Sonic R Soundtrack Now Available on iTunes and Amazon Music Worldwide

Sonic R OST

UPDATE: It’s now available worldwide on iTunes. In the UK the album will set you back £7.99, while individual tracks are priced at 79p each.

SEGA Japan has today announced that the soundtrack for the SEGA Saturn classic racing game Sonic R is now available via digital download in Japan. You can grab the seventeen track album, which includes fan favourites like Resort Island : Can You Feel The Sunshine? and Super Sonic Racing, for ¥1,600 from iTunes and Amazon Music.

Source: SEGA Japan Twitter

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  1. Interested in what the article’s image is from. Seems to be from Sonic R, but the imagine of Sonic is Adventure-era.

  2. Awesome!


    Is it the FULL versions of the tracks, or did they edit them to be shorter again?

  3. @Hero

    It looks like it may be the full thing. The track listing is almost identical in composition and order to the original Sonic R disc itself, however it does look like the end credits song is missing…

    The Sonic R soundtrack is genuinely one of the coolest soundtracks I’ve ever listened to. I play it all the time when I’m driving. I couldn’t believe my ears when they remixed “Super Sonic Racing” AMD “Back in Time” into Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed. Absolutely fantastic pieces of music, they alone save this game from mediocrity!!!

    1. Unless someone else comes up…yes…

      I wonder if this sounds better than the PC redbook audio…if not, why would you buy it?

  4. OK I just got the official soundtrack. The audio of the new release feels colder with less bass and the vocals (if not everything else) seems a bit more held back. Also some sounds are missing from “Back in Time” in the new album. I’m cool with buying it anyway since I’m all but hardcore for this music. If you want a cheap disc for the soundtrack, find yourself a PC version of the Sonic R – watch out for the “Expert” labels though, especially in the Sonic 4 pack or the 2 pack (with Sonic 3D Blast) as those don’t have the music in them!

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