Start Ye Engines! Willemus Joins Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed

Well this came out of nowhere!


A new update for Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed just went live on the PC version of the game which includes a new character!

He’s called Willemus and he appears to be from Segas Rome 2: Total War, which is due for release later this year. It’s doubtful that this character will make it to the consoles since Rome 2 is a PC exclusive game, though it does make you wonder if any other Sega games will see inclusion into this game following so soon after Company Of Heroes’ General Winter.


Image Source: Infamous’Cynic

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  1. Jesus christ would they stop making these characters no one cares about and just tell us who we’re getting from the petitions?

    1. i agree, as nice as it is to represent seirees that are unknown of or even new ~ i just wanna play as my favourites.. the colourful ones we get attatched to..

      and enough with the PC exlusives!

    2. So what your saying is that noone cares about characters from two of the most critically acclaimed and unarguably most played rts games of all time?

      Totally makes sense.

      1. It makes perfect sense actually because the acclaim from those games comes from the strategy elements and the overall construction of the gameplay not the characters. The characters are generic, stock units. As a result they have no place in a game where you want a vivid array of interesting characters that, as characters, have a greater relevance in Sega’s history.

        1. You got me there i suppose. But its similar to the Wii Fit Trainer for the next Smash Brothers, the way I see it at least.

          The character itself is miniscule and irrelivent to the entire game, but the sheer fact that the games have done so well in terms of sales alone gives it plenty of reason to give hype/thanks in a game focused mainly on the allstar cast of characters for that company.

    3. You do realise that SEGA tells sumo what to put in the game right? Sumo has bugger all in the matter. Besides the Ancient Roman guy looks sweet.

    1. A russian in a tank and an Ancient Roman dude are bad update characters? Yeah O.K. dude.

  2. Who cares about the PC characters? What about the console ones? Where are our DlC? Why do PC gamers keep getting more and more and we get nothing? )

    1. *Shrugs*

      Because the PC version is the best version which also happens to be the easiest version to update?

      1. If you have a problem with your platform not getting regular free updates, feel free to complain to Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony. The charge developers money every time they want to update their game and they require them to jump through “quality assurance” hoops that can delay updates by months.

        And then when you get tired of them not listening to you, feel free to get a real gaming platform that isn’t ruled by dictators like the consoles are.

        The PC “master race” meme has never been an exaggeration, you know.

        1. If you don’t think the term ‘master race’ isn’t ridiculous the you might want to think about what it implies.

  3. seriously. i lost track of all these useless dlc characters nobody even cares about.

  4. Holy moley. The news “New free characters for a great game with more to come” is met with “boo this sucks.” Sorry Sumo hasn’t put in Hatsune Anime and Hank the Super Angel-Skunk your Sonic/Pepé Le Pew fancharacter yet, but this kind of reaction is ridiculous.

    1. its not that, its that we dont even know these characters and that they are out of the blue (not a pun).

      miku probabley wont make it because crypton and yamaha own her, not sega. (even if she did, then i want to see rin/len and luka in the way they did the TF2 characters).

    2. Yeah, we should so enjoy some random character from some boring-ass war game that not that many people know about.
      Btw, I don’t care about Hasturne Miku in there, I just want Blaze the Cat and Segata Sanshiro, two characters that should have been in there from the start.

      1. Not many people know about?

        It’s one of the best selling PC games out there with a huge following…

        What you don’t play it so nobody else does either? Thats it isn’t it?

    3. I just want the characters that were in the first they took out. It’s ridiculous that Virtua Fighter/Shenmue isn’t represented.

  5. Are you people really freaking out over sumo making a new character for this game? Like, really? It’s free new content, and you’re complaining it’s not fl studio with cyan hair or green balls man? I’m pretty sure Total War has a more solidified spot in Sega’s history compared to other suggested characters.

    This is a great addition to the game. It shows Sega’s great interest in both the PC crowd and the total war series. Willemus also says some pretty funny things in the game too. Good job Sumo!

  6. The reception here is a lot more harsh then I thought it would be. I guess I can understand being “disappointed” that it isn’t a character you know. But being outright angry that they took the time to include one at all seems at least a little off. Then again, if you’re not a PC owner, then you don’t have much of a reason to care who it is one way or another.

    That I can get legitamitely upset about. The fact that I can’t get any of these characters because I’m stuck with the 360 version. And that really shouldn’t be a problem.

    1. Console and handheld stuff can take a lot longer than PC stuff. Also Sumo is under SEGA’s thumb so Sumo basically does what SEGA says first before everything else.

  7. I should’ve seen this coming after that display at the SEGA arcade in San Diego

  8. Who the fuck is this and why should anyone care?

    Where are Ryo, Miku, Segata, Bayonetta and the others that we voted for?

    1. If you had bothered to check out what has been going you would have known that one 1) it’s to promote a very popular video game for the PC 2) the character comes in a FREE update not paid DLC 3) It’s easier to update than consoles and 4) SOL a.k.a Steve Lycett the head honcho of Sumo has stated that one of the Petition characters has been approved.

    1. I just bought the Sonic Hits Collection on steam.

      It comes with Generations, both Allstars games, Adventure 1/2, Sonic Cd, Sonic 1- 4 Episode 2, 3D Blast and Mean Bean Machine (I dont know why either) and all the dlc for those games.

      Its 30$. Just as much as Generations alone, and I dont think the sale ever ends.

  9. So… when do the characters from the petition start to come into the fray? And how about the consoles, eh? I guess this is great and all for the PC gamers, but… well, I wonder exactly who will play is this.. um.. guy. Sorry.

  10. Oh c’mon. How about some actual Sega characters like Sakura Shinguji from Sakura Wars?

    1. I agree on that the only character I would rather see and playable that deals with war is Sakura Shinguji from Sakura Wars. Makes me wish Sega of America or Japan was in charge making the next All-Stars game with characters from classic Western and Japanese SEGA titles.

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