New Sonic Cartoon: “Sonic Boom,” Coming Late 2014

It’s been the subject of rumour for a few months now, it’s been hinted at in a magazine advert. But the rumors can finally be put to and end… It’s real!


Sega have announced a new Sonic Cartoon. No I am not kidding! This is real, there is a new Sonic cartoon in the works!

Currently going by the working title ‘Sonic Boom,’ the show will debut in the US on  Cartoon Network, then on CANAL J and GULLI in France at the end of 2014, with a global rollout to follow.

There will be a total of 52 eleven-minute episodes and it will be a co production between SEGA Of America Inc & Genao Productions.

In Sega’s own words…

Sonic Boom is a character-driven comedy that leaves a trail of robot wreckage in its smoldering wake. The series centers on Sonic, his best friend and sidekick, Tails, their never-ending search for adventure, and their battles with Sonic’s arch-nemesis, Dr. Eggman. Rounding out the ensemble are fan favorites Knuckles and Amy Rose, plus a rogue’s gallery of enemies—some familiar to Sonic fans and some brand-new.

As you can see, Tails, Knuckles, Amy & Eggman are confirmed, along with some new villain’s, as well as old? Hmmm…

Also in the press release was this segment which caught my attention…

SEGA is actively seeking partners in support of the new series launch across a range of industries including broadcast and licensing.

This would suggest that Sega are not only looking to expand the TV show into other territories, but also looking to create merchandise around it.

You can read the full press release at the Sega blog.

Now is the time to be excited.

Source: Sega Blog

Full press release is as follows.

Sonic the Hedgehog, the iconic video game character who has brought his trademark speed and attitude to four TV series and more than 70 video games, is returning to television in his first-ever CG animated series in the fall 2014. The action packed comedy series aimed at children 6-11 will debut first on Cartoon Network in the U.S. and on CANAL J and GULLI in France, with a global rollout to follow. The initial order of 52 eleven-minute episodes is co-produced by SEGA of America Inc. and Genao Productions.

Sonic Boom is a character-driven comedy that leaves a trail of robot wreckage in its smoldering wake. The series centers on Sonic, his best friend and sidekick, Tails, their never-ending search for adventure, and their battles with Sonic’s arch-nemesis, Dr. Eggman. Rounding out the ensemble are fan favorites Knuckles and Amy Rose, plus a rogue’s gallery of enemies—some familiar to Sonic fans and some brand-new.

Evan Baily, Donna Friedman Meir, and Jane McGregor, Executive Producers for SEGA, packaged the series, bringing together SEGA, Cartoon Network, and Genao Productions. Sandrine Nguyen and Boris Hertzog, Executive Producers for Genao, assembled a world-class lineup of partners in France, including broadcasters GULLI and CANAL J, Lagardere Entertainment Rights and Lagardère Active TV Licensing & New Business. Baily, Meir and Nguyen developed the series, and Hertzog and McGregor structured the financing and negotiated all the deals. Baily (formerly EVP of Production and Creative Affairs for Classic Media) and Co-Executive Producer Bill Freiberger (The Simpsons, Drawn Together) are showrunners. Takashi Iizuka, the head of Sonic Team and driving creative force behind the Sonic games, is overseeing the series to ensure that it’s true to the Sonic characters and universe.

“Sonic is the star of the SEGA universe and the stage is now set for him to shine like never before. By teaming up with world-class partners in television animation like Cartoon Network, Genao Productions and GULLI, we’re ensuring that the Sonic legacy will be introduced to a new generation of children across the globe,” said Hiroyuki Miyazaki, SEGA’s Chief Content Officer for Sonic.

“We wanted to strengthen our TV channels’ editorial content with strong brands. This is our new objective. Sonic is an enormously popular and unique character with all the qualities of an animation series’ great hero—humor, bravery, loyalty, inventiveness. We are extremely proud to welcome him across our kids and family channels at Lagardère Active and will activate across these channels to raise awareness and excitement for the new series,” said Caroline Cochaux, Head of Programs, Kids & Family Channels, Lagardère Active.

“Genao is thrilled to collaborate with SEGA on this amazing project and embark on new adventures with the fastest hedgehog in the world. It is so exciting to work on such a world-class brand,” said Sandrine Nguyen, Managing Director of Genao.

