New Sonic Boom Details: No Chaos Emeralds


A whole slew of new details regarding Sonic Boom have surfaced thanks to the above interview brought to our attention by SSMB member Storme. As well as giving us a more extensive look at the New York venue for SEGA’s big announcements last week, it reveals some intriguing changes to the traditional Sonic premise – chief among them, the absence of the Chaos Emeralds in the Boom universe. How this will affect the story and mythos of the new series remains to be seen, but it does throw an appearance by Super Sonic or any other super forms (and arguably even the Master Emerald) into doubt.

Additional details revealed in the interview include:

  • The Wii U GamePad will be used to display a map and upgrades, as well as another function which is yet to be unveiled
  • The game follows an adventure style with currency and upgrades for the characters
  • The game is more “organically” challenging, in that difficulty arises from skill in combat and finding hidden secrets as opposed to enemies just becoming tougher
  • All the levels in the game are connected by the story and its locations
  • You will mainly use two characters at a time during gameplay, but all four will show up in hubs and boss fights
  • There will be points in the game where you are required to use a certain character to proceed
  • The game will be very character driven, with a lot of focus put onto each individual character and their unique abilities
  • We will “definitely” be seeing other characters from the Sonic series making an appearance – these will be revealed over the coming months
  • Inspiration is being taken from Sonic 2, Sonic Adventure, and Sonic Generations

(summary adapted from a post by SSMB member Blue Blood)

What do you make of all this new information? Are you disappointed that the Chaos Emeralds are a no-show? Are you excited that other characters will be popping up in the game? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. You know…I think I actually called this. I said something along the lines of “Since it’s a new setting, not everything has to carry over, particularly the Chaos Emeralds” on a forum somewhere.

    This is truly “Ultimate Sonic the Hedgehog”.

  2. WOH WOH WOH. NO EMEROWLDS!? Hm..This. Is going to get really interesting, really fast. Then will Super Sonic get canned or become super with something else entirely?
    I’m still looking foward to this show and game but wow. That’s taking a risk not having chaos emeralds.

    1. Seperate canon, so this doesn’t change much. Besides, Super Sonic is only used in the endgame to make the final boss feel even more epic, or just as a reward for collecting those damn red rings. It’s not been since Unleashed that the Chaos Emeralds have affected the plot in any major way, so the absence of them doesn’t mean anything.

      1. Stop regurgitating that separate canon bullshit. That is just damage control. This is a full on reboot

          1. It is a reboot. Sega is not calling it a reboot so they can ease people into it to avoid as much backlash as possible and to have something to fall back on (Modern Sonic) if this fails, which I hope it does since it looks no better than those bargain bin PS2 licences games imo.

        1. no, its not a reboot. Hence why they are releasing this over here and not in Japan.
          Although I do accept the possibility that if it does really well, we may see it replace Japanese Sonic over here…

  3. all this means is that there will be some other 7 collectables that will turn sonic into some other super form (like in 7 rings for wii).

  4. Have to say that I’ll miss the emeralds. I always liked that factor of the series, and was always hoping for a game that explained their origins.

    But all the other info makes me even more excited for this! Hope they reveal the release date soon!

  5. Awwww, no more emeroudes?…Oh well, I can live with that, so long as there is a new source of power that Sonic and Eggman have to race each other over. Some games have gone without the emeralds, like Secret Rings and Black Knight, only to have their own equivalents. I’m hoping that that will be the case here, and that therefor we will get some kind of “different Super-Sonic”. SolidSonicTH has a point as this does seem similar to how the Ultimate Marvel comics work. Some things from Amazing Spider-Man carry over into Ultimate Spider-Man, but not everything. So, in a way, this is working out to be “Ultimate Sonic the Hedgehog” or what have you. What I’m most curious about is that last statement: “Inspiration is being taken from Sonic 2, Sonic Adventure, and Sonic Generations.” So not only is it having an Adventure feel, but it’s also encompassing qualities from the past three eras of Sonic gaming? Not only that, but those examples were oddly some of the best quality games of the franchise. If those games are where we can expect most of the game’s inspiration to come from, then I’m even more hyped than I was before!

  6. I just hope this co-op thing isn’t tedious or confusing like it was in Epic Mickey 2. Nothing ruins a game like this more than incompetent AI. Also if it’s like Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, I hope for the love of God is has online multiplayer or it might end up being tedious and boring if you’re playing solo.
    Also not happy about “certain areas requiring a certain character.” We want playable friends but it should’ve taken a cue from Mario 3D World and made it optional. Let you pick who you wanted to play at the start.

