Sonic Lost World Price Roundup


Sonic Lost World will be hitting Europe and Australia later this week and in the US on the 29th of this month, so we thought we would round-up all of the prices and bonuses out there for you. The Deadly Six Edition for the Wii U version of the game is available when you pre-order from any retailer or while supplies last. If you spot any deals we’ve missed, let us know in the comments and we’ll add them in.

Note: Prices are subject to change and were correct at time of publication.

Wii U
WOW HD: £29.19
Grainger Games: £29.99
Simply Games: £32.85
ShopTo: £32.86 (Pre-order bonus: 5 Black Bombs Colour Power and Rare Gold Omochao RC gadget to use in co-op mode.)
Amazon: £32.99 (Pre-order bonus: 25 extra lives and Rare Omochao RC gadget that helps collect rings in co-op mode.)
Currys: £32.99
PC World: £32.99
Argos: £32.99
365Games: £33.99
GameSeek: £34.29
Blockbuster: £34.85
GAME: £34.99
Base: £34.99
Smyths Toys: £34.99 (in store)
CoolShop: £36.95
Zavvi: £37.98
The Hut: £37.98
GameStop: £39.97
Nintendo: £39.99
Sainsbury’s: £44.99
Woolworths: £49.00
Very: £49.00
Littlewoods: £62.00 or pay from £0.81 per week

ShopTo: £27.85
Grainger Games: £27.99
Currys: £27.99
PC World: £27.99
Argos: £28.99
Amazon: £28.99
365Games: £28.99
GameSeek: £29.26
Simply Games: £29.85
Blockbuster: £29.85
CoolShop: £29.95
GameStop: £29.97
Zavvi: £29.98
The Hut: £29.98
GAME: £29.99
Base: £29.99
Smyths Toys: £29.99 (in store)
Tesco: £30.00
WOW HD: £30.39
Nintendo: £34.99
Sainsbury’s: £34.99
Woolworths: £39.00
Very: £39.00
Littlewoods: £49.00 or pay from £2.45 per week

Wii U
Blockbuster: $41.56
WOW HD: $47.16
Mighty Ape: $68.49
JB Hi-Fi: $79.00
EB Games: $79.95

Blockbuster: $35.96
WOW HD: $40.76
Mighty Ape: $58.49
JB Hi-Fi: $59.00
EB Games: $59.95

Wii U
Amazon: $49.95 (Pre-order bonus: 25 extra lives)
Walmart: $49.96
GameStop: $49.99 (Pre-order bonus: Rare Sonic Omochao RC gadget that helps collect rings in co-op mode)
Target: $49.99
Kmart: $49.99
Best Buy: $49.99
Toys R Us: $49.99

Amazon: $39.95
Walmart: $39.96
GameStop: $39.99
Target: $39.99
Kmart: $39.99
Best Buy: $39.99
Toys R Us: $39.99

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  1. Wow….look at UK’s list…That’s a lot of stores and they’re at different prices as well….
    Meanwhile…you look at boring, shutdowned US with their 7 stores with the same prices overall…

    1. I have nothing against Europeans or anyone non-American.

      …But do people like you honestly waste your time bagging on Americans? Surely there are better things to do.

      1. Come on, dude. Chill.
        It’s just a comment, which was pretty quick to do. I bet he lost as much time doing as you did scolding him :V
        I don’t think he said anything that bad, really.

      2. I am American and I was about to comment the same thing about how the uniformity of our game stores is pretty lame. The shutdown mention is a bit irrelevant to the point being made, but it’s not something anyone can or should defend either. It’s frankly embarrassing and I’ve never been more disappointed in my country. But hey, we still have free speech. So I say let him “bag on” us to his heart’s content.

  2. I plan to get both versions this time. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for me… and no, I am not checking on spoilers like I did for Pokemon.

  3. Whoa, $79.95 and $59.95 at EB games?! of course SLW costs the most there… Oh well, can’t wait to play it on Saturday! 😀

  4. Australia always get expensive. Well, the cheap ones in Australia are actually usually mostly UK imports, but the non-imports are expensive.

  5. Great list 🙂 Lets see how it stacks up to GTA and Pokemon (seriously.. everyone is talking about it..)

  6. That is a lot of retailers for the U.K. Now I understand why Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed’s street date was broken so easily up there. 😛

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