Update: Sonic Lost World: Review Roundup

So Sonic Lost World is out, and it’s…. well.. you’ll see. I’m not a fan of review embargoes these days, mainly because given the price of a game, you really need an idea as to what to expect. So for people living in the EU, odds are this won’t be of much use. But here it is anyway, the following is a roundup of all the Sonic Lost World reviews so far.


Scores are out of 10 unless otherwise stated.

Wii U Version.

Gametsyde: Favourable

Famitsu: 9/9/9/9

Nintendo World Report: 9

Gamesbeat: 85/100

Games Radar: 4/5

Guardian: 4/5

GameReactor Spain/Norway/Portugal: 8

Digital Spy: 4/5

GameTrailers: 7.6

Destructoid: 7.5

Jeuxvideo: 15/20 (seriously? Out of 20?)

CVG: 7

Gameblog.fr: 3.5/5

Nintendo Life: 7

TheSixthAxis: 7

GameReactor Sweeden/Germany*: 6

Wiitalia: 6

Polygon: 6

IGN: 5.8

Digital Chumps: 5.6

Videogamer: 5

Gamekult: 5

Gameinformer: 5

Gamespot: 5

AnaitGames: 5

Joystiq: 2.5/5

The Escapist: 2.5/5

Edge: 4

EuroGamer: 4

Kotaku: Should you play it: NO

And now for the 3DS version

Kotaku: Should you play it: YES

Famitsu: 8/9/8/9

Wiitalia: 6

GameReactor Spain: 5

NintendoLife: 5

Polygon: 4

AnaitGames: 4

And thats your lot so far…

Well, I suppose it could have been worse? It seems that for many people, the game is quite an average experience. If you want the details you can click the links, but from reading the reviews and looking around. The game appears to be quite painfully average, boss battles are a let down, controls are bad, there needed to be a tutorial stage, the learning curve is far too high, at times it re-cycles levels and ideas from the game, some boss fights are copy and pastes from other games and well… I think you get the idea.

It’s not bad, but it’s no better than average, if you go along with the above scores.

Anyway, stay tuned to TSS for our own review which should be getting put up at some point next week.

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      1. He doesn’t need to to have faith i the game. My motto is to always give the benefit of the doubt until the controller is in your hands.

          1. Hogfather, I’m getting really sick of your crud. You don’t like the game, WE GET IT. Stop trying to bring people down who want to or are trying to enjoy this game.

            Have YOU even played the entire game? No, because you don’t even own a Wii U. Playing at a friend’s house doesn’t count; you got to play the game in and out.

          2. Backing up Hogfather at this one. A big chunk of the fanbase is biased for no good reason (other than begin interested in the little blue bugger)
            I don’t see where he was hating on the game. He was just pointing out how badly Sonic rep is affected when the fans dismiss all reviews and call the game a perfect 10/10 without even playing the game yet.

          3. Ricardo, I really don’t understand your incredulous tone. Mindless worshipping is just as bad as what you’re insinuating. There’s no need to accuse anyone of trying to “bring people down” just because their opinion is different from yours…

      2. I got it yesterday and completed it. I must say that maybe the bad reviews are from frustration from the learning curve. I personally found that the game has been beautifully made and the level design fits round the controls very well. The second half of the game is very hard, but not due to unpolished gameplay, but down to personal mistake. Live and Learn. While areas of the game seem to be exactly the same as galaxy, that isnt really a bad thing. I agree that boss battles are the only let down. I wont spoil it but lets just say copy and paste really is true for the most part. From mainly Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros and Sonic Colours. The game otherwise is a step in the right direction, and is better than just another running forward game

        1. Hogfather i’m going to need for u to SHUT THE ABSOLUTE FUCK UP if u don’t like the game y the fuck are u here go somewhere else damnit its not like SEGA gives a damn abour ur opinion anyway so get right

  1. Something isn’t right… most if not all the review sites listed have posted at least one highly favorable preview of the game, yet bash it in their review. IGN itself praised the new control scheme, slower gameplay, and new level design, yet marks all three as negatives in their review.
    I wonder if Sega gave the review sites an earlier build and they all thought it was the final version.

