Nintendo UK Store offers Mario & Sonic Wii U Bundle

mariosonicwiiubundleThe Mario & Sonic series is no stranger to being a part of console bundles – the London 2012 entry even came with its very own blue Wii system – so this latest announcement comes as no real surprise. No doubt in a bid to cash in on the ongoing Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games as well as to shift a few extra Wii U consoles, Nintendo UK has revealed a brand new bundle featuring the latest entry in the series, exclusive to its online store.

Simply dubbed the “Mario and Sonic Winter Olympics Bundle”, you get a black Premium Wii U console in addition to (of course) Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, NintendoLand, and one of those swanky Mario Wii Remote Plus controllers released towards the end of last year. What’s more, you can get it all for just £299.99, which means a saving of over £75 on the RRP of the individual products.

If you’re swept away by Winter Olympic fever at the moment or are just waiting for the right deal to come along to entice you to join the Wii U brigade… this might be the bundle for you!

Source: Nintendo UK Online Store

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  1. That Wiimote seems rather cool. Too bad I am not in the UK. Either way, I already own a Wii U, so yeah. I bet this would be a rather cool addition to the average player in the UK. I do hope the Wii U eventually reaches a successful point.

  2. Wow! That is one sweet bundle!! If you wanna a Wii U BUY IT THIS WAY!!! The Mario & Sonic Wii U game is by far THE BEST in the series! (Not to mention that the Wii U is awesome!) All ye who don’t own a Wii U, today is the day!

  3. It’s a good deal when you consider you get an extra controller in the bundle. Actually I give Nintendo credit for releasing several WiiU bundles. The best deal still is the NSMBU + Luigi U bundle. That one gives you two 2 games and an extra controller I think.

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