“Many” current VAs to be involved with Sonic Boom


UPDATE: The article has now been updated to avoid any confusion – while “many” of the current cast will reprise their roles for Sonic Boom, not necessarily all will. We do not know any specific cast members involved with the project at the time of writing.

Yesterday’s announcement of Sonic Boom – a new CG animated Sonic cartoon set for launch in 2014 – has been one that’s definitely turned a few heads, and indeed raised a few eyebrows. While the prospect of seeing our favourite spiky blue hero back on our TV screens is no doubt an exciting one, some of the apparent changes to the designs of the characters have left some fans… dubious, to say the least.

Well, while it does appear we’ll be getting a new-look Sonic (and especially a new-look Knuckles) for the cartoon, one thing we can now confirm to be staying the same is a number of the voice actors. SEGA posted the following comment on the Sonic Facebook page:

We are pleased and excited that many of the voice actors used in game for Sonic and friends will also be voicing the TV animation.

Seemingly in support of this, both Roger Craig Smith and Mike Pollock posted links to the Sonic Boom announcement yesterday via their respective social media outlets, which suggests that they may have some involvement with the project. However, no specifics have been given regarding who will reprise their roles and who will not.

So, just like Sonic X, there will be some consistency in the voice actors between the games and the cartoon. Are you pleased to hear this news? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook page

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    1. So, Mr Pollock, is this hinting that the information in the article is incorrect (i.e. not all the voice actors from the games will be in the show)?

    2. That is my favorite moment from the show! ๐Ÿ˜€ I hope it does mean that not all voice actors from the games will be coming over. (The bigger chance of getting a better Amy Rose voice actor, the better. That is, if the current one hasn’t improved. If she has improved, than by all means, put her on the show.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Yaaay! I love the current voice actors, so this is good news for me! Although I still think there’s room for improvement with Amy. X)

    1. So I’m guessing you’re not in it then Mike? That’s such a shame. Out of all of the current and past voice Actors, you’ve always been my favorite.

          1. He’s saying he either will be in the show or he won’t be. Which is pretty much what we already know. What we don’t know is IF he will be or won’t be. And that’s all we’re GOING to know until they officially reveal it, but until then people are just speculating.

        1. OMG R u the knuckles who played in sonic x! YOUR MY FAVORITE VOICE ACTOR AS KNUX :3! Can you tell Sega to CHANGE amy’s voice and conviince them to bring LISA ORTIZ BACK D:! PLZZZ I MISS HER! SHE WAS THE BEST VOICE ACTOR AS AMY! The girl who plays as amy now is HORRIBLE! Its like Minnie MOUSE!

        1. I see. Well,the only one out of the silhouettes that worries me is Amy. I can’t quite tell much based on that,but I hope SEGA didn’t make a mistake on the show for her design.

    1. I love Jaleel White. It would be a dream if he came back. I think Roger Craig Smith would be great too. So would Drumond and Griffith, I guess I like all the Sonic voice actors, but Jaleel’s the best.

    1. Well it’s very possible that many but not all of the characters from the games are in the show and that all the ones who ARE in the show do have the same VA’s from the games, which would still just be “most of the VA’s from the games”.

      It’s not to say that some of them might actually be different but it is still a possibility after all. We’ll find out soon enough. o3o

  2. Anyone else think that pic could be from a prehistoric themed episode? Green Hills looks way too selvatic Knuckles looks like he could be a caveman and Sonic haris looks more spiky, also it looks like he’s wearing a caveman robe.

    1. Yeah, and Tails is holding a wrench … oh. So much for that theory. Honestly, even if they end up wearing clothes, that might turn out okay. I can just picture them getting a visit from Archie Sonic and freaking out that he’s naked.

  3. I don’t care what anyone says. The current VA’s are by far the best one’s for the Sonic series.

    1. I didn’t have a single problem with the 4kids voice actors. They were all perfect in my opinion. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  4. The majority of them are. Some were definitely better in some of the iterations before. I think Shadow and Amy are subject to the most discussion on that. But I do think Vector and Knuckles’ voice were best in Heroes.

