This is What Sonic on Oculus Rift Looks Like


Ever wondered what Sonic would look like in virtual reality? YouTuber Chadtronic decided to answer that question for you in the above video, where he boots up a level made in fan created engine Sonic GDK. He tells viewers that “…if you get woozy on the roller coasters at theme parks, then you’ll probably stay away from this one. But besides that it’s extremely fun”. If you’ve got your own Oculus Rift and want to try out the level, Chad provides all the download links to get it going yourself in the description of his video.

What do you think? Do you want to see a virtual reality Sonic game?

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  1. That’s awesome now you Play one Sonic fan game is Sonic GDX on Oculus rift to move your head around so cool and love it!

  2. So does this mean that any GDK-built Sonic fangame would be compatible with the Rift? I would love to see games like Sonic Exodus through this thing.

      1. Ease up. It’s not like they’ve been releasing TV commercials about this stuff. The most I’ve seen about it is from Gameinformer and any news that pops up on here. Why should anyone else have to know about it, unless they actively follow these things?

        1. Phew, thanks for having my back Hero 🙂

          Yeah..I’m only really into video games.. Tbh I’ve never used Steam .. Heck, I don’t even have a twitter account.
          I’ll research to see what this thing is soon, but I’m already guessing its a piece of technology that’sway out of most peoples price range.

        2. Still, Oculus is EVERYWHERE on the internet (weather you’re actively following it or not) and seems to be more than occasionally thrown in during conversations and such. The chance of someone here not hearing about it are very very slim, hence why I dropped that little sarcastic remark.

          1. That’s the thing, no one wants to hear your sarcastic remarks. If he is not on the Internet, there is a good chance that he may not know. People don’t go around talking about the Rift in reL life. Stop being such a bane to this site.

          2. @SonicOVAPowered
            Yes, they do. And you would know that the topic of the Rift have been flying around if you actually had any sort of social life.
            *real, *pain. Now please fuck off.

  3. I’m actually quite impressed. Seeing Mobius (or somewhat of a world developers use) from the eyes of the fastest thing alive? Could work.

  4. I like the idea of the Oculus Rift and other similar VR glasses but in honestly I don’t love the idea of a First Person Sonic.

    Wonder if it would be too weird to use the Oculus Rift in a third person game, it would keep using the movement of the head to control the camera but from a very different angle.

    1. It’s just a novelty thing which will die out as VR becomes more common place. I think VR headsets will only truly work for FPS’es and software that is especially catered towards it, and not regular games.

  5. Cool stuff, but…
    Think half of the point with Sonic Games is to actually SEE the blue blur doing his running, not seeing through his eyes.

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