Emmanuelle Bouilhaguet, Managing Director of Lagardere Entertainment Rights added “It is an amazing experience to be associated to such a powerful property with professional partners. International broadcasters are seeking for strong comedy and franchise based series and Sonic Boom is the perfect fit!”

“On the New Business & Licensing Side, we are proud and excited to handle the representation of Sonic which counts among the leading characters loved by kids. Thanks to our 360° platform which includes Digital Activities, Magazines, Indoor Parks, Grass Root events, we will push Sonic and the Consumer Products to a new level,” said Benoit Roque, Head of Lagardere Active TV Licensing & New Business.

SEGA is actively seeking partners in support of the new series launch across a range of industries including broadcast and licensing. In terms of television and digital distribution, Lagardere Entertainment Rights holds worldwide rights excluding the U.S. and Asia (but including Japan); SEGA Corporation will manage Asia (excluding Japan); Baily, Meir and McGregor will manage the US through McGregor’s company Jane McGregor, Inc. Licensing support will be spearheaded by Lagardère Active TV Licensing & New Business in France and SEGA in all other territories.

Sonic the Hedgehog first appeared as a videogame character in June 1991 and instantly became an icon for a generation of gamers. Defined by his super-fast speed and cool attitude, in the years since he first raced on to videogame consoles Sonic has become a true global phenomenon with over 140 million videogames sold or downloaded worldwide across consoles, PC’s, mobile phones and tablets. SEGA’s iconic blue blur has also gone on to enjoy incredible success in many licensed areas, such as toys, apparel, comics and animation. This year SEGA announced an exciting three title exclusive partnership with Nintendo for the Sonic the Hedgehog videogame franchise. The highly anticipated Sonic Lost World™ will be the first title to launch under this agreement and will be available in stores later this year for Wii U™ and Nintendo 3DS™ platforms.

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    1. Seems like that fan movie was just ahead of the curve. Everyone mocked them, but now Fingers the Echidna will reign supreme.

    2. I’d take it he isn’t wearing his gloves. Remember in Issue #25 of Knuckles The Echidna from Archie Comics? Knuckles took off his gloves to find out the he had real spikes on his Knuckles, thinking that all the members of the Brotherhood had them. It shows the Knuckles has full thumbs and fingers. As to why he is seen here in this photo with out his gloves on is beyond me.

  1. 11 minute classic cartoon style short episodes? I like that. Also sweet damn Knuckles, he’s jacked!

    I feel that this will be closely related to fleetway style shown in Sonic’s quills. But CG holy crap! It’s the DK animated series all over again! Now that’s awesome! Cannot wait for more.

        1. This might not be what they finally look like. But even so, who cares? It might be good.

          1. Anyone who doesn’t want Knuckles to be turned anymore into a cliche than he already has…

            The only way I can see Knuckles being designed like that is a parody.

            You see why no one cared about the name changes and shape-shifting designs of characters, particularly Knuckles, in Hedgehog the Sonic aka Sonic’s Adventure (animated version)???


      1. “Takashi Iizuka, the head of Sonic Team and driving creative force behind the Sonic games, is overseeing the series to ensure that it’s true to the Sonic characters and universe.”
        😐 Interesting.

  2. Tails and Amy are the ones that look atomically correct compared to the games. Sonic’s probably gonna look like his initial concept art from when they first created him. But Knuckles…. dayum that echidna is on riods. Or egoraptor was the one who drew him. xD

  3. This is interesting,but I’m kind of curious about Amy’s design if you noticed the shadow. We’ll just wait and see.

    1. She looks perfect to me- wait- I just checked. Is Amy not wearing her usual short skirt?! WAIT! IS SONIC WEARING A COAT?!?! WHAT ON EARTH?! “Takashi Iizuka, the head of Sonic Team and driving creative force behind the Sonic games, is overseeing the series to ensure that it’s true to the Sonic characters and universe.” Yeah right! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE! I don’t have to mention Knuckles though, everyone saw that easily.

      1. You’re right about Knuckles. I just noticed that Sonic,and Tails are wearing a coat,but I do wonder about Amy. I hope they don’t keep her style the same,unless I’m missing something. We’ll just have to wait,and see.