  5. Well, if any voice actors are returning, I’m glad that Roger and Mike will be returning… the two greatest of them all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Who care about voice actors when we have Clothes wearing random number of spikes Sonic, Knuckles on Steroids, Slutty Amy, and.. regular ol’ tails.
    Seriously, fuck this shit.

    1. Who said Amy was a slut? And for Gosh sakes it’s just a development photo! How could you seriously, “fuck this shit.” when you haven’t even seen an official commercial for the show yet?! x-:

    2. You sound like Mariotahplumber… MTP, is that you? Maaaaaan, get outta here… XD

      1. Nah, that’s not him. If that was MTP, he would’ve called sonic “gay hentai spikes sonic” and knuckles “n-word knuckles”. Also every 3 or 4 words would be the f-word.

  7. They should hunt down the voice actor for Knuckles from Sonic Adventure 2. Get him on board with the project. I’ll let Knuckles have fingers if he sounds cool again and not like a powerful idiot.

  8. If you look closely, you can see that Knuckles isn’t beefed up, it’s the shadow of his dreadlocks.

    1. You should look again, the chest and arms are CLEARLY bigger than usual, he’s taller, and if it was his original design his dreads aren’t that big.

  9. If I had my say, keep Kate and Mike. For Sonic, use Yuri Lowenthal, for Knuckles, Nolan North, and for Amy, Stephanie Sheh. I have spoken, but if you want to know my other choices for other characters, I will speak again.

  10. You know, shadows aside, that background art looks really…..awesome.

    I wouldn’t mind if the next Sonic game after Lost World looked a little something like that.

  11. Well if the voice actors will be in, it will make it much better…still I dunno about this show…And I guess they are making Knuckles’ archie flesh knuckles cannon now? doesn’t surprises me if the Archie characters appear around soon too. *Sigh*

    1. Knuckles with no gloves makes it very awkward, bet the others wont have gloves either…they do look like cavemen. Just hope they know what they are doing, hopefully iron it out and give up on any radical idea. America has always made Sonic look like an idiot in TV shows. *sigh* no one cares about Sonic’s old cool self as seen in Sonic CD intro/outro and the OVA.

  12. I’m hoping by “many” that Minnie Rose will be replaced and Lise Ortiz will return as Amy.

    1. I always did really like Lisa, and so did a lot of other people. It’d be nice if she came back, but the odds are slim to none at this point.

  13. I really hate these new designs from what I can see, mostly because the designs being used in the games are perfect for me. I really hope they don’t transfer these too the games. Also I don’t like how kid targeted this show has to be, why not in the middle of younger fans and older fans, plus where Shadow. Though I would hate if he was redesigned, so maybe its best this way.

  14. I’m going to guess and say Knuckles & Amy are the most likely to have different voice actors, why? because Amy’s new VA has been mostly negative reception and Knuckles has a completely new design and when a design is changed that normally means a new voice.

  15. Mmm. I hope everyone keeps their jobs. I don’t want anyone to lose them, and they’re all a wonderful cast that’s only going to get better.

    Plus with Kirk voicing Shadow, I can now combine Sonic and Star Trek. Tee hee.

  16. I’m really concerned over the look of Knuckles and have questions about Sonic’s design. At least the scenery looks amazing but the character design is where it’s really at. Curious to see what other characters will appear and what kind of a storyline / plot will be used. I’d love to see Shadow make an appearance.

  17. Please Sega, not another recast for the characters. We’ve had too many over the years now, stick to the same lot whilst they’re still decent.

    Also, tell Amy’s voice actress to be normal and not try to do a Minnie Mouse impression. Especially if we’re going to hear Amy alot in this.

  18. I hope amy’s voice changes… ut i hope roger’s voice will stay when he plays as sonic! I REALLY HOPE That knuckles voice, tails voice, and sonics voice change but amy’s voice NEEDS To LEAVE! They NEED to change amy’s voice actor.

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