A TEAM TO GET TO THE GOAL). If SEGA didn't want Sonic Boom to be a Co-op adventure than it would  play as any other traditional Sonic which.. 1: Defeats the purpose of BRB developing the game. (Meaning if the game were traditional, Sonic Team would be the only ones to develop the game)
    2: If defeats the purpose of making a Sonic Boom game (Meaning it would be the same as regular Sonic Team games and if that were the case WHY NOT JUST MAKE ANOTHER TRADITIONAL SONIC GAME)
    Another thing to note is by making Sonic Boom slower it lets newcomers learn the games controls and mechanics at their own pace. I know a ten year old who had trouble playing Sonic Generations. He told me he couldn't get past act 2 as Modern Sonic because he was moving so fast and the tutorials in Sonic games aren't exactly SUPER HELPFUL so he would get confused and ultimately fall in a bottomless pit or die by running into enemies without rings. Now I don't how Sonic Boom will teach you how to play the game but since it's slowed down it will let kids learn at their own pace. This also brings me to another point THE GAME IS MEANT FOR NEWCOMERS. Constant interviews say time and time again that they want the game to be easy and slower so kids or newcomers could get into the game but it will still have speed included so kids and newcomers know that Sonic is fast.
    Now onto Sonic Boom 3ds. I'm 100% sure that this version was made to please the fans. The game was made with a single player experience in mind. And what better way to make a portable single player game with Sonic than to make it play like a portable single player Sonic (i.e. Sonic Advance, Sonic Rush, Sonic Generations 3ds, etc.) 
    Yet even though it plays like traditional Sonic, they still incorporated new elements like the Medtroidmania style levels and such.
    And with that I hope this gives people a better mindset as to why the gameplay and design choices are how they are for the Wii U version of Sonic Boom. I'm not trying to defend Boom to the brick of death but I better understand why different elements are incorporated to make it play like a Co-op game, the reason SEGA wanted BRB (who are ex-Naughty Dog employes who know how to make action/adventure/co-op style games) to develop the Wii U version of the game. If anyone has a better idea of how to make a co-op Sonic game that doesn't use traditional co-op elements and would play well… than by all means list that idea. So yeah…… Chao!!

  14. Are people starting to feel upset at the idea of time travel because of sonic 06. Sonic cd, adventure, and generations had elements or some of time travel. (Although generations had no plot ).

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