Sonic Boom Full Designs & Game Confirmed


Following on from the earlier image. We now have an image showing Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy.

In addition to the looks, there is the confirmation of a game based on the cartoon show if that text along the bottom is anything to go by.

As mentioned earlier, we’ll keep you upto date with more news as we get it.

Source dadarocks

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  1. Dat Amy tho
    I like all their designs 🙂 But I think Ill have to get a bit more used to the knuckles one, it looks the most different

  2. Looks pretty cool but I’m wondering, will they have the same voices from the game? I really do like Roger Craig Smith as Sonic and I hope him and everyone else, comes back for the show.

    1. Yes, at the very least, Sonic and Tails did in the trailer. Not sure about the others since I haven’t play Lost Worlds yet to hear what few characters show up in that.

      1. Ok. thanks. i didnt see the trailer when i saw this article lol but i would imagine its the same voice cast. Sonic X used the same voice cast from the games, at the time, so i imagine its the same case hear, as we already heard from the trailer with Sonic, Tails and Eggman

        1. You’ve got that wrong. When Sonic X started, the original voice cast was still in the games and Sonic X had a different voice cast.

          Then Deem Bristow, voice of Eggman, passed away and started at Sonic Riders and Shadow the Hedgehog, the Sonic X voice cast of 4Kids started voicing the characters in the games.

  3. the new designs are good, wmuch better by far than what I think we all feared, but I’ll still miss the previous look

    1. What I don’t understand is why they even need to redesign them in the first place, I thought they wanted to keep Sonic consistent.

  4. Sonic is pretty nice (although I think his blue arms will be this generation’s “green eyes”)
    Tails & Amy are amazing
    Knuckles is…..Well….I wouldn’t mind the redesign if he wasn’t so beefy

    Also, I don’t know why, but I got a “Jak & Daxter 1” kind of feel with the gang’s new clothes.

    I can’t wait to see what they did with good old Dr Eggman.

  5. I love this tails has a steampunk look Amy more modern Knuckles can finally flex his muscles and Sonic freakin AWSOME finally I can wear a scarf in my sonic cosplay my friends SONIC HAS BEEN REBORN!!!!! 🙂

  6. Sonic looks a bit derpy in this particular piece of artwork. His head is shaped a bit oddly and arms are a bit lanky, like his image was stretched out to make him taller when they pasted all the characters together for the pic. If they fix Sonic’s oddly shaped head issue, then I am all for these designs. Tails and Amy look awesome, Knuckles actually looks like a badass. I am a bit surprised they didn’t color Amy’s arms pink as they did with Sonic’s arms now being the same color as his fur. She seems to be the odd one out now, then again some would argue she always was the odd one out.

  7. why the fuck did sonic team do this,why not make a new video game francies using this instead of shoving sonic into it,this series will go like skylanders and sonic will turn into a sell out and a ghost of his former self.R.I.P Sonic 1991-2001. 2008-2011

  8. Wow, that’s….actually pretty cool. It may take some getting used to, but I can totally get behind these new designs. I WAS about to go off on a tangent about how Sonic’s arms are incorrectly colored blue on both the 2D and 3D artwork, but then I noticed the “Work in Progress” sign on the bottom, so hopefully I can relax knowing that they might make his arms the same color as his skin again. Otherwise, these designs are pretty great. And I’m going to beat everyone to the punch and just say that THIS IS NOT A REBOOT! They have not said anything about rebooting the franchise. For all we know, this upcoming video game tie in could just be an adaptation of the show and not effect the continuity of the main game franchise itself. Just wait before you go off shouting “Doom! DOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!” to everyone on this site.

  9. To be honest, Knuckles has the only design change I really don’t like. It looks like he put on weight, then had a tummy tuck 🙂 I actually quite like Amy’s new design, and I’m indifferent, but generally pleased with Sonic and Tails’new look.

  10. An animated series wasn’t enough for them and now there’s a game!? The future of the Sonic franchise is now fucked! Fucked!

    Why change the character designs!? They’ve been perfect since 1999. NEVER fix what was never broken. Sega doesn’t listen to anyone anymore, and now more people are lenient and even impressed at such a drastic change.

    I…….I can’t……………..


    Seriously tho, while I know it will take me a bit to get used to these designs, they look fresh, definitely better than I expected.

    Althou I do wonder what’s with the abundancy of bandages on their bodies, why would you need bandages on your shoes???¿?

  12. The thing with the original designs is that they’re timeless. These are so flavor of the week it’s actually impressive. On another note, Amy looks pretty good design-wise and personality-wise so it’s not all a loss.

    Hopefully, Knuckles won’t be dumb as bricks as well as looking like complete ass, but you know…

  13. They’re not that bad. We’ve all seen worse I know. But hey, I think they’d look good in animation.

  14. Yay they all look like how many ppl predicted. Except Knuckles. That’s not yay. No amount of “getting used to it” will satisfy here. It’s just too different. It’s like a different character. At least the others just look like a different style. But they still look the same. This Knuckles is like “Choose me or the one you’re used to. You can’t have both.” lol Oh well.

  15. I remember Sonic change his aims to blue and it turn his normal aims back in The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog Tv show.

  16. Sonic characters looks pretty good and Amy Rose new looks like a teenager girl right it make sense now is 20 years old good job Sega so proud of you!

  17. I think the one persistent and burning question we must all ask is, what happened to Fingers the Echidna?! 😮

  18. AMY LOOKS SO HOT! AND WHAT ABOUT TAILS?! So steampunk! Tottally in this new look,they made such improvement!!! Pleaze don’t ever take these two back!!!!!! Sonic is so Cool with the scarf and the extra messy quills (rather like the bandages too) not too sure about the arms though………it looks a bit “TOO BLUE” now. And on the contrary of many….I could actually sit back happy with Knuckles as well…..He IS SUPPOSED to be the strongest and biggest of them. And yeah! Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy format works best for me. Love this team! GO FOR IT SEGA!!!

  19. First of all I love the Sonic and tails design. They look sharp and very cool in appearance and new styles. Sonic looks like a 15 to 16 year old boy(or 21) and tails looks like the everyday intelligent fox. But, I don’t know what to say about Amy. Sega… Amy is 12 years old and dear I say she looks 15. I really hope that they aged Amy because if not that is not what a 12 year old should look like.. a 12 year old slut. Do you really want your girls to dress up as 15 year olds that are 4 years older than their age? This is growing up too fast. No mother in her right mind would even let her child wear makeup at the age of 12 unless she wants her getting pregnant by 14 or 15. They are growing up too fast. If she is acting like she wants to date Sonic or too sexy I will not let my 12 year old watch it. I do not allow my children to date until they are much older. Is this your kind of morals to let little girls become grown up too fast? I already had a problem with a 12 year old singing sweet passion and wanting dates with a boy that is twice her age. To me it is a rampant ground for pedophiles that may think a 21 year old and under aged minor is okay. Well it isn’t. I really hope that you consider to make Amy Rose much older in the future(such as 14 or 15) so that our little girls are protected.
    I have heard that in Japan, 13 year olds are allowed to have conception and that their are under aged girls working in lollicons(at age 8 and 12). These girls are maids for men in their 40s and even 12 year olds are modeling in Japanese magazines. It makes you wonder why sex trafficking is getting worse in Japan when they sell off under aged girl models like Amy Rose to the public. Japan may be immoral but in America we aim to protect our girls from sexual predators.

    So SEGA, in the future please make our little Amy Rose 14 or 15 at the oldest. You may not realize it but you are only worsening the conflict in your country by under aged models. Let little girls be little girls and protect them.

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