TSS@E3: Check Out The Sonic Boom Blackboard


One of the things I miseed while at the Sonic Boom booth yesterday was this huge blackboard which appears to be from Tails workshop where he appears to be studying some of the enemy robots and making a little robot buddy of his own. Also, Sonic, Knuckles and Amy leave some comments of their own on the board as well, with their chalk representing their color. I haven’t seen it around on the internet, so I thought you’d enjoy it in full form.

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  1. This is just raw footage and is strictly meant to be visual. I wanted to show all the little bits of art and comments that were on the board.

  2. Ok, WOW. Like the game or not, you gotta admit that the dedication to making something like this is pretty admirable. I love how you can tell who is talking not just because of the color but also how they write. I love Knuckles’ writings especially! XD

  3. That’s kinda cute. Though they say “sucks”
    Not that it’s vulgar or anything, but you could say it’s more of a “mature” word. Can we expect this in Boom?

    1. …Mature? It’s mature to say sucks? That’s possibly the most childish insult you can get. Sonic and friends are kids and teens, what were you expecting, “Where’s that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald?”

      1. In some families it’s one of those “I don’t care for you to say that” words. As it is in mine, basically you just don’t say that word around your PARENTS. It’s not bad, it’s just a grey area for some families.

        1. I’m sorry, but… really? We’re getting butthurt about the potential use of ‘mature’ language like “sucks” now.

          Alright, I may have to distance myself from this fandom even more-so than I already have. Jesus, some of the stuff the fandom comes up with really makes me

          A) Wish there was a cure for autism
          B) Realise the reason we can’t have nice things

          Things like this, among gems such as “Wow Sonic is a dick to his friends now, they’ve ruined this series” or “Exploring? Combat? This looks boring, I want to boost” is why no matter what SEGA, Sonic Team, or any other devs do, we won’t get any Sonic games with more than 3 games of consistent play styles ever.

          I can guarantee that even if this is a good game, asshat fan feedback is going to make them try to “reinvent” the game again in a few years and we’ll be left, again, with gameplay mechanics with potential that get scrapped because dev teams assume that the fandom hates them.

          1. …Okay, you can have your opinion, but for God’s sake, autism? That’s not a word to throw around so haphazardly, please be more considerate.

          2. Dude, I agree with you that Sonic fans, as a collective whole are a bunch of a-holes,but nobody’s getting serious over the choice of the word. You’re the one that made it escalate quickly.

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