Sonic Movie Not Based on Boom


So the writer of the new Sonic movie Mr Van Robichaux recently registered on The Sonic Stadium’s own forums and made a few comments regarding the Sonic movie being made by Sony pictures. Whilst he can’t go into specifics or details due to NDA’s, he did offer a few clues as to the direction it will be heading in.

I can’t get into any specifics about the story of the film, but I can say that Boom is a completely separate project.

As well as this small clue that the movie will not be based on the Sonic Boom continuity. There was also this comment regarding his selection for position as writer.

One of the main reasons I was hired for the project was because they wanted someone young, who is a true fan of the character and games. If that doesn’t speak to their intentions, I don’t know what does.

We’ll keep you updated with more news as we get it.

Source: Sonic Stadium Forums.

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  1. Like with any movie….we’ll see. But it’d be foolish to go in with high hopes. High standards, maybe, but to have faith in a company like Sony to keep their cooperate noses out of the creative process is naive.

    1. i trust Sony infact i would love sony to have an exclusive sonic game
      i am a sega fan and a sonic more of the second but after sega went out i converted to sony.
      sony are awesome give them a chance

      1. I agree as I too made the same move with the end of the Dreamcast. While I did own a few Nintendo systems (Some exclusives are harder to say no to) I’ve been a Sony girl through and through. I will say though that I can’t really blame Thro. Sonic Cycle has broken us from viewing prospective ideas with rosy tinted frames and the breaking of such cycle recently has reminded us what standards a good Sonic game should be held to. That being said, I’m rather intrigued to see what will happen with this movie. Mind you I’m not salivating over this as I am another video game franchise to hit the big screen next year (I see what you did there Insomniac) but I’m glad to see the hedgehog reclaim some of his glory. Let’s just pray it doesn’t turn into a train wreck pile up with no survivors.

  2. He doesn’t have any major credits to his name, so no track record to analyse. But what the heck, let’s give him a shot.

  3. Didn’t they say it was gonna be dark and edgy and all that bullshit, who the hell thought it would be based on boom?

    1. It was a rumor that actually said it will be darker and edgier than how Sonic actually is and I think that would be awesome!!

      Because lets face it, most animated movies from Sony, Dreamworks, Disney Animations and Pixar are darker and edgier than Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations and Sonic Lost World and those are still funny and exciting movies for kids.

  4. Fan or not, the script will get changed due to the producer and director.

    Example: the writers for Transformers 1 and 2 we’re huge fans for transformers, but Michael bay and the producers begun changing the plot and script.

    it happens, the final product is never like it was at the start, i’m currently experiencing this with the producer i’m in chats with for my children’s cartoon.

    1. Just like Michael Bay changing the TMNT movie script from aliens to regular huge teenage mutant ninja turtles with steroids.

      1. Yeah, sometimes the director changing the original script is a good thing, as long as the original script was bat-shit crazy and stupid. But I’m hoping that neither case happens.

  5. I’m going to call it now….bookmark this:

    Dark and “edgy” – Its all about the SHADOW baby!!!

  6. Watch, I bet they add a crazy back story like Sonic and Shadow being brothers or something. That would crack me up.

  7. Sonic discovers that his parents are alive and that he has a baby sister and that eggman found them first and is keeping them captive

  8. Awesone news!! Im not hating on Sonic Boom or anything, I just thought modern Sonic deserves a movie first, also Boom already has a TV show and probably some kind of adaptation in Archie comics in the future so it would be unfair of Boom to steal all the media forms.

    Also I wonder, will this create yet another alternate universe for Sonic or will they try to fit the story with the current games? I hope is the second option.

  9. *sigh* A superpower being with unlimited Chaos Energy and incredible speed using guns. History shouldn’t repeat itself.

  10. Well that’s good to hear. Hopefully the producer and director won’t try to radically change whatever he writes. All depends on the director or producer we get I suppose.

    I’m a Sony fan, so I have a decent amount of faith that they’ll do a good job on this project. Of course there’s always an amount of risk with trusting someone else with portraying your favorite franchise, but sometimes that risk can pay off, especially when they understand the importance of properly portraying their own material.

    I too am kind of hoping for a Sony exclusive adaptation in the future (don’t worry Sigma, I’m pretty sure PS3/PS4 is not a “sinking ship”). I’ve always liked it when Sonic games came to Sony consoles, as the PS2 was my first console ever. Although the PS2 Sonic games weren’t that great, the PS3 games were pretty fun, and I always get all of the re-releases on PSN. If a Sony Sonic movie came with a Sony Sonic game adaptation, I’d definitely get it. I don’t really care if it will be tied in to the game series or be it’s own spinoff series, as long as it’s enjoyable, it’s good enough for me.

    Don’t let me down Sony! 😀

  11. I can imagine the title intro to the movie – instead of having the “SEEEE-GAAAA” jingle, they’ll have the same jingle but with “SOOOO-NYYYY”.

  12. I have more faith in Sony doing a better treatment of Sonic than any of the developers at Sonic Boom

  13. Good to hear, this seems to be balancing the fact Boom is getting the cartoon debut. That being said, I’m still rather iffy with the live action part…. Can’t judge until I see it, but honestly, live action and Sonic just does not strike me as being very good for a movie.

