Cancelled Sonic Adventure Burger King Promotion Comes to Light

Sega are no strangers to doing promotions with fast food chains, I’m sure most Sonic fans out there are familiar with the many McDonalds or Burger King toys which accompanied kids meals back in the 90’s. Well… it seems that there was another line of toys planned for Burger King, however for whatever reason the line was cancelled.

burgerking40The documentation which came to light earlier this week shows that the toyline was going to be very extensive, the following toys were planned to be included.

  • * Walk em’ Sock Em Knuckles (No that’s not a typo, it’s really called ‘Walk’ and not Whack’)
  • Rip Roaring Robotnik
  • Twistin’ Twirlin’ Tails
  • Go Gamma Go
  • Somersaultin’ Snowboardin’ Sonic
  • Super Sonic Sled
  • Frog-Catchin’ Cat
  • Noisy Amy!
  • Knuckles Goes for a Spin
  • Turbo Prop Tails

Aside from the odd names, some of the toys look quite cool for meal toys, some however look… well… look…


I almost wanted to save this for Freak Out Friday, What’s going on with the artwork/look of Amy!? It looks like something you’d find in Demon’s Souls!

However there are one or two awesome looking toys in the documents, Gamma for instance looks great.


And who wouldn’t want a rocking action big the cat?


What I like about a number of these designs is that a few of them come with some smaller accessories or additional bits, for example, the Robotnik toy comes with a smaller Sonic figure, and the Knuckles spin toy also has Robotnik chasing him.

Sadly there are no models of these toys, it seems that these were scrapped at the design stage.

The full documentation can be found in our gallery and all images are at their full size.

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  1. Hell, I would’ve owned quite a few of these by now (except for Amy, that image shall be burnt into my soul forever.). And whatever happened to these cool figure things the restaurants used to do? Now all there is are crappy Hello Kitty and Barbies that are going bald.

  2. Toys similar to the Tails and Knuckles ones were released in 98.. the others would’ve been cool to own.

    Credit to El Driver for posting pictures close to a week ago 😀

  3. I saw these poping up on the Sonic News Network recently and was very curious to see what this was. It’s very interesting, although I’m a bit..well..freaked-out to find out what “Noisy Amy” is. If she’s noisy…what are the noises she makes???…and why??? x) But in any case, some of these look like they would have been praised rarities among the Sonic collectors and I want one!!! (Especially that Gamma! Thing looks cool as heck!)

  4. Uh, I think the comments about Amy are a bit of an overreaction, she doesn’t look that creepy, but maybe that’s just me.
    These are still really cool for meal toys, though!
    I always love reading about old Sonic stuff.

  5. “Walk em’ Sock Em Knuckles (No that’s not a typo, it’s really called ‘Walk’ and not Whack’)”
    Why would “Whack ‘Em Sock ‘Em” be right? Walk rhymes with Rock, as in “Rock Em Sock Em”. Is the British version of Rock em Sock em called Whack em Sock em? Am I missing something?

  6. Well I know the video of History Of Sonic of 2009 over the summer break they have Sonic The Hedgehog 3 kids meals or toy.

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