See the Clean E3 Footage of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric


That glorious sound! The gameplay footage recently released by SEGA of Sonic Boom for E3 has finally been released in its full glory. No voice overs or previews, just clean cut in-gameΒ audio in high definition. You can hear a little of the music available, and more importantly some of the quirky comments exchanged between our heroes whilst adventuring, some which genuinely gave me a little giggle. These also help to point out points of interest in the adventure field or how to progress. It’s a pretty effective (and entertaining) alternative to helping the player.

Be sure to check it out above and leave a comment below telling us what you think, and keep your eyes glued to TSS during E3 where we’ll have our own impressions to share with you regarding Sonic Boom, andΒ who knows what else.

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  1. Awesome!
    We got some really talented writers this time around, I love the dialogue.

      1. Nice to see ya again, Mikester! I always wanted to ask, does your voice sound different in person than in the games, tv shows, and videos? Also, is it ever kinda difficult to get your Eggman voice right?

        Anyways, I hope we cross paths again.

  2. Amy’s voice sounds completely differnt, they must of really worked with cindy to get it there! I kinda liked it, gotta hear more though!

    1. I know right!? She sounds EXACTLY like what Amy should sound like: sarcastic, sassy, and teenagery. All of that sweet, sugary, Minnie Mouse-ness just wasn’t Amy’s character (not most of the time anyway). I’m glad they finally got her to work on her voice, because that was driving me crazy. Maybe now her voice will sound more interesting to listen to in future games. πŸ˜€

      1. Any more Minnie-like, and she would’ve been picked up by Disney to be Russi’s successor. Either that, or they replaced her with a new voice, so soon.

  3. I may be the minority here, but I honestly think this looks awesome.

    Cheesy in the best way, fluid combat, co-op with quirky dialogue, speed when it’s gained (moving on)…

    YES. Need more gameplay NOM NOM NOM

  4. Even better. But…there’s no subtitles… Is there going to be an option to have it on? A reminder, deaf and hard of hearing ones play video games, as well. I can’t understand what everyone is saying. For the sake of the disable, please use closed captions. We also like to be gamers.

    1. I’m sure there will be an option, Sonic Heroes has it and I see no reason they wouldn’t do it here

  5. The music is so cinematically orchestrated, I love it!

    Also this time around, the script and voice acting are on perfect levels with one another in my opinion. It’s more dorky rather than cheesy, but the dialogue has made me laugh a lot.

  6. Game looks good so far, glad to see the game’s getting positive looks on here too but Jesus Christ that comments section. I really feel bad for Mike Pollock, going through the comments section trying to rekindle some faith. The man probably put a lot of time and effort into helping the game along and people are criticising it before it even comes out. In my opinion it’s not the Sonic fanbase that is destroying Sonic; it’s everyone else.

  7. In terms of positives, the voice acting is very well done, and probably the best of any previous Sonic game. I’m not a huge fan of some of the dialogue/characterizations (namely, how Knuckles has an even lower IQ than before..), but the highlight of everything I saw was Eggman and the performances of especially Roger Craig Smith and Mike Pollock XD. I get what they’re going for with the characters, and in that department I can already see that they’ve pulled it off; while I’m obviously very biased towards Mike Pollock, the short Eggman clip here was just perfect XD. Eggman has had SO many designs, but they’ve kept his personality and voice actor this time, making him by far my favorite character in the Boom universe at this point.

    I didn’t hear enough of the music to get a good feel of what it sounds like as a whole, and the graphics are good, while obviously not quite on the level of a Wii U game like Mario Kart 8 (although, I know Boom is trying for a more realistic look than MK8).
    The gameplay is what I’m iffy about; looks like the Werehog crossed with Sonic Heroes crossed with something like Skylanders :/ And the high-speed sections simply looked like more-linear versions of the Unleashed day stages. While the Eggman boss had some great character interaction, the actual fight seemed a bit bland (thats not too big a deal for me; the bosses in Colors were far too easy and could get repetitive, and I love Colors).
    Overall, I’m hopeful, but not necessarily more interested in Boom than before; the only reason i’m still considering this game is due to the fact that it has Sonic in the title. Hopefully it’ll be at the Sonic Boom convention to try out, or a demo in the fall on the Wii U eShop. I’m not a huge fan at this point, but I’m definitely keeping my mind open; I’ll check out the cartoon (I know I’m older than the targeted age group, but a cartoon can appeal to everyone :D), and see what reviews the game gets. I realize just because I’m not into it doesn’t mean that it’s bad by any means, and I’m certainly not going to bash it after only seeing a few minutes of gameplay and before playing it myself.