    1. Sorry to disappoint but it has been confirmed recently that Sonic Boom does NOT have online play. They are after the “being able to see and converse directly to the people you play with”-feel, apparently.

    2. I remember reading something somewhere about there being no online mode, but it’s still early though, so it’s hard to say.

      And I agree with you about requiring a certain character for a specific area. In this specific context it sounds like you won’t have an option in certain areas, which I don’t like.

      1. I think you’re taking the some characters are required at certain times the wrong way. It’d be like if you needed a switch some where to be flipped, but the path leading to it was up really high, so you needed to fly up there as tails to get there. Remember you can switch characters through out the story, so you’re not stuck with one for the whole thing. This is only being done so that you don’t just play as one character and have the rest never be used.

    3. I have a feeling those areas will be minor. An example would be hacking a door to get into a base, I would think, which would require either Tails (to hack it) or Knuckles (to punch that door into absolute oblivion). They could work in rewards – hack it, enemies aren’t alerted to you, or punch it in…in which case you get swarmed.

      Just my thoughts, but I have to wonder just how specific it’ll be. If they made it where you can pick two out of the four characters to work for a situation with different rewards, it’ll lengthen play time and make it less annoying to go back XD

  7. I’m both pleased and a tad upset with these news.
    The good news is that they probably won’t use the lame “collect-all-chaos-emeralds”-story which has been overdone for years. The bad news is that we probably won’t get any kind of super-form at all which is disappoitning–I can’t be the only one who was hyped to see Boom!Super Sonic.

  8. yay other characters will appear and we can see their redesigns >w< im hoping metalsonic actually shows up or shadow, blaze, cream .etc
    im fine with no chaos emeralds.

  9. I thinking can live without the emeralds for one game; Sonic has done okay without them in the past. But yay for the other characters making an appearance! Also, some pretty nice game choices for inspiration. Lol

  10. No Chaos Emeralds alowed in Sonic Tv show or game guess Sega is going canceled the Chaos Emeralds for Sonic Boom 2014.

  11. What sense does that make? Big, Cream, Shadow, Rouge, Blaze, Silver, and the Chaotix all met Sonic in games where a Chaos Emeralds were a part of the main plot.

    Unless they plan on retconning Shadow’s sole creation, and just coming up with different plots for how Sonic and the others met all their friends, I don’t see how this no Chaos Emerald thing will be a good thing.

    But then again, this is a whole new universe, so it’s likely that every other game after S&K/SA doesn’t exist.

    1. I just hope they keep Shadow’s unique abilities( chaos energy, or at least any name of energy) and definitive background story (created many years ago, had someone but lost her because of an event, etc.) They can remove the parts where Chaos “Emeralds” were involved, but I hope they keep everything else.

      1. I just hope they keep Shadow’s background story, or not change it too much. His story is one of the reason why I came into the sonic franchise.

    2. I hope they don’t change or “completely” change Shadow’s background story, it is one of the reasons why he’s unique, along with his chaos powers…

    3. You do know shadow is fine without the emeralds……. We barely usr the emeralds in games. Black kinght, lost world. Last time the emeralds were part of the story plot was Gens.

    4. Yes, because the Chaos Emeralds were an absolute essential precense in the Sonic games for those characters to make appearances or, for that matter to stay around. It’s not like the Emeralds had to even be a main feature for these characters to be included, yes even Shadow whose backstory has already been beaten into melodrama in a game most people would rather forget.

      The emeralds have one main function. To make an extra level/boss available via their collection, thus add additional gameplay. This is to deus-ex-machina the ending usually by Super forms. This isn’t a bad thing per-se but it has little to do with character introductions in Sonic Boom. What would really stop Shadow or Cream etc from making an appearance in a game without emeralds? Nothing really.

