Ryo Hazuki DLC Now Live


For PC owners of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed. The long awaited Ryo Hazuki DLC is now live. Ryo drives around in vehicles based on various classic Sega arcade machines which are also found in the original Shenmue title.

If you fancy picking up this one, it’s very reasonably priced at only 99p.

And before you ask, So far only the PC & Mobile version of the game are to get Ryo at this time. However if this changes we’ll let you know.

Source: Steam. 

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  1. Brace yourselves, console whiners incoming….

    Though I am still surprised it’s not for consoles yet either… Odd.

    1. Yep. That’s SEGA for ya. Showing the world that they just don’t care about consoles. I mean does it ever occurred to them that there are those that might not even have a PC to begin with?

      You can always count on them to force people who want exclusive characters to spend more and more money. Just sayin’…

      1. First off, it would be mostly Sumo Digital’s decision.

        Second, How could you say that when it is possibly their first offense? Because as far as I know, Sega has never made any pc exclusive dlc to nothing but their PC exclusive games before.

        1. Actually they have said multiple times in the past that it is ALL Sega’s decision as to what platforms the DLC goes on. They have tried many times pitching the characters from the poll and questioned why the consoles aren’t getting the DLC but have gotten nowhere. There have been hints tho that Ryo at least will roll out on all consoles, but apparently they have hit a snag that requires some tweeking of the character before the console release.

          1. Touché Hog… But it still seems irrational for him to blow up like that whilst being a first offense.

  2. This update actually broke my Steam copy… The sound is barely audible, even at my compy’s highest volume, and when I start a race, the screen is stuck on the roulette screen…

  3. How come I have this bad feeling that all the rest of the real DLC is just characters from the past game.
    *sigh* I just want either Blaze or Segata Sanshiro playable in here, is that too much to ask?

    1. Wait, how does the TSSZ news speak about this before the sonic stadium, the people who actually run the event, do? 😐

      1. Lately, TSSZNews has been very quick to cover information and good at finding relatively obscure ones at that. It seems to me that TSSZ and TSS, even with their silly squabbles and constant competitiveness, have grown into complementary roles. TSS is more of the community joiner and team builder with a creative twist to things, or right-brained. Prime examples of this are the yearly albums, Summer of Sonic and the message board. TSSZ is great at covering news and information with a very precise and all-seeing eye, or left-brained. They have the kitchen sink of news, with everything about Sega itself and its respective partners to fan films, art, games and so on. It used to be different when both were trying to do what the other did but the way it is now I actually prefer much more, especially without the static of animosity and envy there used to be.

      2. Because it’s not confirmed yet? It’s just random site saying something random, there’s nothing to actually back it up yet.

  4. Well then… I hope this comes out everywhere. It’d seem really unfair if all of this was added JUST to PC. If it comes to Playstation, Xbox, DS and other consoles, this game will be soooo much better.
    Don’t like all the PC exclusive characters, don’t make this one either SEGA 😛

  5. Man this is big disappointment problems of Sega got a lot 104 systems like Nintendo console or Sony console, and Microsoft console or anything!

  6. Seems odd they aren’t bringing any of these to consoles. I don’t own the game (yet), but I don’t think it would be difficult to take the model for PC and implement it into the console version. Heck, even the programming would be able to transfer for the most part with tweaks here or there. I’m not a coding expert or even a novice, but it wouldn’t be like they were starting from nothing.

    It seems they just are having a few issues with it. Alternatively, they could just be packaging all of them into one massive DLC download for the consoles, which would also explain the delay. In the end, it’s a waiting game to see what’ll happen.

  7. Okay, I know that people that complain in comments are annoying, and I try and keep it to a minimum.

    But console owners have every right to give a moan about this. There’ve been countless DLC characters in the PC version which I didn’t mind too much because the characters I didn’t find that exciting.

    About a year ago however, Steve Lycett asked fans which character they wanted as DLC. Fans decided on a character (Which I think was Ryo Hazuki) but Sumo Digital didn’t do anything about it.

    We all waited an entire year, watching the PC version get all the DLC, and now, FINALLY, Ryo is here. But only in the PC version.

    I’m sorry, I’m no console fanboy, but making Ryo, who we’ve waited an entire year for, on PCs alone is being bias to consoles.

    I hope that he will come to consoles, but otherwise, fair enough that people are annoyed.

  8. I only have 1 thing to say to suckers like myself who purchased the console version – “wah – wah – wahhhhhhhhhh”

  9. Actually, after playing the Steam version on the free weekend, I’m happy this update isn’t coming to consoles. I like my flippy flying and my triple boost pickup in Carrier Zone, amongst other cheating techniques in the console version that the PC version has had taken out 😛 Especially the flippy flying. I love my flippy flying

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