        1. I think some people actually confused knuckles’ jacket for his muscles
          He did get taller though and I think he has pants on (cause knuckles wears the pants around here lol)
          Amy might be wearing a ummmm
          I don’t even know
          But I can see that sonic and tails have jackets on

          1. You don’t even know if that’s a jacket… and even if it is why would he be wearing one? And even if he IS (again) why is it thin around the wrists? What’s with the fingers? Why aren’t there more indications that it’s a jacket? Why are his shoulders so broad? Why’s he so tall?

            Too much adds up that even if it is a jacket… he’s screwed.

            As for Amy she looks the same. Her hands block the shape of the skirt edges and we can’t tell if she has boots still or not.

  4. …CG? It better be good then – some shows have CG and only look sub-par. I just hope that the show isn’t too…how do I put this? “Baby-ish”. XD

    And I’m a bit worried about Knuckles’s design – why is he suddenly gargantuan with fingers? And what’s the deal with Sonic’s quills? And it looks like he’s wearing a jacket/vest from that silhouette. O_o

    1. You mean like all the CGI shows on Nickelodeon? Yeah, I see what you mean. I noticed it when I watched Kung Fu Panda 2 then I watched the television sereies on Nickelodeon, and I saw a huge drop in the quality of the CGI.
      I noticed the jacket and stuff too.

    2. I see what you’re hoping for, but I think this show is doomed from the get go with the premise.

  5. Very interesting. I’m trying to stay calm but with something new like this, I guess I can’t help but get excited 🙂

  6. This kinda makes me wonder if the character designs in future games will be changed to match the show. Otherwise kids who watch the show may be confused/disappointed with the games.

    6-year old kid: Wow this cawtoon is pwetty cool! Mommy can I get a Sawnick game pwease?
    Mom: Sure Timmy, here you go!
    Kid: Hooway!
    *kid turns on game*
    Kid: Yay, it’s Sawn… wait… why is Nuckoos short and skinny? And Sawnick’s haiwstyle is compwetwey diffewewnt! I hate this!
    *kid pulls out game disc and shatters it on the ground*

    1. *Can’t type because I’m laughing too hard* It is like the comics all over again, except now, when the comics are finally changing in order to be more similar to the games, the cartoon comes to create the problem all over again!

  7. Sega has stated that the current cast in the games is gonna be voicing this.

    Oh great. We’ll be hearing way more of Minnie Rose.

      1. You better hope she got better. Lisa Ortiz was perfect! This new voice actor really needs to step up her game.

  8. Soooo the rumor from the MLP convention was true. And surprisingly Cartoon Network here in the U.S. is going to air it? I hope it doesn’t get shafted with the toyetic Saturday morning shows it has.

    1. Yeah, Sonic looks like how Eddie THOUGHT Sonic looked in the fan film… and likewise, Knuckles has fingers, lost his gloves, and is a mean *bean* machine. However, I do think I’ll watch this, just to see what it’s like. I’m excited about this peculiar adaptation, and scared at the same time. I hope it doesn’t end up like the Pac-Man show on Disney XD. Plus, I guess this is another reason to watch Cartoon Network more. I don’t mean to judge the whole show based on their simple shadows…

      Also, is this supposed to be Green Hill Zone in the background? All this makes me wonder how Eggman will look.

      1. To PacMan and the Ghostly Adventure’s credit, the animation in that show is beautiful. Stories suck, but the animators know what they’re doing. If this end up going down the same path (which I’m fearing it will), we can assume at least the cg will be top notch. And, moreover, Sonic’s version of “bad story” and “bad writing” are at least still enjoyable from a satirical standpoint.

        1. Well, despite the… questionable design choices, by the shadows anyway, the show seems like it will probably be very well-animated. This image looks very nice if this is actually how the CG will look. I will agree, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures does contain good animation despite everything else not being my fancy.

          I wonder why this official TV show is one of the few to change Sonic’s design, along with his friends, now that I think about it. I mean, even Archie kept the designs in tact.

    2. When SEGA spent all their budget acquiring Atlus, that’s when.

      Now if you excuse I need to lie down, I need to recover from my brain aneurism…….