  12. Hope there’s no 2D scrolling areas they’re just terrible, hopefully it’s all 3D like sonic adventure series.

    1. Oh gosh yes! I love the new designs, and personally, I’m kind of tired of having skinny knuckles and a short sonic. Sonic looks taller with an Indiana jones look. He almost looks handsome! No do not get any ideas! But knuckles actually looks stronger; it matches his strong personality. He got radiation from the master emerald. Plus the bandages look fantastic! Nobody touch sonic’s bandana on his neck! Extra spines are cool too. Screw the chaos emeralds; they were getting old. Plus it would be all let’s go get the emeralds and typical super sonic at the end. I can bet that there is going to be some super form with sonic, and maybe we’ll see hyper knuckles or turbo tails! If I see mighty or espio, they are going to look epic, and I am going to squeal like a pig. I don’t have to watch video game cutscenes anymore! The 2D anime was great, such as sonic x, but a animated sonic movie without the boring old bla bla emeralds and bla bla eggman and new great looking characters? Hallelujah! This is going to be one heck-of-a-ride that starts fast and only gets faster! 5 stars for sonic boom 2014!

  13. Wow the news just keeps coming, I honestly think this will be one the greatest Sonic Games coming!

  14. Oho, yes! This is only good news! Well, as far as the Chaos Emeralds go, however, I don’t really mind if they are gone. They may be an absolute staple of the series, but I am positive that Sonic has done fine without these plot Mcguffins. The fact that now we may get Shadow or Metal Sonic is just awesome! The question is… could they be playable in the game? Boy, I’d hope so. I have already drawn fan designs of what I think Shadow and such would look like in this universe, but now that it is confirmed that we will see other characters, my excitement has risen! Plus, the fact that the game will contain extra goodies and such for the exploratory crowd is an absolutely great idea.

    1. P.S. From Knuckles girl, Silver slides in next to Blaze if you have heard of the Sonic ’06 video game for Xbox, but they killed sonic then brought him back to life. Screw mephiles you freaking copy of shadow! You freaking killed sonic! In that game silver and blaze we’re living in a flamin. Future in ruins with Iblis who destroyed them then mephiles tricks silver and sends him and blaze into sonics time and silver ties to kill sonic since mephiles told him he was the cause of the destruction ad was the Iblis trigger but silver fails so after sonic saves Elise mephiles sneaks up behind sonic around a hedge and sends a bullet of chaos energy through sonic aka shoots sonic in the back then Elise cries and releases iblis

  15. No emeralds means no Shadow since that’s sort of his whole shtick. Without Rouge lusting after gems I’m not sure what her character would be, so I bet she’s out too (though I’d be interested in seeing a less boob-tacular redesign for her more suited to the kid’s show this is). Without Shadow and Rouge to bounce off Omega is probably out. Blaze could be in, but none of that time travel or other dimensional nonsense would be part of her backstory and I doubt the Sol Emeralds would be featured either. Chao probably aren’t in considering the lack of emeralds (though they could be and their name would just be unexplained) so Cream and Vanilla are probably out. I don’t fucking know how Silver fits into the regular canon of the Sonic games, so I’m not even going to try and guess at him.

    Chaotix would be a natural fit for this kind of show so I expect them. Same with Big and Froggy (can’t wait to see his redesign). Metal Sonic could appear but I’d expect him to absorb some of Shadow’s aloof anti-heroic personality to keep him interesting. Gamma could potentially appear, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    There’s no way one-note characters like Marine, Mighty, Bark, Heavy, Shade, or anyone else whose name would only be recognizable to die-hard fans of the franchise are making an appearance. Though Nack (Fang, whatever) would be a pretty neat fit for this type of show.

    1. Well, if it is a different continuity, I imagine characters like Shadow would still most certainly be in there… but just with a much different backstory. I’d most likely say Metal Sonic and Shadow would become characters in the show, seeing as Metal Sonic is a classic doppleganger to Sonic, and Shadow has become the second most popular Sonic character. They could introduce a new concept for Shadow, or even change his abilities altogether for this new show. We never know, right?

  16. Y’know what I’m fine with this. The emeralds do seen to have become a bit too involved in various plots over the years. Plus their powers seem to keep becoming more bizzare and ultimately miracle workers perhaps lulling everyone into a false sense of security with a:- ‘don’t worry let’s find the emeralds and beat the game…’ kind of approach. It will be interesting a: to see if they replace emerald bonus levels with something else, b: if they do what are they going to replace them with and c: give a slightly different skew on bosses etc whereas before the characters would just turn super to kick some butt, THIS could help more focus on their separate abilities and powers… Which they’ve already said is going to be a big part of the game anyway. Looking forward to seeing this and YAY for other characters (Blaze please!)