      1. They played the game and scored it accordingly.

        If you remember my preview on the game, I thought it wasn’t very good at all. Sure enough that seems to still be the case.

        1. I remember arguing with you in the comments on that post. I guess you were right though. The game split a lot of fans, the game itself wasn’t really great, and people didn’t tolerate it. I am speechless. That 3rd Nintendo exclusive Sonic title better be out of THIS WORLD. (Get it? Out of this world; lost world :D) *sigh* 🙁

    1. Can we please stop basing large assumptions on previews, especially for Sonic. Developers and Publishers will usually confine the publication/website to a small portion of the game and not show certain sections, making it hard to get a full grasp of the game. Sonic Lost World previews were often played by a Sega representative to boot in most previews so that made the problem worse.

      Basically don’t be surprised if reviews vary hugely from the final game.

  2. I have to admit that the gameplay is good and easier to play than Unleashed & Generations. But because Sonic is much slower in Lost World, so it should had has a dark story, like 06 did. But it was still too bright, and the game bored me right after 30 minutes.
    I’m sorry but if Sega & Sonic Team keep making a Sonic game with kinds of story like Colors/Colours & Lost World, the whole franchise will completely be ruined.

      1. What he meant was he just wants a more serious plot that’s not all corny like the most recent games. I don’t think he meant the non understandable crap that was 06. I for one like a more serous plot, like Sonic Adventure. It had just the right atmosphere during each part of the story. (not to mention the game kind of plays like Adventure)

    1. Why should a game featuring an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog that rescues tiny animals which are imprisoned in robots that a fat egg-shaped man builds have a dark story? It isn’t one of the best ideas and both Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic ’06 proved it.

    2. Look pal. Sonic is a kids game like Mario and Pokémon. Doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it but even the Adventure games had some major plotholes. If you think Sonic was meant to be “dark” and “serious” you’ve been reading too much bad fanfiction.

    3. “I have to admit that the gameplay is good and easier to play than Unleashed & Generations.”
      You had me…

      “But because Sonic is much slower in Lost World, so it should had has a dark story, like 06 did.”
      Wtf is this, I don’t even…

      1. So if you think a dark story is not compatible with Lost World, what about Adventure? A story like it compared to Lost World gameplay should be better, though.

        1. No. This game’s story was the best the series has had in 3D. It has a great balance with lighthearted and serious. Sonic games don’t need dark, edgy, anime-like plots to be good.

    4. Have you seen the whole story? As I feel that once you get in a bit, it really kicks off, mainly after Eggman gets turned against the Deadly Six. And about the deadly six, they’re awesome. There are some very memorable scenes in the game and Roger’s performance as Sonic is strong, especially later on when he makes a second mistake…

    5. The “Plot” doesn’t need to be dark to be good and being like 06′ isn’t getting you nothing but a horrible trying too hard excuse of a story. It needs to be well written, strike a balance between the tones its setting, and have good way of telling the mood in certain parts.

      This plot is not like Colors or Generations. It shouldn’t be like 06′. Its actually good, because it goes for a nice balance between serious and light hearted(which works very well)its not to far in light hearted to be super Cheesy or annoying and not trying so hard to be serious, dark, and edgy to be anything but laughable.

      This type of story-telling is better than what we’ve had from 1998-2008. The whole “Dark” thing peaked in Sa2 and it never worked again afterwards.

  3. Eh… seems some people like it. Others not so much. I’m gonna play it anyway, so I figure I’ll just decide for myself.

  4. I’d just like to remind everyone that reviews =/= how much fun can be had with a game

    Try it for yourself, and you may like it. Heck, I loved Sonic and the Black Knight.

    1. We all understand, thank you for the supporting words on this dark day in the fandom. To be honest, Black Knight was pretty fun, especially the whole sword crafting thing. 😉

  5. An odd article. The review roundup clearly shows a respectable number of high-scoring reviews from big names, and yet the write-up suggests that positive impressions don’t exist, and quotes uncritically and as fact many of the negative statements without contrasting them with positive statements or treating them as the opinions that several of them are.

    1. You should actually read the reviews. As well as most of the impressions on the forums. The game isn’t very good.

      1. Well I’ve played it, and enjoyed it for the most part. Am I wrong for liking it because my view is different from yours? No.

