See Prototype Windy Valley Recreated for Sonic Adventure DX


As you may or may not know, the Windy Valley which appeared in the final version of Sonic Adventure wasn’t the same one that was shown through pre-release material. A year ago (today, in fact!), Sonic Retro unearthed data from a Sonic Adventure prototype which contained a partial amount of this stage, as well as data from old versions of Ice Cap and At Dawn. Cut to today, and we have the above video thanks to Retro member evilhamwizard – a mostly complete version of what was once Windy Valley. Obviously this is still a work in progress with clearly unfinished camera and textures, but seeing a playable version is certainly a treat wouldn’t you say?

That’s not all though. There’s a second video available showing off the first “act” of Windy Valley also. This one’s a little more complete with more enemies and rings abound, and a little bit of camera work. Of course it’s not perfect, but like it’s been said, it’s all a work in progress.


Three cheers to evilhamwizard, and everyone else over at Retro who made this possible! If you wanna give these levels a shot, you’re free to do so if you own the SADX Mod Loader and the US version of Sonic Adventure DX for your PC. You can download the mod here, but be warned you’ll be fighting the camera. If you want more info, be sure to check out the original article over on Sonic Retro. Also, make sure you let us know what you think of this prototype Windy Valley in the comments below – good or bad?

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  1. That Windy Valley music in the second video brings back memories, haven’t heard it in a while :,)

  2. Oh, so this is what the windy valley level in Corviddude’s Sonic Adventure Generations mod is based off. When I played it before I thought ” This doesn’t look anything like windy valley “. It all makes sense now….

  3. Literally been waiting years to see this, even if it’s a hacked-up redo based on original geometry. Sure wish the modders would have spent a bit more time crafting up some custom replica textures based on the original videos; it all seems very lifeless and “test levelly” with all the green everywhere. (Also, does it seem like the geometry is a bit bigger in scale than the original videos?) But major props to people involved in getting this working. Awesome to see.

    And to think this data was ripped out of a NON-playable demo of SA1.

  4. eh i prefer the one we got, this is cool and its more open but the flow of windy valley feels off this way which is probably why it got cut, however this would of been perfect if this was a knuckles only section

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