  9. These designs all look off, Big the Echidna there being just the most notable. Why the heck couldn’t they just ship this studio the models they’re using in the games?

  10. im so excited and i cannot hide it!

    but i hope that is fan art above because knuckles already looks weird…

  11. Here’s my reaction:

    *Sees headline* *GLEEFUL GASP OF EXCITEMENT*
    *sees “The action packed comedy series aimed at children 6-11″*

    And all that excitement flew right out the window. When will Sega (as well as most other cartoon companies) learn to go back to the cartoons of the 80s and 90s? Back then it was more than kiddy cartoon gags, there were serious cartoons full of action and drama. Sega needs to learn to cater to the older crowd, which still makes up a large portion of the fanbase, the people who grew up with Sonic. I feel we’ll never see the hardcore Sonic again, and this saddens me deeply. the SatAM cartoons are still, to this day, one of my favorite cartoon shows, but it seems I’m just going to be stuck with a Sonic full of corny writing and a Robotnik whose a bumbling idiot.

    I’ll give the show a chance of course; it’s still possible it’ll be good, we have no way of knowing yet. But considering the age demographic, I’m not getting my hopes up…at all.

    1. Ya do realize that many 80s and 90s cartoons were based on toy lines, and were aimed at kids right?

      1. Yes and no, most cartoons in the 80s and 90s were classified as kids shows but they had adult content , some amazing storylines and great stuff, aka Batman the animated series, Animaniacs etc, In fact alot of parents would wanna watch the cartoons in the 80s and 90s more then the kids them selfs. Cartoons in this day an age just seem to be coming off as nothing but lazy writing and comedies, with some shows having plots centred around jokes instead of having a plotline.

        1. or it could be Ben 10: Omniverse, which throws away all the progress made in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien to appeal to the original Ben 10’s fanbase.

    2. Maybe it will end up like friendship is magic; where it starts out as a kids’s show but then the writing and animation turn out so good the older audience becomes the main demographic.

      1. Considering Segas track record for writing in recent games and shows, which are nothing but corny jokes and dull slapstick, I highly doubt they have the ability to do that.

  12. ‘oh no it’s aimed at 6-11 year olds it’s gonna suck’

    I’m so pumped!! super-buff knuckles looks a little weird but hey if they’re going to keep writing the same way the games are going who cares!

    1. Play Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic 06, Sonic Battle, the Storybook series, watch Sonic the Movie, the Japanese version of Sonic X, hell even SatAM (that and the Adventure era was the most threatening and evil Robotnik ever was before Mike Pollock took over, not that it’s his acting, but Eggman’s been written as more of a comical villain since Sonic X), and read the comics (Archie AND Fleetway). Before Colors/Colours, Sonic has always been all ages at best. Comparable to the maturity level of Pixar’s The Incredibles (family-friendly, but real violence and death (even genocide) is seen or at least implied). Before Colors, I used to think of Sonic as a superhero. Now he just seems like Mickey Mouse with superpowers. (But even Mickey is a main character in the all-ages-but-mostly-adored-by-teens-and-adults Kingdom Hearts series, so I take HIM more seriously.) This show is going to be a comedy for 1st graders: I honestly cannot support this.

  13. Looks like CN actually enjoyed the Fan Film, so Knuckles has fingers. And I’m sure Sonic’s face will look like a monkey as well. T_T

  14. Gah, did it have to be a comedy? 🙂 Oh well, look forward to the first screening of the pilot episode @ Sonic Boom 2014.. what if there’s a Comic-Con panel for this? o_o

    1. Hopefully it will be MLP style comedy, which sticks around for only as long as it is needed, but still leaves room for good story and plot.

        1. Or it could mean we’re onto something. Heck, as childish as MLP is, it’s pretty darn good. And Sonic won’t receive the girly stereotyping either.

    1. If there’s a big enough disparity, it’ll be tormented more mercilessly that it normally would have.

  15. At first I was like “wow cool!”
    Then I saw Knuckles… I thought it was Vector at first, are they kidding?

  16. I hope to god this isn’t going to be like My Little Pony or Teen Titans Go. The last thing we need is a neo-wave of Sonic-Bronies dragging the Sonic Fanbase even farther down than it already is.