  6. *looks at IGN and Game Informer’s scores immediately* Mm. Figures. Last time Game Informer reviewed a Sonic game (Generations) they simply spent time bitching about Modern Sonic rather than the game itself. Let me read this, because IGN thought Generations was good-ish, so.. hm… certainly SOME mind must have gone into this.

  7. Looks to me like the game literally has a selection of reviews all across the spectrum. Sonic continues to be as divisive as ever. :/

  8. I didn’t experience any of the problems they had when I played it back in August. Sonic runs at a good pace, platforming is fun, the levels were NOT as difficult as they let on to be, and the controls worked just fine. IDK, opinions are opinions I guess.

  9. Despite being a worst Sonic game because of the gameplay, I still loved the game’s story. Actually, I cried when I saw Sonic was killed by Mephiles (Luckily he was reborn). 06 gave me so much feelings, happy, sad, and even angry.
    About Lost World, did you read through my comment? I told that the game bored me right after 30 minutes of playing!! The game is completely a mimic of Colors!! *putting Lost World disc out from my Wii U*

  10. Well thanks for that recap guys. Nice to see there are some better than “medicore” reviews out there. Still I feel bad. The series was doing so well with Colors and Generations getting so much right and Sega’s really trying to make the series consistently good again as opposed to just a cash grab for kids and die hard fans. That’s what really makes me sad. Sonic tries so hard and still can get past mediocrity.

    1. So this game got mixed reviews, it’s not that big of a deal. It’s not like Sega can’t learn from this game and make another, better game in the future, right? Besides, I’m not judging just yet – there have been games in the past which reviewers thought were average but I loved. 🙂

        1. Actually, Wikipedia says that it has mixed to positive reviews.

          And like I said, I don’t give a flying fudgesicle about reviews. Everyone has their own opinion, and I want to play the game myself to see what I think.

        1. Well basically from Unleashed on, Sega’s made baby steps towards making each game better. Unleashed got away form one of ’06 biggest issues: too many gameplay types and none having any polish, focusing on just 2 types. From that they learned that gamers don’t want a big, bloated Sonic game with gameplay they don’t want just to get 20 hrs out of it and we got Colors. For me Colors was short but had much higher replay value. I beat Unleashed, played the day stages a few times and traded it back but Colors I still have and return to. The biggest issue with Colors was some thought it spent a little too much time in 2D and Sega was afraid to do anything in 3D except run fast or drift turns. Generations found a little more balance in the modern with more mix of 3D and 2.5D (though it really does spend as much time in 2D as Colors if you’re counting classic Sonic stages). Perhaps if Lost World had stuck with the mechanics from Generations, it might have fared better but it tried a new parkour style of gameplay which seems to be the turnoff.

  11. Couldn’t give less of a fuck about these. Lost World looks like the best 3D Sonic game we’ve had in a long time. I’m going to stand by that until I play it myself.

  12. I’m playing it at the moment on wii u, currently on zone 2 – desert ruins. Play the game and ignore all the bad reviews; they just want to criticise; be biased and moan. Speaking of recycled levels, music & bosses has anyone played the New Super Mario Bros. games? The game is a lot of fun to play, the controls work well(Yes they’re different & yes you need to get used to them). But with very little practice it’ll feel natural.
    Levels are very good(some interesting ideas), music is very good(good variety), boss battles are very good(short ones & varied like on the megadrive/genesis). The red rings & omochao missions are mainly filler but a nice little distraction. Life system is flawed(100 rings no longer gives you a life) you have to find 1–ups and those number sequence things.
    In summary don’t play if you are a reviewer, do play if you’re Sonic fan & you like action/platform games and know how to play them. Remember reviews are mainly someone’s opinion of a game. Everyone has different opinions & you don’t always have to listen to them. Overall 9/10, oh yeah the graphics are very good aswell.

  13. Meh reviews for Sonic games are always like this now.

    Don’t care if someone’s opinion of the game is good or bad, I would still buy the game.

