Shenmue’s Ryō Hazuki Leaked as ASRT DLC via Yogscast Charity Stream


Aw yeah, this is happenin’!

Though there is no confirmation as to which platforms outside of PC will be receiving this, if any, it has nonetheless been revealed through the recent Yogscast Humble Bundle charity stream that Ryō Hazuki of the Dreamcast cult classic Shenmue series will be hitting the streets of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed in the near future!

In November of last year, Steve “S0L” Lycett of SUMO Digital had challenged fans to vote among a slew of SEGA characters to decide a top three for ASRT DLC coming down the line. Since then, a number of exclusive characters, mainly from SEGA’s own PC-centric titles, have found their way into the PC version of the game, but Ryō, who won by a landslide of 3379 votes, marks himself as the first DLC character to have come as a result of the community polls.


We’ll keep you posted once word has come as to what platforms Ryō is expected to arrive on, and when!

Now let’s see, who were the runners-up again…?

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  1. I love Ryo, And I know I’l get alot of Peved comments but I was kinda hoping for Miku or Segata Sanshiro.

    Glad to see him return regardless.

  2. Yay Ryo Hazuki finally all the time! Then also I played Sonic Lost World on Wii U demo at last was pretty good at Target and second new Wii U game demo I played is Mario & Sonic At The Sushi Olympic Winter Game 2014 was choosing event Alpine Skiing downhill guess what place I am in fourth place but what’s okay it was to play it.

  3. At last… At last. 😀 Granted, I have never played Shenmue.. but man.. they finally gave the fans the DLC they asked for. And… it seems he is rockin’ an OutRun arcade machine as a vehicle. The awesomeness.

  4. I wouldnt say a landslide. He beat Miku by like 200 votes.

    Which is genuinely shocking to be honest. Lol.

    Im really looking forward to some Level Dlc or something. More courses would be more important to me.

  5. Now if only Segata Sashiro would claim his glorious throne among the racers, my life would be complete.

  6. So…still no console DLC?? It’s cool if Sumo doesn’t want money…I guess I understand that…

    1. It really isn’t that simple to release DLC on the consoles, considering patches and updates need to be paid for. Updating on PC is less work and free. It’s the exact same situation with Skullgirls. A game with a heavy community and needs constant update in terms of tweaking the balance, and even the smallest change still needs to be covered for, which made the developers ultimately drop the console version support.

  7. Really cool! I tought he wasnt going to make it ^^

    Wonder who the other characters of that DLC batch will be, if there is another Sonic character to be featured in the game I hope is Blaze.

  8. Ooh… Since Ryo’s boat is the Hang-On bike. Do you think the music will change to Hang-On’s theme like in the Riders trilogy? (In the water sections of course.)

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