    1. Okay, I’m sorry but that is a terrible way to look at this. If someone becomes a fan of Sonic through this new series, it doesn’t make them any less of a fan than anyone else. Heck I discovered Sonic through Sonic X, despite how much everyone loathes the cartoon. A new wave of fans won’t bring down the fanbase, narrow-minded thinking like this will.

    2. I think I am one of the only few who doesn’t particularly “hate” Teen Titans Go!. Sure, it completely neuters the past series… but I honestly find it as a guilty pleasure, because I chuckle at a bit of their jokes, and have come to appreciate the animation. This is my opinion, but I figured to share it here. Eh. Maybe I should butt out of things… but I honestly doubt this show will form brony wars… or anything like that. I mean, the new TMNT has gotten a fanbase lately, but that didn’t stop it, did it?

      1. I never said anything about Sonic regaining popularity through this. Considering the dip in sales since Unleashed, that would probably be a good thing. If it turns into the sort of MLP/TTG move though, knowing Sega, they’d probably throw that into the games.

        Also Bronies, like anyone else, aren’t above criticism.

        1. Do you even realize how old the whole “make fun of Bronies” thing has gotten? Seriously, there is nothing wrong with new fan bases. The more fans and diversity, the better. And as a Brony who hasn’t bothered anybody, I find that rather offensive. Bronies and Sonic fans had already integrated together before this show was even announced. True, Bronies, like every other fan base out there (ESPECIALLY the Sonic fan base), are not above criticism, but to use it as the worst possible example is very narrow minded. It’s thinking like that that got the entire Sonic fan base into war with itself. If this becomes like MLP and the Bronies, I’ll be glad, because then it will be formed by people who love and appreciate the show, not people who constantly rant and criticize every single insignificant detail about it (again, much like THIS fan base).

          Also, for the record, I love Teen Titans Go, I just don’t take it as seriously as I do the original show. People just have to know how to separate their feelings for particular aspects of diverse franchises.

          1. What I said was the first thing that came to mind taking in:
            1.Sonic Show
            3.Cartoon Network
            and all of that.

            If you aren’t that kind of Brony, then there’s no need for you to get all offended by my comment. And as long as Bronies are relevant, I don’t think it’s “old”.

            I’m not actually bothered by the idea of a re-interpretation of the Sonic series. I just liked Sonic better as a comicbook-style superhero than a silly cartoon superhero. The idea of Sega overseeing a show meant to appeal to young children in this day and age does bother me to a certain extent. Whenever Sega does something, I always assume the worst, given their track record. So on the topic of a Sonic show being announced, I automatically assume it’s just going to be a lazy dump of the worst cultural references and internet memes instead of actual….writing?

            Idk. Also I have plenty of Brony and Clopper friends, I’m not just sitting here making fun of them because they’re popular on the internet without knowing anything about them. Lol.

    3. Wow way to bring unnecessary hate into this.
      You know there’s no such thing as a perfect fanbase, right? The annoying bronies are in the minority, they’re just so vocal everybody only pays attention to them (or the people that take the obsession that touch too far).
      As for Teen Titans Go! it’s rare I even see a TTG fan so I have no idea what you’re talking about with that one.

      1. Since when did this comment section became a brony vs hater agurment zone. Why can’t people like multiple things. I’m both a fan of Sonic and a Brony among other things. (Just saying)

    4. At least MLP tries to have a well written plot (I’m no brony). Teen Titans Go, I can agree with you there. I refuse to watch that show for a reason.

  17. I was hoping for a 2D cell (Eg Young Justice) or flash (Eg MLP FIM but Shhhh) instead of 3D CGI and 20 min run time rather than 10 min run time and more action than comedy. Oh well! We can’t all ways have our own way. I will give it a shot though. One more thing! I wounder if Archie will make a comic book based on it like they did with Sonic X years ago.

  18. Here’s hoping for a Halloween episode with Werehog Sonic! …W-what are you doing with those torches and pitchforks?

  19. I’m scared about how the redesign goes, but as long as Sonic’s face looks similar and his shoes look the same. (And that this isn’t an official redesign for games too) I’ll be happy c:

  20. Aimed at 6-11 year olds. pfftttt i’m sure people in their 20’s will be watching this 😉

    1. Yeah, everyone’s hating on Knux’s buff look, but honestly, this is a nice change from the generic ‘game’ style Sonic. Not that it’s bad, but a reboot TV show should have rebooted characters too. As long as personalities are ABOUT the same as in Unleashed (and Heroes for the characters that weren’t in that) then I’ll be a happy hedgehog.