  14. Just finished the game, and I enjoyed it for the most part. The gameplay is fun, save for a few moments scattered throughout. The graphics are nice and colorful. The music, while not Sonic’s usual rock style, is also enjoyable, with my favorite theme being used in the grind rail levels. The difficulty is okay, although it gets very unforgiving in the last few stages.

    Story-wise, it sort of feels like a Saturday morning cartoon, which fits Sonic pretty well. Sonic himself is his typical cocky self, as you’d expect. Eggman is brilliant. Most of the best lines come from him. Tails is AWESOME!!! There’s one moment near the end which I won’t dare spoil here. But if you think that Tails can’t take care of himself anymore, this will change your mind! The Zeti are a colorful bunch, and it’s great to see them playing off Sonic.

    Amy is handled well. She actually doesn’t fawn over Sonic outside of complimenting him, and we get to see her caring side, something we haven’t seen since the adventure days. Knuckles, sadly, is wasted in this game. He doesn’t really do anything other than brag that he could do a better job than Sonic.
    But like any game, it does have problens, and for me, it comes from some niggles with the controls. Locking on for a homing attack can be clunky at times, though it never really happened when I was bouncing over bottomless pits. The color powers also weren’t implemented too well. They felt like an afterthought more than anything. Also the difficulty, as I said before, gets very unforgiving in the later stages. The main cause of life loss for me were the boss fights against Zavok. He was actually harder than the final boss IMO, (which, BTW, was a bit of a letdown.)

    Overall, I enjoyed this game. While it does have its problems, I think that this is a game that needs to be played at least once. I give it a 7.5 out of 10.

  15. hey, I have the game. Im on the second to last level. I disagree with the reviews, but I can see why it’s getting these scores.
    First of, the game gets really hard. If you are not a skilled gamer, you’re gonna have difficulty with this game. Heck, I can’t imagine a kid finishing this game. it’s the hardest 3D Sonic by far.

    Now, as you know boost to win gameplay is gone. Replacing it, is slow paced precision plarforming. “Plarforming in a Sonic game?” I know right? I can’t think of a good sonic game which focuses more on platforming than speed” is probably the reviewers thoughts.

    the game is big, probably the biggest Sonic game with 0 padding. Every level is a proper level, no mini levels like in Colors.
    The story is also the best in the 3D Series since Adventure (I liked the story of the game). It gets quite dark but never melodramatic.

    Some levels are horrible, most of the forest world is crap. The owl spotlight level is terrible.
    The wisp are also bad, I love wisps … but in this game they either don’t work properly, or don’t add anything. I cannot figure out how to use the music wisp, it just doesn’t explain it at all.

    The bosses are fine, infact they’re good. They’re like CLASSIC Sonic bosses, they follow simple patterns, but are fun. Some are not fun (the first level on the last zone has the worst boss ever)

    Basically, the game is fantastic, but ridden with problems. If you go in with a open mind, you’ll love it. If you play sonic just for speed, you’ll be let down.

    It’s looking like an 8/10 so far

    1. I like your review. Screams of the types of things I want in a Sonic game! How is getting the Red Star Rings or the Missions, if you don’t mind my asking?

      1. the red rings are pretty fun.
        on the big open levels they’re hard to find, on some levels they’re usually in plain site but just hard to get. It’s the standard stuff.

        the missions, I’ve barely even looked into them. they seem pointless though honestly.

  16. IGN Italian also gave the game an 8/10, basically loving all that the “normal” IGN hated. They said, after their also playing the full game, that the controls were good and that the game was enjoyable, save for the last zone. It’s all one opinion versus another. One IGN says it’s a major fail, another IGN says it’s a pretty decent success. Reviews are split, even from the same site. If there is that much split from the same company then I’ll definitely, more than normal, not care what they have to say. I’ll give it a 0/10 right now. I’ve not touched it and can’t give a good opinion yet. I think that’s what Hogfather is meaning. If I said in this comment “It’s a 10 for sure!” even without playing it, it would be a little fake on my part. He is allowed to hate it if he wants and we are allowed to love it if we want, after we’ve played it especially. Let’s see for ourselves 😀

  17. I noticed in IGN’s reveiw of the game they labeled Sonic 4 as a success among Generations and Colors. I don’t trust reviewers that much any more but I have to definitely say 4 was by no means a success. It felt like one big watered down chore of a game. I haven’t played episode II outside the demo but I know I hated I, so I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt on this one. To me it looks like a return to Sonic Adventure speed, which is good in my opinion.