    1. The Chaos Emeralds are really nothing more than plot macguffins anyway and like the Tesserac they seem to do whatever the writers want them to. They make plants grown, they turn male hedgehogs into super Saiyans, they supposedly power machines and Sonic ’06 decided to flat out rip of DBZ and make them resurrect the dead. HA HA HA. No change there then. It’s gotten more and more silly what they do/don’t do depending on the game when they started out as an extra item to add some replay value and challenge to the old school games.

    2. Same here, it is a bit odd to me with no emeralds, but at the same time, it would let other characters show off their powers more.

      I so want Blaze in here as well! ^__^

  17. No Emeralds? GOOD.

    That actually ups the quality of the story significantly since everything won’t just get a quick fix via Magical Miracle Mystery Emeralds.

    Kind of a shame that this means we won’t see Super Sonic or a return of other characters having Super forms (*coughknucklescough*), but I can live with that. This really does put everyone on an even level.

  18. I really really love Super Sonic a lot.

    That said, SA2 and Sonic Battle are two of my favorite games in the franchise. This game? Probably gonna end up the same.

    And no. No amount of whiney fans can stop me from liking this game.

  19. “Inspiration is being taken from Sonic 2, Sonic Adventure, and Sonic Generations”

    This gives me a lot of hope. Pleasepleaseplease don’t disappoint me, Sega.

    1. Americans and Europeans are so literal, Sonic is fast? sports tapes! Knuckles is strong? STEROIDS!

      The result? a boring experience, and with Sega of Japan? they’re just imitating Mario with Lost World.

      People are getting dumber by the minute, fans and directors alike.

  20. They can probably stick in a new kind of gem/powerful artifact to replace the emeralds in this new world they have to explore. Remember the time stones from Sonic CD anyone?

      1. Aries, we know your thoughts on this game. You don’t need to shove it down our throats. Just make a comment saying why you don’t like this, and if people respond, have a good conversation with them.

      2. It’s alright to voice your opinion (I’m not excited about Boom either), but enough with trying to put others down for having a different one. You’ve made it expressively clear what your stance is on Boom. As I’ve said, I’m not excited for anything regarding Boom and am disappointed at this point just like you, but that doesn’t give me a right to try and take away others’ excitement for it. Just try to tone it down a bit.

        1. Look, I’m sorry if I have sounded rude, I’m just tired of people who take good franchises and do what they want with them INSTEAD of creating their own new franchises! Hollywood is famous for that and Sonic has suffered from this alot no respect for the legacy at all.

          1. Well, if that is your view then good for you. You don’t need to go on every single Sonic Boom article and re-stress a point that everybody is already aware of. We respect your opinion, but we ask that you please stop trying to dampen the enthusiasm of others over what could potentially be a marvellous game.

            Thank you.

  21. I’m ok with no Chaos Emeralds, they were often used as a cheap plot device in most of the games.

    More characters? Please give me Blaze, Shadow and Rouge!! Though of course any classic character would have a completely new origin for sure; for example:

    -Blaze should still be a queen/princess and rule her kingdom, though that kingdom doesn’t have to be in a different dimension this time, there’s also the chance to try new things with her story like focusing part of this game (or the sequel) on how she become the ruler of her kingdom instead of her being queen/princess from the beggining.

    -Rouge is a tricky one since this time there is no Chaos Emeralds and surely no G.U.N., now I can only see her becoming a villian working for Eggman full time, but still having feeling for Knuckles (somthing like a Catwoman – Batman relationship).

    -Shadow is perhaps the hardest character to reintroduce because he’s more attached to his origin than the rest of the cast, the only origins that I can think of righ now is that he will be created by Dr. Robotnick himself, a new villian or perhaps he will be a clone (literally speaking) of Sonic as a result of a science or magic related accident, I also though about the possibility of him being Sonic’s (lost?) older brother but I’m not entirely sure I like the idea.

    1. Or it could be like how SA2 originally brought Shadow up, and forget the alien inclusion. Rouge could still be an ordinary jewel thief without adding G.U.N or Chaos Emeralds.

  22. Eh, I’m indifferent to this. While I enjoy going all super and powerful to beat an enemy, it’s rather nice to have to rely on actual strategy and your own upgrades to beat the boss. It’s a nice change, and to be frank, perhaps they’ll come in at a later time. It would be very fascinating to see how they came into being, eh? I just don’t want them to be used as the magical tool that solves everything like they usually are (not always, but usually), because frankly I like the idea of a boss that is more difficult or easy depending on your choice of upgrades.

