Sonic Dash S races onto Japanese iOS and Android

screen568x568Talk about a bolt from the blue! Completely out of nowhere, a brand new version of Sonic Dash, curiously titled Sonic Dash S, has hit iOS and Android devices in Japan. While it doesn’t appear to differ too heavily from the current edition of the game available elsewhere across the globe, this iteration does bring with it some new features and refinements.


First up, Sonic Dash S actually seems to have some sort of plot to it. No longer is Sonic just aimlessly running for the sake of running – now he’s on a high speed chase to stop Dr. Eggman, who has once again made off with the elusive Master Emerald (Knuckles just can’t catch a break, can he?). Sonic Dash S also sees the return of the Chao who, in a similar fashion to their appearance in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, provide Sonic and his friends with special abilities to boost their skills. That’s not the only thing bumping up the blue blur’s stats in this version either – you can upgrade the characters themselves by acquiring bonuses and levelling up. Essentially, it sounds like the same Sonic Dash experience, but padded out with a few additional elements to spice things up.

SSMB member SwiftWinds also notes that characters have their own special abilities when they reach a certain level – for instance, Tails can fly out of a pit, Knuckles can overcome bombs and spikes, Amy increases your banked ring count, and Shadow increases the rings you earn at the end of a run. Additionally, characters can be unlocked using normal rings in Sonic Dash S rather than the red rings that are otherwise required in the standard version of Sonic Dash.

There is no word yet on whether Sonic Dash S will hit any other regions, be it as a brand new download or as an update to the existing game – but stay tuned to TSS and we’ll keep you in the loop! Thanks to SSMB member Woun for bringing it to our attention in the first place.

What are your first thoughts on Sonic Dash S? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. As cool as this sounds, it’s not much good to me as Sonic Dash still isn’t compatible with my phone (Sony Xperia L) 😛

  2. My predictions for other characters moves:

    Blaze: Immune to any fire attacks

    Knuckles & Amy: Smash through certain obstacles with Piko Piko or fisticuffs

    Shadow: Chaos Spear which can clear any lane of the area of eneimes

    Silver: Hover in the air for a few seconds to avoid and fly over spikes

    1. It seems the abilities vary when you level your character, but the first one are as follows.

      Sonic: Fever Mode ring magnet (Dash has been renamed to Fever Mode)
      Tails: Can revive once after failing
      Knuckles: Can break through spikes and bombs
      Amy: Adds more rings to bank
      Shadow: Adds more rings to collected total

      Blaze and Silver, much like a surprising amount of other original content are not included. Really, this game REMOVES nearly as much as it adds, which makes me question why it exists at all. o.O

      1. Rather shame that Blaze, Shadow and Silver have uninteresting powers, you’d think they’d at least make something more original for Shad with his Chaos powers, and something awesome could have been done with Blaze’s pyrokinetic powers as well.

        What about the whole Master Emerald? Is there some kinda bosses in it against Eggman to get the Emerald back?

  3. Oh phooey, now SSSM#10 is obsolete! At least Sonic gets walled by a tiki tower in that story though. 😛

    Then again, the Knuckles jokes up for grabs in Sonic Dash S are alluring…

  4. Sounds great! As far as they don’t charge more for this update I’m glad they made this, I liked the game a lot but after completing all missions, all achivements and unlocking all characters I lost the will to play until now.

    As a fan of the Sonic Adventure games I love how they are handling things; characters with different habilities, story mode, Chao’s intead of Wisps and the Master Emerald is back! Hope this is a sign of better things to come for the franchise.

  5. This remind me for Sonic 3 of Dr. Eggman steal Knuckles Master Emerald and Sonic has to get back the Master Emerald to Knuckles because he’s a knucklehead in every sonic game Sonic Adventure or Sonic The Hedgehog pocket Adventure, and Sonic Advance 3,!

    1. On the one hand, you are right, but it is unfortunately region locked to Japan. HOWEVER there is a way. If you use a VPN like TunnelBear o spoof your region, you can access the Japanese Play store. This unfortunately is the only way as all the APKs on the internet are somehow modified and will not verify through Line.

      1. It’s not difficult to play this at all. No need to VPN stuff it doesn’t look to your country through your IP, not even through line! I’m playing this from the Netherlands perfectly fine. The whole game is english except for 1 japanese line I’ve spotted so far.

        1. Download & Install the line app to your device (If you somehow can’t download it try to download it the same way as Sonic dash s in next steps)
        2. Open the line app and create an account with your e-mail.
        3. Go to this website:
        4. Put in the google play link from sonic dash s which is then you should be able to download the apk
        5. Put the apk on your device.
        6. Use a file manager (there are plenty on google play if you don’t have one. I use OI File Manager) and go to your apk and press on it and launch the installation program.
        7. You may be prompted you got ‘unknown sources’ turned off at security settings, turn it on and start the installation.
        8. Run Sonic Dash S, Sign in with your line account you just made and have fun!

  6. I really hope if this is given to other regions that we don’t have to REUNLOCK every character, because red rings were a pain to collect!I I just don’t want to lose all my characters! I really hope it will be just an update, or if they do, they can somehow transfer the data from the original into this one.

    1. I’ve been playing this game and you probably have to reunlock every character. I think the game changed too much to keep your character, you now use rings instead of red star rings for example to unlock characters.
      (Ps> In regular Sonic Dash, on the android version at least there’s a bug I found. When you select a character and then swype left or right as quickly as possible like you choose another char. You will be the char you swyped to, even if that character is unlocked. So I ended up not unlocking every character at the old game. )

      Anyway see my reply to Vahkiti above if you wanna play Sonic Dash S

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