    Good luck, Mr. Robichaux! Knock it out of the ballpark and make a grand entrance to the writing scene.

  14. At least if this movie turns out to be terrible, we still have Balenaproductions’ “Sonic in Jurassic Park” to look forward to, of which I personally have much higher hopes for.

  15. I don’t think this is a joke at all but I don’t know what they mean by someone that’s young that was a true fan of the charater and games. Well I just turned 10 this year and still a big fan of sonic and his crew but usually it’s sonic who’s my favorite.

  16. *crosses fingers* PLEASE don’t let this turn out like Alvin and the Chipmunks or The Smurfs. And PLEASE don’t let Sonic get a live-action girlfriend or something…

      1. I think even Amy haters would agree that they’d rather see Sonic with Amy than with another human. Seriously, why does Japan keep trying to hook Sonic up with a human!? Just because it works for Roger Rabbit doesn’t mean it will work for everyone else! XP

  17. Please let Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Silver, hell even Rouge be in it. PLEASE.

    1. For the first movie they will probably put just Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles, probably Cream too since she is a good supportive character that doesn’t need much development.

      For the sequel they will probably include Shadow and Rouge, and for the next Blaze, Silver and/or the Chaoitx.

      1. I kinda hope it follows that route, but if they want to surprise me, I hope they do it well.

  18. Well, this is good news… so far. I’ve seen plenty of adaptations and sequels fail because the creators had barely a lick of passion for their work, so this can only be good news to me. I’m down for a Sonic movie, but the premise of this one so far sounds pretty scary, not going to lie. But really, who knows with Sonic? All I hope is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that it doesn’t try way too hard like the Yogi Bear movie… or Smurfs movies…. *sigh* or Alvin and the Chipmunks. Again, pretty scary thoughts enter my mind due to the information that we’ll get multiple of these. That can either mean effortless milking or lots and lots of production time. Let us hope that it is the ladder.

    1. Yeah, I mean, a movie every TWO years like The Amazing Spider-Man is perfectly fine, but a movie every year?

      Well…….I hope they’ve already got a lot of work done on the first one by now…cause if you want to do something this frequent and have it be GOOD, you have to have had a lot of work done ahead of time. I mean, if it was PURELY CG animated, then the whole one year thing sounds feasible, technology is getting easier and easier to work with every year or so. Even then, it would still require endless hours every night, because you’re still cramming in all of that work within the span of a year, simultaneously with other projects. Add to that the fact that they have to incorporate LIVE acting into all of this, along with stunts, scene location, motion capture, special effects, and every other technical aspect that comes into a cross-genre movie like this one…….

      …..yeah, I expect them to lose A LOT of sleep over these movies. I don’t want them to lose that much sleep, but really, there’s no other way to keep this much consistent production moving along within such a relatively short time-frame. Unless they don’t plan on releasing the first movie until, like, 2016 or 2017, which in that amount of time would probably allow them to be half-way done with the second title while allowing them enough time to start working on the third movie.

      I don’t exactly know how or why, but I really hope that Sony manages to pull this off, and that they pull it off amazingly well. Come on Sony, I’m rooting for you…

    1. Even Worse Case Scenario: They hire M. Night Shyamalan to direct this movie.

      God help us all.

  19. Eh… As cool as it is that a Sonic movie is happening, the thought of “live-action/CGI hybrid” makes me think CG Sonic and live action humans. Okay, fine. Except… Live action Eggman. No thanks.

    1. I’d rather a live action Eggman and a CG Sonic than a CG Eggman and a live action Sonic. XP

  20. No. Fucking no. This shit is live action. So fuck it and fuck everyone involved.

  21. I’m so excited, you know, I’m an old fan, this guy really knows a lot about Sonic, will be a great movie, and I still think Danny DeVito should be Eggman haha

    1. I don’t know, DeVito tends to do grumpy middle aged guys. He doesn’t really scream hairy fat evil scientist that wants to take over the world with robots. 😐

  22. We’ll it’ll be cool if they named the movie

    A legend reborn

  23. It’s sounds so cool I’ve always wanted them to make a movie about the blue blurs return 🙂 they already made a news report about it wow every things gonic so fast in this movie.If that was me directing it I’d put action that people would watch it twice we’ll it’s quite a handful but I heard thers gonna be humans here like Dr.eggman I’d also be cool if a girl helps sonic but usually what cool if tails could make her a weapon just in case she gets hurt wow I have lots of other ideas for her weapon if a girl could be there and has every thing I said BUT! FYI it’s a weapon that is like a black rock shooter weapon I wish it would be me but I don’t think so I can. We’ll I’m just 10 but I did never said the girl can be young like in sonic x chis but these are just ideas for the movie oh mabey she can have a suit too and also she has her own ride like a motorcycle so she dosent have too have a hard time running with sonic since he’s very fast like that black rock shooter bike from the game usually I get my ideas from BRS it’s a really interesting anime but if they just change her or him whoever a gonna be in the movie it’ll be cool if they get them something to make the human that’s helping sonic not have a hard time fighting or catching up to sonic but it’s better if the human is older like 15 or 19 something with teen

  24. Oh yeah I’m mean real live humans okay egg mans gonna be played as a real human actor

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