    Oh, and speaking of e3…I would love if Nintendo showed something Smash Bros-related for Sonic. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t add another character from the Sonic series, but a 3DS stage, an assist Trophy or even a boss (hoping for Eggman XD) would be REALLY nice!

  8. I think it looks lovely! I’m really looking forward to this, my birthday is in October and I’m getting a Wii U then, I’m then gonna pre-order this because it looks AWESOME, great work guys! I’m really excited!

  9. Hope to see some clean Shattered Crystal footage soon! Please SEGA? Please GamerHubTV?

    1. Oh it you, didn’t you cry up a storm about Sonic Lost World last year?

      is there any Sonic game you like besides Sonic 3 and Knuckles?

  10. I still think the gameplay looks like the Lego games.

    Also, the video has WAY more likes than dislikes… Too many people just don’t appreciate change these days…

      1. Eh, I don’t care about that. Youtube likes and Dislikes votes are just as reliable as any other kind of statistics.

  11. Okay, loving what I’m seeing here with a better use of the supporting cast, and yet I dont like it.
    I’m not sure what to think anymore, I guess only time will tell!

  12. It’s so refreshing to see the optimism here. Everywhere else is just a dark cave of depressing bashing, it’s good to know there are people out there who actually WANT to play the game. I see now where the true fanbase is, but then again, why should I be surprised?

    1. Real fanbase…yeah the people who will take anything with Sonic’s name slapped on it. The people who don’t push the devs to be better to create an extraordinary game for everyone to enjoy. This game is such a far cry from what Sonic is and it’s painfully obvious.

      1. Better to take anything with the name on it than to blindly bash everything that the series does.

        If I complained about every single little detail of the series, I wouldn’t be here typing this comment.

        If you don’t like something, don’t play it. Simple as that.

        1. So people should only ever talk about positive things? So people should not say bad things about Sonic Boom at all and just ignore the entire thing?

          1. By your interpretation, we should ignore all the good things and just complain about the bad.

      2. It’s good to ask the devs to buckle down a little, but if you aren’t willing to even TRY the game, then your argument is even harder to back up. I’ve always believed in the idea of physical experience acting as evidence: Play the game, make your argument. And for the record, just because somebody is interested in the newest Sonic game and isn’t, shall we say, saying that the blue arms are going to destroy the franchise, that doesn’t sound gullible to me, it sounds level-headed. I say be interested as much as possible up until the game is yours, then you can make your call about it. You don’t have to be hyped, but don’t shame others for being hyped. I encourage hype, hype feels nice.

      3. And yet you’ll still buy the games in the end so you can complain about them not being the way you want them to be, just like the rest of the “constructive Sonic fans” who wants a game that’s completely impossible to produce.

      4. Let’s look at the word fan, shall we? It comes from the word fanatic which means filled with or expressing excessive zeal. That means to be a Sonic “fan” you need to like Sonic games. Now, I’m not so sure but people who are constantly bashing everything the series does don’t really meet the definition of fan, now do they?

  13. It has potential, but I do agree with some people the none stop talking during gameplay is abit distracting, also While I love Roger as a Voice actor I still feel his Sonic is unfitting to the point it doesn’t sound like its coming from the character. I don’t find him irritating/bad though as other fans do, Roger does a good job even if the voice doesn’t fit.

    1. While I don’t agree about Roger (personally, I think he fits nicely but that’s just me) I do see where you’re coming from with the constant banter. The lines themselves are very good but they mute the background and fighting while characters talk instead of having the words be little healthy tidbits that are added below that action. It kind of brings you out of the experience. I hope they fix that for the release.

  14. I really laughed out loud for the line about having two screws left over.
    Nice dialogue, reminds me of Kid Icarus: Uprising and I loved that game.

  15. I love how everyone here is really looking forward to this! I’m so excited for this game I can’t wait for it, and it’s great to see I’m not the only one, everyone on youtube and tssz are really hating it! This is the real fanbase πŸ™‚

  16. Well, at least I see one part of the Sonic community having more faith in Sonic games. Keep it alive boys, cause you are surrounded with people of your kind spreading negativity with this game.

    Good luck.

  17. A LOT of Sonic fans praising a sonic game??? That’s new. Well, that is swell. Good work guys. I have to admit, this game looks decent.