  18. I live in America. We get the game dead last. I’ll spare the rest of the bitterness us Americans have received when it comes to this game, but now, another building block has been placed on that pile of bitterness. Waiting one more week for the game is possible, but now we have to wait a whole ‘nother week knowing that the game was a flop! Gosh Darn it! Why?! Why is this happening?! All these months of hype for THIS unpleasant surprise?! I can’t wait to see IGN America’s review for this game. Yes, I am still getting it, and yes, I still have faith in the game, but for heaven’s sake, it’s 2006-2007 all over again! Sonic has a flop game, worse than any 3D title before (Since Adventure 1 through
    Shadow were at the least okay/acceptable), with many distraught fans, then he gets thrown into the next Smash Brothers in order to raise the fan morale back up to speed, then we have to deal with a nintendo console exclusive title which in 2007 was secret rings and that flopped! In this case Sonic Lost world is that flop 3D game that hasn’t happened in a while (Since Unleashed to Generations were at the least good), the smash bros. comparison stands for itself, but we don’t know what this next nintendo exclusive title will be so it better be good! 🙁
    P.S. Okay, this whole situation isn’t THAT bad, but I just needed to blow off some steam. You have to admit though, it is a good comparison. 😉

  19. Absolutely heartbroken for Sonic Team right now… They’ve put so much effort into the Sonic series after the pile of crap that came out in the mid 00’s. And Lost World has been slammed by some reviewers. Just because they changed the way Sonic plays and they dont like it.

    They were probably crap. But hey, you dont give a game like Guitar Hero a bad review cos you’re crap on easy. Practice makes perfect, embrace change. I love the game

  20. Well, It’s nothing new for Sonic Team to release a bad Sonic game from time to time, but after the row of good games and with that much time of preparation I’m really dissapointed.

    Then again most Sonic games are terrible when it’s the first time Sonic Team develops for a new console (Nintendo Wii, PS3, XBOX360, more or less Game Cube) so I won’t lose my faith in Sega if this game is as bad as most people say.

    1. I say try it first. Like rent it when its cheap or something.

      I like to use IGN as a good example of biased opinions. Look at Sonic Unleashed, it may not have been the best game. But it had good graphics, a decent soundtrack, and The voices were good. Not perfect but playable and enjoyable. And then at 06, it had a bad soundtrack, bad graphics, terrible voice acting, shitty plot and by no means an enjoyable gameplay experience. Plus, the glitches were non-stop and everywhere.

      They rated 06 as a better game than Unleashed on 360. Why? Because of the different Gameplay. Dont get me wrong, it didnt fit, but it was playable and even had enjoyable moments.

  21. Well, a good number of these are rather favourable, I’m quite glad that a fair amount have gotten out of the sonic hate slump, hell, even Gametrailers gave it a ‘playable’ review. Pleased am I.

  22. Official Nintendo Magazine UK gave it 80% and the 3DS version 79% I have played it today and enjoyed it alot some of the later levels are challenging there’s one in particular in the final zone which is on a grind level that was crazy! Me and my friend enjoyed the 2 player it’s nice to see a good multiplayer return to the series its always good for a laugh! I do not rate this as highly as generations but this is still a great sonic game in my book far from 06 or unleashed. I hope they will refine the gameplay and add tails and knuckles in the next title I think they could really work with lost world gameplay!

  23. WELL! Seems I was wrong in believing IGN and Game Informer were thinking open-mindedly on this, because they sort of.. weren’t. IGN just complained that they did exactly what they wanted with Sonic (removing boosting, making platforming more fast, and giving us more unique bosses) and also just went off saying they got too many Game Overs and judged the game on the same level as Sonic the Hedgehog (2006.) Game Informer, who previously complained about Sonic Generations and Sonic Colors simply because…. “Modern Sonic game” also said the same things as IGN, but decided to truly push how they don’t want to, and didn’t bother with anything else the game had to offer, and just passed the score after saying how much of a Super Mario Galaxy rip-off it is. Also, they truly wanted to let people know that they didn’t like the past two games that weren’t 4.
    Hm. Well, I never base my opinions on reviewers, especially of this variety… so I truly can’t wait to play the game myself. Still, though… at least IGN gave Sonic Generations and Colors good scores.

