Yoshi’s Island Comes to Sonic Lost World

Today’s Nintendo Direct had a surprise in store for fans of Sonic Lost World. That being the announcement of new DLC in the form of Yoshi’s Island Zone. And it’s… pretty much what you expect.

Badniks are gone, replaced with Piranha Plants & Shyguy. Rings are also gone, replaced with coins, and, well… everything Sonic except for Sonic has been replaced.

You know, one of the biggest criticisms of this game was that it looked and felt too much like a Mario game… Something tells me this announcement won’t do much to change that.

Edit: The DLC is now Live on the Nintendo E-Shop, it is free to download.

What do you think about the DLC? Let us know in the comments.

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    1. Yeah, I missed the stream and just saw the official trailer for it, edited the story to reflect that.

  1. They also said there will be another DLC level based on another Nintendo franchise, but it was not revealed what it was yet.

  2. Well. This was certainly not a thing I ever would have expected. Interesting choice… Nintendo? Sega?
    Who came up with this?

    1. And Iwata hints that you can “Link” your game to the eShop later once another DLC is finished. Cool, but even more baffling than Yoshi.

  3. I like it. Verily so. Especially since it’s free. That’s just a really nice move, as many other companies would have taken at least 5€ for something like this.

  4. Now if we just could get a full game with Sonic in Mario platformer levels (and vice versa) instead of the Olympic Games, I’d be satisfied.

    1. Two games released simultaneously, (Mario in Sonic’s world and Sonic in Mario’s world) one almost completely 2D and one almost completely 3D. Story is that the time eater or some shit like that pops into both worlds and dumps the protagonist into the other protagonist’s world, along with either 7 chaos emeralds or 7 power stars, which are launched across the dimension they’re currently in, landing in the hands of bosses that you fight along the way, eventually facing off with the villain of that dimension using the trinkets you picked up on your way, becoming Super Sonic or Superstar Mario, effectively ending the game. There would be an optional secret boss, the Time Eater, which you unlock by beating both games and having the save file on the same console, which you fight by switching from both Sonic and Mario’s POV to hit weak spots only one of them can attack.

  5. Just finished playing this level. It’s short, but it’s fun! It really feels like a level from a Yoshi’s Island game!

  6. 0_0″……………Just when you thought this game couldn’t be any more Mario-esque….

    …SEGA…I’m concerned…

  7. And thus, we give you, the closest thing to a Mario/Sonic crossover platformer… You know, until they give us a Mario level.

  8. I just realized that they are probably doing this partially to play into the whole “Lost world” thing
    I mean yoshi is a dinosaur after all

  9. Oh my god. Well, I am just… oh my god. 😮 I did not see this coming. I have more to say, but I’m sure you guys are all thinking the same thing. Interesting move SEGA. I think… 😮

  10. At least the feedback over here is nicer to read, honestly, im in shock over what Ive read on TSSZ. The Sonic fan base is something I dont wanna associate myself with if that is the way we’re gonna react to this. Lost World is a fantastic effort that just requires a little practice to get used to. I remember when the fanbase said Nintendo should just buy Sega and give the Sonic series some of their level design wizardry. And now they virtually have, you children are doing a complete U-turn. Tragic. Im disappointed. We stuck with Sonic even through the terrible 00’s, show me that we can grow up and support our favourite blue hedgehog before Sega gets depressed after giving fans what they’ve been asking for in vain

    1. Great. Now I’m scared to visit the TSSZ again. They always manage to make the sonic fan-base look bad don’t they? I know! I just won’t read the comments. Thanks for the warning.

    2. You outta see the facebook page for SEGA. Fans are saying the series is forever ruined. PS. Did I tell you Sonic now has green eyes? Ugh.

    3. Yeah, you know it’s bad when people start freaking out and getting mad at free, optional DLC. Gives us Sonic fans a bad image.

    1. They’re not, and never will be. SEGA is third-party, they just have a partnership with Nintendo for a short while, bringing three games exclusively to Nintendo consoles, like the new Olympic Games, Lost World, and an unanounnced one.

    2. There’s pipes, piranha plants, yoshi coins and shy guys all coded into the game, I’m waiting for the god damn Mario world zone.

  11. So many things to say and not enough time… but I can say two things with out making 9000000 paragraphs, I LOVE IT and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

  12. Oh my gosh, I loved Yoshi’s Island. Couldn’t beat it because I was young and it was hard, but seriously…when I get Lost Worlds, you can bet I’m getting this DLC.

  13. You guys havent seen sega forums. God, that stupid hate. It’s free DLC. Dont like it then dont download it. Even at gamefaqs, the reaction on the sonic lost world board was better. It tells a lot.

  14. You guys havent seen the sonic fanbase at sega forums. God, it’s free DLC, dont like it, dont download it. Seriously, even on the gfaqs sonic board, the reactions were better.

  15. I admit I wasn’t a huge fan of lost world, it was alright just not my taste, however the dlc looks pretty sweet, I love how Nitnendo and Sega are doing with the Nintendo exclusive deal, they did great with the Olympic games, now we get free dlc stages, I wanna see more of this, it’s actually quite interesting imo, keep it up Sega and Nintendo!

  16. Wow…. the reactions here are actually a lot tamer. People here are actually taking the news much better on here than the uproar in forums and at TSSZ. Considering that people there seem to call doomsday left and right, this is a welcome difference in those factors.
    I don’t really get why people are overreacting to a free (and optional) DLC. But, its true you can’t please everyone. This stage was fun, and an interesting experience. Looking forward to that Zelda DLC….

  17. This, along with the recent update that sorted a lot of niggles, has got me playing this game again, and I have to say, it’s pretty good! Not sure I want every sonic game to go down this path, but, it was a cool detour. Ps4 could host a stunning (fast) sonic game. The roller coaster effect that standard 3d sonic games give is much missed. (Generations/colours/unleashed).

    1. How about bringing back special stages & using the “lost world” mechanic in some form for those stages? But, not the whole game.

      1. Enjoy the scenery? You’re not supposed to do that to begin with!

        You’re supposed to get to the goal as fast as possible. That’s ALWAYS been the case. Besides, I can enjoy the beautiful aesthetics of the stages just fine while going fast.

        Maybe your eyesight and perception are just too slow and you need to step it up~

        1. It is not always the case. If it is mostly trying to blaze through a level, then what the hell is the point of hidden features in the background? Also, I do not throughly enjoy Unleashed-Generations because I am too fucused boosting in a straight line to the finish to enjoy the “scenery”.

  18. The level is more Yoshi’s Story than Island…also I hate how sonic is so small compared to the enemies, both on this DLC and the main game.

    1. Sonic is usually that height compared to the other enemies, the problem is you’re usually blasting past them in other games.

  19. ..Yeah, nah, don’t think I’ll get it. Would really like some more, y’know, Sonic theming. But at least they care enough about the game to release DLC, even if it’s… *this*.

  20. It’s a neat idea, and I guess the stage does it’s job well enough. It isn’t anything that will seriously extend your playtime, unfortunately. My big gripe, though, is that since it’s a 2D stage it feels kind of slapped together and flat and linear. You can’t explore to marvel at all of the little details… so I’m hoping that Hyrule Castle Zone is a 3D stage and more open and… grand.

    Overall, it was cute and a hell of a lot more creative than the terribly lazy NiGHTS DLC was… and really, all DLC is good DLC, if you ask me.

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