Sony Pictures Have Registered 3 Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Domains

Well I wasn’t expecting to see this today… Sony Pictures have registered 3 Sonic the Hedgehog movie domains.

None of the below sites are live, however according to the site ownership details, they were all registered by Sony Pictures on Tuesday 3rd December 2013:

Now, there have been a few hoaxes regarding trademark registrations lately, so we at TSS did a little bit of digging. Here are the registration details for another Sony Pictures movie called Austenland. If you compare the details between that movie and these Sonic registrations, the details are virtually identical aside from the timestamp of the registration and obviously, Sonic’s name.


At Sonic Boom 2013, Iizuka did hint that Sonic would see a big screen debut some day since pitches for a Sonic movie were not unusual. But before we all get too excited, this doesn’t mean a Sonic movie is definitely coming, it might however mean that talks have started and this is a pre-emptive thing to protect the domain.

We’ll keep watching this one and keep you updated when we get more information.

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    1. I hope it’s by Sony Animation and not Columbia and Sony, because Sony butchered the Raimi Spider-Man franchise and i don’t want the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise being butchered either.

  1. Sony? Huh, of all people to make a Sonic movie, I expected Disney. Still, if it’s true, I hope for the best.

    1. Sony did Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

      With that under their belt, I wouldn’t be too worried.

      …Although they did also do The Smurfs, I think.


  2. Well who knows, it’s Sony, they either fuck it up like they did the smurfs, or they make a good movie if this happens. To tell you the truth I thought it might have been Disney or Warner Brothers, but… risky move. If this happens, I hope to god they pull this thing off. And I hope it doesn’t end up like the smurfs. I don’t want it to be bad

  3. Sony did Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs….I’m okay with this. I don’t really want a Sonic movie at the moment just because voice cast…beating a dead horse, sure, but Amy’s voice is god awful and Roger Craig Smith’s Sonic annoys me.

    1. for me i want the sonic voice from the SA 2 and heroes
      dont worry Sony can handle it and Sega will help them for sure

    2. While I will understand Amy’s current voice isn’t great, I’ve never had a problem with any of the 3D Sonic voices. All of them seem to suit Sonic, so I don’t understand what people complain about. Besides RCS’s performance in Lost World really works.

      1. To be honest Roger’s performance in Lost world made me find Sonic really annoying for the first time, some of my friends I spoke to felt the same.

  4. Mixed feelings… Tons of mixed feelings. Well actually, Sony might only distribute the movie, it is possible that Sega’s own studio (Marza Animation Planet it seems to be called, look it up) might animate the film. They did state after making Night of the Werehog they would like to make more films, feature length that is. It has not been said that Sony Pictures Animation will work on it, but perhaps it’s too soon to make these assumptions? I would really prefer it with Marza’s animation, especially since I loved their work on Night of the Werehog and the opening cutscenes too Sonic Unleahsed.

    1. I loved both of those animations too, the Unleashed opening was beautiful and ranks as the best CG cutscene in all of Sonic’s history.

    1. I loved Night of the Werehog and have been disappointed we’ve not seen anything else similar. If the reason for this is because they started working on a full length feature film with a similar style then that would be great. However I worry this is linked to the Sonic Boom cartoon…

      1. Actually a French studio called Genao Productions will be animating Sonic Boom (I’m pretty sure, though I could be wrong…). They’ve made a few animated shows that aren’t too terrible. Let’s just hope this movie pulls through in good hands…

    1. I never thought about it before, but Bruce Willis would probably be a great voice for Knuckles.

  5. As a quick recap based on the comments so far, everything here is speculation but here are just a few ways this could turn out:
    1) Sony Pictures will be animating, directing and producing this movie.
    2) Sega will have Genao Productions, the animation company for the upcoming Sonic Boom cartoon, animate this movie. Sony will just be involved in production and/or distribution.
    3) Sega will have VE Animation Studios, their animation behind Night of the Werehog, animate this movie. In this case, Sony will also just be involved in production and/or distribution.

  6. Sony’s going to do it? Hmmm…Amazing Spider-Man crossover? You know you want it…JK.

  7. It could be the OVA movie being re-released on blu-ray seeing that isn’t being sold on DVD anymore, but at the sametime there just website domains there’s no point getting excited till we see some progress of footage or a poster or a leak imaged etc.

    I for one, the way the series is turning into at the moment wouldn’t want a film just yet, It will be too cringe worthy most likely with silly jokes.
    But get Ryan Drummond as Sonic for it and that would slightly sell it to me, because that dude is Sonic the hedgehog even Sega tried twice to have him back for the games.

  8. I am going to go on a murderous rampage, if this is turns out bad. I’ll visit an old folk’s home if it’s amazing. If it’s “meh” I’ll just be disappointed for the rest of my life.

    1. Um, reread that comment and then go get some counseling. Please. Sonic would not approve of you killing someone or becoming disappointed for life over one movie.

      (Although if it is bad, let’s hope they reboot it instead of turning it in to a trilogy). X_X

    1. There’s a Ratchet and Clank movie on the way? Man, I’ve been away from the gaming media too long.

  9. I love the way announcements like this polarise the sonic community… “its gonna suck” and “its s**t” and the like just make me laugh…

    Personally I cant wait, I cant get enough of that hog.

  10. If a movie is being made
    If its serious, I think Ryan Drummond would be the best bet for the voice. *although I would love to see him in a goofy role I think he could pull it off*
    If its hammy, then roger or jaleel…although ive heard both of them deliver some epic serious lines also…especially jaleel

    That would be cool if they got the people who currently animate the cutscenes to work on it, they are really talented

      1. What ABOUT Jason? Nobody wants him back as Sonic. Get out of here with that nonsense. XD

        Ryan or Roger or nothing else. Those two actually sound GOOD as Sonic.

        1. But I liked Jason…….. *sniff*
          Not so much in the games but in the Sonic anime I thought I would never hear anyone more perfect to be Sonic.

  11. I want this so bad!!! The only thing I wouldn’t like if it did happen is that I want the cast of sonic then celebrities doing the voices like e.g Channing Tatum as sonic (ik it’s a bad example but I just can’t think about celebrites when I’m on about video games) I do however want celebrites play characters exclusive for the movie ;)!! Really hope this happens!!

  12. I don’t think they’d let sony screw up a sonic movie, i mean the video game creators of ratchet and clank are working closely with the people making the ratchet and clank movie makin sure they don’t screw it up so…

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