  24. If you are excited for the game, just get it and try it out for yourself. I’m going to get a Wii U for this game cause I don’t want to wait another 2 years for another proper Sonic game. Don’t trust the reviews, games like GTA5, Super Mario Galaxy, Call of Duty all have high scores but they really don’t deserve what they get, they just have high scores because of hype the game gets.

    1. Well to correct your statement on games getting high scores due to hype isn’t necessarily true. I can name examples too. Duke Nukem Forever had a lot of hype but it sucked. Mario Galaxy is in a league of its own. SLW is actually trying its hardest to replicate it. Played it at Sonic Boom.

      Sonic 06: mad hype, still flopped. Shadow the Hedgehog flopped too. BanjoKazooie got mad hype too. That game sucked nuts. I still dunno why you’d bring up Galaxy. Mario and Sonic are in totally two different leagues. Mario doesn’t suck. CoD tho I will agree sucks. Fuck that shit.

  25. Biased critics will always be biased and I don’t think Sega/Sonic Team even care. The fans are the ones who are gonna review the games properly. I do think this game is gonna be fun, but I do kinda agree with some of the criticisms and I do believe it’s a little too soon to stray away from the Unleashed gameplay style.

  26. Up to the end of Desert Ruins, and although the bosses ARE lacklustre and the controls do take a little getting used to (but not nearly as much as I’d heard from some of these reviews), I’m really not seeing the reason for the hate. There’s going to have to be something pretty damn terrible in the latter part of the game in order for me to think that rating this a 4/10 is anything but delusional. I’d also call it an 8 right now.

    Good to see the Sonic fanbase is once again broken into
    a) fanboys who rated it 10/10 before playing it, and
    b) people who are determined for it to be terrible no matter what.

    (oh and c) people who automatically take 5/10 off the score of any game for it not being Sonic CD, but everyone knew what their reaction was before the game was released.)

  27. i dunno about gameplay – alot of parts look fun but i dont own the game although, thanks to youtube iv seen all the cutscenes.
    the cutscenes are a 10/10 best script in a long time.
    i feel for sonic near the end of the game… so lonely…

    characters feel at their best but i hoped for more amy and knuckles cutscenes – oh well… only so much can happen over a skype call :3
    hope these writers return next game.

    also – in-game mumblings! yes. please, more ~ it makes sonic feel alive instead of a empty playable character.
    roger is defiatley comftble as sonic already.

  28. I’ve been playing it for the last two days and it’s pretty damn fun… well, after you get used to the controls.

  29. 1. Everybody calm down. In case you haven’t done the math, most of the reviews give the game a B- to B+ average (yes, that’s a good thing [and as always, Europe enjoys it more than America, ya’know, cuz we’re intolerant and afraid of change]).
    2. Just like with anything that is different from a anything that goes by a tradition, people are especially uneasy with the fact that it is different, but that does not make it any less great than it actually is. According to critics, the game is at least “honorable mention worthy” (wouldn’t win an award, but still worthy of one), but of course since it’s different from most Sonic games, not everyone likes it. Just like since Adventure, most of the 3D games are at least B rated (in the opinion of most critics, only 3-5 are actually bad: Heroes (for America, cuz Europe loved it more than we did), Shadow (even though kids loved it, ironically), ’06 (unfinished, but in my opinion, loaded with potential, would’ve given future games a chance for good storytelling if it had succeeded), Unleashed (in my opinion, NOT AT ALL a bad game, just different, one of my faves since Heroes), Black Knight (you either loved it or hated it, it was just Secret Rings with swords.) No one is biased or hateful, they just enjoy different gameplay. Look at how Classic Sonic fans respond to most of the Modern Sonic games.
    3. This is a fun game and honestly the best move Sonic Team has ever made (even though I’m not a huge of how slapsticky and overly-comedic the series has become). Sonic, as a company mascot, should be more flexible when it comes to gameplay. As much of a Mario copycat the series is beginning to look like, it should take more inspiration from Mario business-wise than aesthetically. I’d love to see Sonic try new genres like fighting and sports games, another RPG, and make more cameo appearances outside of Sega and Nintendo properties. I love his guest spot in Smash Bros. and the Sega Superstars/All-Stars series, but I’d like to see more in-universe alternate genres that aren’t just racing games. Mario finds enormous success in his Party series, sports games, RPGs, and is practically the main character of Smash Bros., so why can’t Sonic do the same? I remember Sega saying they wanted Sonic to be as popular as Hello Kitty, but with as many more lovable characters & series than there was in the 90s, Sonic can’t just get away with doing his same old thing, over and over. I hope to never see Classic Sonic again, because Modern Sonic still has a helluva lotta work to do before we can just rely on nostalgia all over again.