  18. The va has improved in previous games, Amy sounds good and doesn’t sound like Minnie Mouse. I like the method of dialogue outside of cutscenes and what not, but sonic can get annoying sometimes when he’s alone. The combat stages look meh, but the video shows it’s in the alpha stage and it doesn’t look awful in what people say it is. The game still has time to develop before the release and people with antagonistic views need to experience THE FINISHED GAME to really state their initial thoughts. Also shout out to mike pollock for trying to keep the peace.

  19. Thank God they fixed Amy’s voice, every time I heard her in Lost World I wanted to tear my ears out. All in all, I have a good feeling about this game. Its very different but I can see the potential. The co-op fighting looked a little repetitive to me; they kept using the same combos over and over again. Plus all the boss fights entailed throwing lesser enemies back at the boss. I get that they want to show off the lasso but I hope it doesn’t define the boss battles. So far what I have seen/heard has been great, but recent Sonic games have a history of making lots of mistakes that could’ve been fixed with a little foresight and planning. Hope not to see that here as well

  20. The voice actors and the devs themselves seem to be having a lot of fun and are putting a lot of work into the game!

    Hey, I’m fine with the combat, at least it’s not as horribly slow and boring as the Werehog.

  21. This dialogue ranges from “actually kinda funny” to “cringeworthy”. Amy’s voice actor is pretty good and Mike is always good as Robotnik but I’m not looking forward to the generic parts of the dialogue repeating. Hopefully they can keep it entertaining to the level of Kid Icarus’s dialogue.
    Not a fan of the gameplay though, seems to be a mishmash of the bits that we didn’t like about SA2 and Heroes.

  22. Does anyone else think that the music is a bit to atmospheric? Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but it could be better! XD

  23. That comment section on the video is horrendous to look at. I need a hug after reading all that negativity T^T

    1. Just do like me, ignore the rest of the Sonic fandom completely and just focus on what you like about Sonic. It’s super effective and improves your mood with a 100 percent.

  24. Some “positives” Sonic fans don’t understand that some “negative” are constructive comments.

    I’m not really impressed by Sonic Boom, but I obviously don’t want it to flop. A negative comment, if constructif, can actually help the developpers to get better.

    So please stop saying that (all) the “negative” fans are blindly hating this game or that the “negative” fans are not real fans.

    1. It’s one thing to offer criticism, but more than half the comments on that video are blind hating with no backing behind them.

    2. Just as long as all of those “constructive” fans stop saying that all the “positive” fans are blindly in love with every thing with Sonic’s name on it or that the “positive” fans are not real fans. Because that’s just as irritating.

  25. Well, THIS is the kind of video that we should have gotten from the beginning! No interviews or commentary to distract me from the experience that the game is supposed to give me.

    Anyway, I admit I originally had some safe and skeptic doubts about this game, but each time I see it I feel more and more interested. This video shows a good representation of how the different sections of the game work (except for the hub world I guess) and the dialogue between characters continues to entertain me. I have to admit, I was really concerned about Knuckles’ lines, I was afraid everything he was going to say would sound idiotic. Thankfully though, I got hear a much larger variety of Knuckles’ voice work and it sounds pretty decent, he sounds more or less what I was expecting of his character. No excessive amounts of goofy one-liners about how there are things inside of other things and stuff like that. And Amy? OH THANK GOD FOR AMY! They finally got Cindy to tone down her Amy voice! Instead of sounding all cute, bubbly, and sweet, she sounds sassy, sarcastic, and like a teenager, the way she should have sounded from the very beginning! There’s a lot of people on this site who continue to bitch about mistakes like that ever being made in the first place, but for me I’m just glad when these kind of mistakes are finally taken care of. Otherwise, the combat sections still don’t look too bad to me. I’m sure they might feel tedious after a while, but I’ve tolerated (and even enjoyed) the Werehog’s gameplay a good deal, so I think I’ll survive the pace of this game.

    Say what you will about it, but each time I see something for this game I get more and more interested, dare I say, even excited. Maybe I might board that Hype-Train after all. πŸ˜€

  26. To me, this looks even more like a bargain bin licensed shovel-ware than ever before.
    SEGA just keeps shooting themselves in the foot and it’s really sad and painful to watch :/

  27. I must say I’m agreed to what Hero are saying. In the beginning when we first saw a hint of this game and it’s “new” characters, it looked RALLY bad.
    But after seeing some news, I’ve noticed that the gameplay seems that it cannot exactly be compared to any other Sonic games in the past.

