Sonic Jump Fever leaping onto iOS and Android soon


Looks like Sonic Boom won’t be the only game starring everyone’s favourite blue blur at E3 this year! Just revealed via an announcement trailer on SEGA Europe’s YouTube channel, Sonic Jump Fever – a sequel to the original Sonic Jump mobile game – will be bouncing its way onto iOS and Android devices at some point in the near future.

Originally released in Canada earlier this year, the core gameplay in Sonic Jump Fever will be very similar to its predecessor, only this time with more dynamic action, more combos… and of course, more fever! The question is though – will it be a realĀ leapĀ forward? (sorry, I’ll get my coat…)

Little else is known about the game’s release outside Canada beyond that shown off in the trailer, but be sure to stay tuned to TSS for any further updates on the game – and in the meantime, let us know your thoughts on this announcement in the comments!

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  1. Would have been cooler if it was sonic boom models instead to get people pumped that way when a new boom trailer comes out they could have had it shown on that app

    1. SEGA of Japan is separate of SEGA of America, same thing happened with Capcom, this is what makes companies fail, division among themselves. PS. I’m glad its not Boom related as it shows Modern Sonic is still alive.

  2. Wow! Silver get’s apart of the advert, it seems like ages… Also, Rouge? Why not Knuckles, Tails or Amy, why them!? Eh. Probably just showing off the characters, but where’s Blaze?

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