    All in all, I’m liking the sound of this game more and more. It’s a nice little side universe and is setting itself apart… That, and I adore games that are explorative (hence why I liked Shadow’s game, I think. Opportunity to explore a little more compared to other games in the series. No, I still haven’t found all the stupid keys. They hide well), so I’m looking forward to this.

    Besides, it’s not like I’m NOT going to remain a fan of the original series, and I can get my fill of whatever is missing from the main franchise 😛 Best of both worlds.

  23. I know where the “Enigmatic Enchanted Ethereal Emeralds” went along with the “Jolly Green Giant Gem”: Knuckles ate them, causing a strange transmorgification.

  24. All I wanna see for the returning characters are Shadow, blaze, Metal Sonic, the chaotix and mighty the armadillo! Shadow is my favorite character and Blaze is close behind him. The chaotix are just funny to me and they would add a comedic effect. Metal Sonic is also one of my favs. I wanna see Might because it would be close to a new character without being one and they could pretty much do whatever they want with him! Just as long as he’s not a derpy figgin peice of crap then I’ll be fine. I kinda want him to be a mix of Sonic and Shadow (good, adventurous heart but a little more serious). That would be awesome!!!

  25. Should be interesting no emeralds, but they dont collecting chaos emeralds as fun as it use to be. like sonic 2, sonic3knuckles, sonic heroes etc. they had special stages and if some had to collect them all they’d turn to super sonic and or reach the final level. These last couple of games made super sonic terrible.

  26. Just please give Eggman some respect, make him threatening. I will take this new Monster of the Week if Eggman isn’t brought in just for the new villain to slap him around to prove hoe super-duper strong and awesome he is.


    1. Sorry to burst your dreams but Eggman is not the main villain for this series. I imagine Eggman, as you’ve stated, is just there for comparative purposes for the main antagonist

  27. New characters (please bring back Shadow) is grwatt. But the games he listed off make me suspicious. I’m excited for this new universe but I’m still a cynic at heart. If he had listed Sonic Heroes, that I would have understood. But Sonic 2, Sonic Adventure series, and Sonic Generations are some of the most popular Sonic games in the franchise. While the Adventure inspiration is obvious and Sonic 2 did bring two player co-op, part me thinks he had that list of games pre-perpared for this question.

    1. As long as we know you are trying, we will take you seriously and respect you. Maybe you’ll find the good in it once the final products come out.

  28. Personally, I’d rather they didn’t include Shadow in Sonic Boom, unless they completely and utterly reinvent the character. I’d reccommend they introduce characters that haven’t seen any decent action in years such as Mighty or Fang, both of which seem lighthearted enough to fit with the tone that Sonic Boom appears to strive for. It’d be nice to see a decent portrayal of those two. (I have always despised the Archie comics… So I’m looking forward to this alternate universe).

  29. Interesting… Very interesting. Well hey, Sonic never went super Sonic in Sonic Battle and that game was still good. I am just glad that the chaos emeralds will no longer be brought in a game for no good reason. Can’t wait for more! I’m with you Olgilvie le maurice! So-nic Boom! So-nic Booom! So-nic Boom!

  30. Its pretty cute seeing these comments asking for a bucket load of characters and stories. You guys are so naive. Big Red Button has never released a game, the models have less work done on them and the game looks like Sonic 06.
    This is a cash-in to promote the cartoon. Yet your expectations are so high.

    1. No, big red button hasn’t released a game, but the people of and behind big red button have. It should also be noted that the games they have released were all successes. You learn something new every day.

      1. Okay so they have some experienced members but the company as a whole hasn’t released a game.
        SEGA has given this game to a team that hasn’t released a game yet. The team consists of individuals who have made contributions to past successful games but they alone did not make the game, it was an entirely different team that made it and that’s a huge difference. We can’t guarantee these guys can make a good Sonic game intact by looks of the trailer I am doubtful that they even can.
        The models noy only look bad but they overall feel outdated particularly animation wise. It doesn’t look like a 2014 game infact it looks like a 2008 game.
        yet I see people swarming around here having unreasonably high expectations for a game that was given to a small studio no ones ever heard of and is mainly to promote the cartoon.
        Maybe all this hype is coming from the fact that this game features multiple playable characters. Which is pretty childish to me.
        This game looks too much like Sonic 06 infact.