  21. So it IS true! But, oh lord, I hope that’s just fan art and that isn’t how it actually how it looks. Jesus, look at Knuckles and Sonic. Horrifying.

  22. Ugh. I don’t like the sound of this. This should be an action show, not a series of comedic 3d shorts. And from those shadows, the character designs look dreadful. Either SoA didn’t learn anything in all these years, or they have a thing for licensing out awful Sonic cartoons that feel like they were produced by people on crack. They should leave SoJ in charge of the Sonic cartoons and stop embarrassing themselves. Not that Sonic X and the OVAs were amazing, but at least the characters actually looked and behaved like they’re supposed to in them, and Sonic X was extremely faithful to the source material, which makes it a step in the right direction.

      1. Then I guess this will be where we can truly judge his sense of judgement. Only time (and an Internet full of easily irritated people) will tell.

  23. Don’t get overworked about these designs, guys, I’m pretty sure these are just prototypes, and SEGA DID say it is a work in progress.

    1. I pray you’re right, is it just me or does it look like Sonic is wearing a jacket or something?

  24. a new sonic cartoon cool mm i wonder what progerm are they gonna put maybe they might put it on channel 6 maybe or something else so this is what sega is working on for the past few months.

  25. All character silhouettes look wrong, not only knucks. Is Sonic wearing a jacket? What hapenned to his spikes and proportions? What are those Tails gloves? Is Amy naked?

    It just looks like bad fan art.
    Looks terrible.

  26. Basing from the shadows…
    Tails looks normal
    Sonic looks like he’s gonna be transformed into a hipster with a vest
    Amy looks a bit normal as well, although he dress not being there is off putting.
    *sigh*…..Knuckles, what have they done to you…I know you’re the new porcupine on the block with the buff chest, out the wilderness, with the ruggedness. But this is just truly going overboard.
    I really hope Sega didn’t really approve to these designs….

  27. I really hope this will be what Friendship is Magic has been to My Little Pony, and not just another Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog with Amy and Knuckles in it.

  28. *Blinks, opens mouth, shuts mouth, and thinks*

    …If it’s only for the show, that’s fine. Especially if they get Knuckles to be voiced by Arnold, because with how buff he is @.@

    Just don’t redesign the entire cast. Sonic’s look is iconic now. It doesn’t need to be changed. This surely isn’t related to that rumor years ago about a Sega IP getting a “brand new redesign”, because that was, well, years ago… ._.’

    1. I hope it doesn’t turn out like Pac-Man, where they took the TV show and made that the in-game canon and universe. If that would be the case though, I wonder how all the fans would react to a new era of Sonic. Iizuka apparently is in full support of this TV series… but honestly, I am lacking a bit of faith in Iizuka’s planned direction towards Sonic… to my knowledge anyway. But, who knows? Maybe the show will be good despite the possibility of odd character designs. Everyone is questioning Knuckles, and I’m wondering why Amy doesn’t put some clothes on. XD

      1. this won’t be like pac man. pac man was dead and was brought back by that cartoon. sonic is going strong and this will help. he’s not in high school like pac man so there will be robot blasting action and a bit of comedy and by that i guess they mean the type of humor that has been in recent sonic games like colors and generations. i can’t see it as being as bad as pac man. as for the designs, i think we’ll have to judge when we see the actual models. if izuka is behind this and sega of america i am sure they will do their best to make it accurate and not sucky

        1. I do suppose you’re right. Who knows? Maybe some may even like new designs if they go through. Some, I say… as I am sure it’d be an odd change to others, especially if they apply it to the video games.

  29. Looks like their in like a “caveman” type look…

    EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH on all of this…

  30. sega knows what there doing but they are doing good with these but one of the people going over to cartoon network CA and have a talk about this new show but also this is so obvious that sega trying to make the characters look better i mean look at knuckles he has trapeze biceps and he almost have a 10 pack i mean look at him guys and also i don’t know about amy because i don’t even care much about her and also tails looks the same as before from the 4 previous sonic games but still looks the same and also sonic is almost looks like a werehog from sonic unleashed but i can’t tell about his design.