    “Hmm, finally something interesting…”

  28. I’m so excited! Amy’s voice!? It’s amazing compared to before! I love the dialogue and the gameplay looks great! I’m getting this A.S.A.P!

  29. Hey guys, I like the look of this, and there’s still a few months left of development, so don’t panic! It’s gonna get some final touches to make it awesomer! πŸ˜€

    1. Tell me about it, it’s one thing to be concerned or to just voice an opinion, but it’s a completely different story to just hate it for no reason ! It’s really depressing on youtube…

  30. Hmm I’m liking what I’m seeing but I can see why some would take offense to the new gameplay style. This is an Sonic Boom Universe Action Adventure game rather than a Classic Sonic Action Platformer and I think that is what most people, whether they realize it or not, are against. One will look at this and can easily see how similar it is to say, Ratchet and Clank or Sly Cooper. Being able to see that kind of connection can be upsetting because the game Sonic we know is not that kind of character, he’s Sonic: He’s known for his speed and seeing him stop to physically fight the baddies fist-to-cuffs seems out of character, especially since he’s seen to be able to just boost through them in recent games.

    That said what makes me all right about all these changes is that this is literally a different Sonic. He’s not the Sonic from those previous games, all the events, all the stories that make up that Sonic don’t apply to this one. I like to think of him as alternate dimension Sonic. Just by looking at him he appears like the rough and tumble type. That said, I can see him taking on these baddies in a more hand to hand style. If I had to make a quick analogy I’d say Sonic Boom Sonic is like Indiana Jones and the SEGA game Sonic we know is a race car of death. >=)

    So, yes, for those expecting this to be like any other Sonic game they are setting themselves up for disappointment. It’s not, simple as that. And for those that say, “Well if they aren’t going to stick to the old Sonic formula then they shouldn’t bother using the characters,” I ask you this: How many versions of super heroes do we have now? How many takes on Batman, Superman, Spider-man, the Avengers, or heck, even monsters like Godzilla do we have? Are all these takes popular? Are all viewed equally? No, no they are not. All you have to is just glance at the comments on a comic or film page and you’ll see that. So why should we think it’ll be any different with Sonic? He’s an Icon, known to billions on our planet. When you stop and think about it he’s actually already been through many changes. He’s had several TV shows some of which feature him as a completely different character than that of games. The only big difference between then and now is there is a game accompanying the TV series. Until now the game Sonic has been in his own little universe, untouched by events in TV shows or comics. Now for the first time a TV show’s world is entering the game scene and not only dares to change the look of Sonic and world of Sonic, but it has the gall to change the game genre. Naturally this is going to tick some people off, but to those people I ask you to just remember your version of Sonic still exists. It’s already been stated that this is not a reboot of Sonic and the show and game will have no effect on the game Sonic’s world you all already know. So, really, there’s nothing to be too upset about πŸ˜‰ . Yes it’s a bit confusing having 2 universes for game Sonic now but that’s just evolution for you.

  31. Hi there

    The game looks pretty impressive and fun. Hope to play it when I get the chance to.

    I seemed to have noticed how the music sounds. Dunno if this is the final music score or not, because the music score sounds exactly like that from the anime film: Steamboy. I compared the music score from 2:38 of the game footage and compared it and it seems I was right o.o Not sure what to make of this.


  32. Amy’s new sounding voice sounds exactly like…. (quickly looks up Cindy Robinson on Wikipedia) MAKOTO from Blazblue that is awesome!! I knew it was familiar, I am excited for this game seems really different but there is nothing wrong with that πŸ™‚

  33. It’s as though people don’t understand that this is a different branch of Sonic and that it’s not meant to be like Classic/Modern Sonic. All the negative comments I’ve seen on YouTube (not including the ones that actually are criticisms) are saying this isn’t like Sonic and that this game sucks because it isn’t a cookie cutter Sonic “gotta go fast” game. It’s meant to be it’s own thing, and that’s what makes me appreciate this game. It looks fun to me. That’s all that should be cared about. As long as it isn’t glitchy, and is fun to play, that’s all that matters, not that it’s Sonic and that he has to go fast.

    I feel as though if this were Mario or some shit trying to have a new branch, everyone would love it. But because it’s Sonic, is doomed to fail. I hate that this is a fact.

    Anyways, this video made me really excited. RIIINGS NUMNINNUM

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