        1. Haha. This doesn’t even look like 2008 quality. Just look at Sonic Unleashed which was released in 2008. Hell, Jack and Daxter for the PS2 looks better than this. And this is on a supposedly next-gen console.
          I do agree with you on alot of things. After I saw the trailer for the first time, I was really surprised when I saw how much people were actually excited for the game.. Almost exclusively because they dropped a few very vague comments about Sonic Adventure inspiration and multiple characters.
          It’s sad how desperate the fanbase has become. But who knows, maybe the game will turn out good.. But currently, from the looks of things, it doesn’t.

  31. “Inspiration is being taken from Sonic 2”

    Ugh. I’m so sick of all the Sonic 2 homages. Sega seems to have a huge hard-on for it. S3&K was superior in most fans’ eyes, and yet it gets no love from Sega.

    1. I highly doubt they took inspiration from Sonic 2.. Just a comment they dropped to get people excited about the game. Also, S3&K is where it’s at. That game should get alot more love since it’s pretty much the pinnacle of Sonic.

  32. The emerald in my honest opinion have been over used as a convenient all purpose plot hole sealer and it will be nice to see a story that doesn’t have the emeralds either fixing everything or causing everything and finally being used to do everything, like 06 they’ve been sent to the future! oh how do they get back, does tails use his mechanical skills to repair the time machine using salvage from around the cit? no, the emeralds now have the power to open time portals… which has never been the case before, or after 06, and for someone with an IQ of 300 can eggman really not come up with a machine that ISN’T powered by chaos emeralds? why not a fusion reactor or something? I mean a fusion reactor is essentially using a small star to power your machines! Why bother with the shiny magic rocks when you could just go sci-fi on their asses?

  33. Since this is a western release game only, do you think any Archie characters might appear. A stretch yeah, but it could happen.

  34. Zega whi u haet us? VVhy u not put moar kharakter? I HAET U I LEAV SANIC FOREVER. All I vvanted to c was Mighty, Rouge, Victor, Espio, Metal Sonic, Charmy, Mecha Sonic, Fang, Cream, Vanillia, Silver Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Blaze, Big, Eggman Nega, Yuji Naka, Mario, Shade, Little Mac, Metal Slug, Spy, Scout, Heavy, Pyro, Medic, Soldier, Demoman, James Pond, Rayman, Megman, Globox, Chell, Glados, Wheathly, Garry, Crayon Man, Flappy Bird, Subway Surfer kids, Tom, Jerry, Gabe Newell, Canario, Mr.Game and Watch, Call of Duty Dog, Gordon Freeman, John Freeman, Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit, Iron Man, Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Blue Whale, Zelda, Link, Antoine, Motobug, Caterkiller, Wreck-It-Ralph, Fix-It-Felix, Vanellope, Pogostikman, Duotte, Santa Claus, Cupid, Samus Aaron, Jontron, Alex, Kirby, Yoshi, Princess Peach, Luigi, Super Meatboy, Annoying Orange, Paraxade, Vsauce Micheal, Jemeny Kriket, TJ, CJ, Tails Doll, Toki Tori, Witcher, Bayonnetta, Steve, Jumbotron, Edward Richtofen, Dr.Zomboss, Bosscass, TY, Rocky Balboa, Mike Tyson, Marty McFly, Doc, Graybann, Dr.Hax, Popeye, Pluto, Emmet, and Shadic. Y U NOT BRING THAM BAK ZEGA Y U HAET THEM!!!! !1111


  35. I think. They will make a new sonic game like sonic boom 2. Second game I think will have a Chaos Emeralds. I want bigredbutton to bring shadow, silver, dr.eggman, metal sonic, chao garden, and mephiles. Please bigredbutton!!!

  36. Does anybody but me care about what Shadow’s design is going to be? I mean seriously people just look what they did to Knuckles! Sega is setting themsleves up for failure, and especially if they are going after something similar to Skylanders… ( OH GOD) Shadow, Rouge, Blaze and Team Chaotix’s possible redesigns terrify me according to some ideas on Deviant Art. I wish they would just tell us what he is going to look like because SEga is loosing us older fans very quickly, and with the idea that each episode ”Reboots” for the humor of young children, what is the point?

  37. Will Silver, the chaotixs, Shadow, and maybe Mighty the Armadillo will be in Sonic Boom? If Mighty comes then I will be glad because I never get to know him well. At least a few episodes huh SEGA? Give him some love.

  38. I hope they will add extra playable characters such as Cream & Cheese, Rouge, Shadow, Blaze, Silver, Charmy, Espio, Vector, & Omega

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