  31. And this is going on CN too?


    You see what they did to Young Justice and Green Lantern.

  32. If this is a redesign for the show, then cool. If they expect to change an icon that much, then they may have finally found a design both modern and classic sonic fans hate equally.way to unify your fans Sega.

  33. What? Sonic in a jacket? Oooooh for the for the cartoon’s own sake I hope that changes. Last I checked Penders owns the right to “evil Sonic” and seeing how “evil Sonic” is just Sonic with a leather jacket and sunglasses… Yeah…

    As for the other characters… Well I can’t say anything that’s not already been said about poor Knux but Amy and Tails look all right from their silhouettes. It almost looks as though Amy might be in her Rosy the Rascal outfit. Would be neat if she is, I sorta like that look over her current red dress.

      1. He’s called Scourge now but originally he was just Evil Sonic. In fact I believe it’s likely because of Penders that Evil Sonic got a design change and name change. That or it could be that Ian just figured that Evil Sonic wasn’t a very strong character design wise and needed to be updated for him to stand out. So, now he’s green, has some scars and is called Scourge.

  34. If this turns out half as good as Riders/Defenders of Berk then this will be awesome. I’m going with the theory that these are early designs, so there’s no need to panic yet. Anyone have any suggestions on other characters to appear in the show? I call Blaze!

  35. Also, glancing at the image during the day, I have to wonder. Is that actually Knuckles or a new character altogether?

    Not that the idea of a tall Knuckles is mind-numbing or anything, but the shape of the head and everything look weird.

  36. so…I don’t know why Knuckles has to be so jacked, but I’m really not that concerned.
    I just want to know who the enemies are.
    Like, if they bring back old ones, who would they be?
    I hope that if Shadow appears in this show he won’t be made an enemy.

    1. Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures stands a better chance on Disney XD, than Sonic does on Cartoon Network. Honestly, they weren’t satisfied with Pokemon and their own shows, so now they have to screw with Sonic. The only show that hasn’t fallen into their own brand of stupidity is Dragons: Riders/Defenders of Berk.

  37. I’ve never had so many mixed feelings for anything before. “New Sonic carton” just sounds soooo right. But that image, just looks wrong. But who can really say now, having to wait and see is the only option. Dang, this is such a mindfuck.

  38. I always had a vision of a Sonic show on Cartoon Network.
    I never thought it would fall to the sad trend of being an eleven-minute-episode-ed show. I’m guessing, since it’s Cartoon Network, there will not be a cool theme song, and if there is one, it will drastically be shortened to just a title drop. Don’t knpw if you guys in the UK have the same problem with the CN, but it sucks over here nowadays.
    (These buttplugs seriously couldn’t spare a full length TV show for Sonic the freakin’ Hedgehog?)

  39. This is a Sonic reskin of Adventure Time. Both same one time and both have a similar story. Replace Fine and Jake with Sonic and Tails. Replace Ice King with Eggman and replace princess Bubblegum with Amy. That’s how i partly see it.

  40. Welp, time to get annoyed by kids who watch CN here >.>. I hope to god they wont make a dutch dub, the voices here suck nowadays. And they better not use these designs for the offical games.

  41. Oh my… what have they done to Knuckles?? I’m affraid it will be awful as the fan film…

  42. If that’s what the characters are going to look like, I’m not watching it. And if it’s like Adventure Time, I’m not watching it. That’s just… no. No. No way, absolutely not, NO. I would rather watch 500 hours of Sonic Underground…

    1. You’d rather watch Sonic Underground than an animated series that is trippy, fun, silly and still manages to have a complex backstory and character depth not often found in children’s animated series? Suit yourself. But seriously, this upcoming Sonic series can’t be any WORSE than Underground, so I am cautiously optimistic. (Knuckles design is striking a small amount of fear though…)

      1. For the record, I happen to like Sonic Underground. As an alternate universe, it was pretty cool in my book. So while it would be great if the show turned out to be something that everyone can enjoy, realistically, some people are going to hate it even if most people like it, and some people will like it even when most people hate it. Just keep in mind that, while our individual opinions matter, any of us (myself included) could be in the minority.