    All in all, things change and we have to accept it. Asking you all to do that may seem impossible (being dedicated fans AND gamers, two of the most impossible to please types of people in the world) may seem like a lot, but if you care about what you love and take comfort in the fact that other people can love it too, it should be worth it to you…ya’know, unless you’re a selfish prick.

    1. Except for IGN. They’re always biased and hateful to anything that isn’t an overly testosterone-infused FPS.

  30. Good i am not missing a lot now announce the third game ( i wish its just a karting game or whatever ) then Sonic on the PS4 which is what i want do it sega do it

  31. Forgive me for saying this, but I honestly feel like Sega has fallen into another creative funk in regards to Sonic. Regardless of whether the gameplay is good or not, the “funny cutscenes” and constant wisecracking have really reduced Sonic to a children’s brand. Maybe Sega wanted to avoid another Sonic ’06 by releasing their first “next-gen” game on lower-power hardware, but the overall conceit seems so much to be “Mario meets Sonic” that all the gameplay changes really seem like “playing it safe.”

  32. Unleashed gained fairly average reviews, but after sole refining of the gameplay we were given Colours and Generations. Even if this game is bad (I haven’t played it and I’m not going to get it) I’m cautiously optimistic

  33. I think everyone has a different meaning of what a “dark storyline” means here. I personally would love to see a “darker” storyline for a Sonic game, because i too am tired of the SUPER light hearted and corny. You can say Sonic is for kids all you want, but I’ve always viewed him as a character for all ages, and there’s plenty of “darker” stories out there that still fit the E rating bill and is still deep, well written and good. Sonic could do with a serious-ish storyline again, I loved the corny and cute personally, like with Colors (and that game is close to my heart), but still, I agree with every here who feels Sonic could use a darker, more serious storyline with light hearted elements. I’m not saying super dark and gritty, just, well, more serious.

    I mean dude, anyone who’s played the new Pokemon X and Y games, that game got a bit dark, was well done, didn’t go overboard and can still be considered “for kids.” Why can’t Sonic be like that too?

    1. The last time they tried a dark story, we got Sonic 06. I think that tells you everything.

      1. i love the story in this – at the end of the game i feel sorry for sonic.
        i would say why but theres no spoiler tags in the comments…

        japan always intended sonic to have a darker edge to him but america screamed “no we need something child friendly!” – so japan sighed and went with it.

        if you can find a balance between dark, fun and silly then go for it and i find this story line borders a “good” rating. – everyone has an opinion though.

    2. i loved this story – did you?
      (watch the cutscenes)

      im on the “dark can be good” side of things so i agree with what you say.

  34. Have to be honest at first I hated it could not belive how much. Then on zone 2 my opinion completely changed by then I had Got used to the controls now I love it.

  35. The funny thing about is that most of the same people who say that they don’t care about reviews are the same people who would be doing back-flips if the game received 10’s across the board go figure lol.

    I will say this though, the Gamespot reviewer looked like he just didn’t know how the play the game. He was walking/slow jogging in sections where you CLEARLY had to run through.

    Still doesn’t change my decision cause I’m not getting a Wii U anytime soon. By the time I get one the game the price would have dropped

    1. There was also the point where he turned around and started walking backwards on a collapsing floor. How long have we had collapsing floors in video games?

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