        1. No, no, you’re right. After all, we’re in the age where new stuff isn’t tolerable anymore, and this “version” may hurt the franchise even more (god forbid if these design carry on to future games), as well as chances for another series (a sequel to Sonic X without Chris Thorndyke, with Sonic world adventures based on other video game titles after Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Battle, appearances of Metal Sonic, Silver, Omega, Blaze, Marine, Chip, and the older Sonic characters).

  43. The fact is that the majority of people have reacted the same without even consulting each other. Knuckles looks like he’s on Steroids. I mean Sonic changed too and I don’t exactly like it but I could live with it. But Knuckles definitely gets everyone’s attention. Even if you’re okay with that… a lot of people obviously aren’t, and that alone is a reason to change it. Otherwise what’s the point of making the show if many people are going to be distracted by something they obviously don’t like?

  44. You know what, it does look an awful lot like Knux is wearing a jacket. But his anatomy is still very different even with it. Here’s to hoping his height and limbs are exaggerated for the “extreme cartoony” effect of the animation style which will probably be wacky. Given that they’ll be 11-minute short episodes, it seems like it’ll just be Sonic and his mischievous crew getting into trouble. I can see the highschool concept happening too. Eggman will probably be the principal… ughh… I don’t think I’ll like the show very much but can’t tell til they actually reveal more about it. But it’s definitely not working so far…

    I wish you creators of the show all the luck making this enjoyable…

  45. Well I can only wish the best of luck with this. Also I’m glad that 4Kids isn’t doing this, but then again 4Kids is no more.

  46. If they go for a more stylised look or just something a bit different, I’m definitely looking forward to that. There’s nothing wrong with taking a different artist direction once in a while.

    1. Depends on the direction. Think of the list of cliches Knuckles used to not have that he now does. lol

      It’d be like if they made Sonic purple, gave him a British accent and made HIM buff. Or worst of all.. gave him a chin. lol

  47. I litteraly Dreamed of this and made it up but I never believed it would come true I haven’t been this excited in along time… I screemed and started to cry and ran around my house I cant express my extatic feelings for this!!!!! XD

  48. I went to the Sonic News Network and it turns out,Knux is 4′ taller than Sonic. Now,’bout those muscles…

  49. MINDFUCK! Were SEGA smoking crack when they designed the characters? OMFG my childhood just got ruined……….. again. (Sonic 06 was bad enough) Though I gotta say I like what they’ve done to knuckles. About time they made him look like the BAMF he already is.

  50. Cartoon Network knows good and well that they suck nowadays, so now they’re trying to get their hands on the hedgehog. I just hope that beefy shadow in the promo pic isn’t Knuckles. And lord knows how low CN will sink to viciously flanderize them.

  51. is the other charactors gonna be in this like SHADOW?other charactors fans want other people 2.btw y does sonic look like that?!

  52. Definite mixed feelings on this one, especially the fact that it will only be 11 minutes long and is targeted to 6-11 year olds. Cartoon network has its ups (Regular Show, Adventure Time) and its downs (that new show “Uncle Grandpa” ugh) so who knows. I personally wouldn’t mind a show based on the main Archie Sonic series.

  53. Excited for this!!! Hopefully Tails isn’t voiced by a girl this time like he was in Sonic X. Knuckles figure doesn’t really bug me, but it does leave me curious to what it looks like. Also excited for the shorts mentioned above. Glad they’re adding variety!

  54. Can you make the TV show come out in Canada please!!!!!!!! Because I am a HUGE!!!! Sonic fan girl and I would love if you could make the Cartoon come out in Canada because I would love that!!!!. Okay thanks bye.

  55. I saw. I hope that their designs will be only used for the series and not for the games like Looney Tunes for The Looney Tunes Show and Mickey Mouse in 2013 cartoons.

  56. christ on a cracker knuckles wtf is up with you it looks like he’s on steriods jfc
    sonic has a weird brow and is he wearing some sort of jacket?
    amy has reaaally skinny legs, but what looks like a new dress.
    and tails, he looks somewhat normal.
    still, this will be cool i guess. im just glad 4kids isn’t here to ruin anymore like what they did to Sonic X.

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