New Sonic Lost World 3DS Screenshots Appear Online, New Wisps Revealed

Sonic Lost World 3DS Screenshots 22

Via Japanese magazine Famitsu, we have lots of new screenshots of the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Lost World. In this latest batch we see the Red Burst Wisp returns and we also are introduced to two new Wisp powers Grey Quake and Ivory Lightning. The Grey Quake Wisp sees Sonic transform into an iron ball which you move around with the gyro sensor of the 3DS. According to a rough Google translation, you can infinitely climb walls in this state and dive off of them to destroy enemies with the shock on landing, thus the name Grey Quake.

The Ivory Lightning Wisp gives Sonic the power to quickly ram enemies and obstacles in succession. A rough Google translation says Sonic will also be able to pass through wires in this state.

The Red Burst Wisp gives Sonic the same powers as in Sonic Colours for Nintendo DS. In this form, Sonic can fly/hop around in the air and charge blasts of energy to destroy surrounding enemies.

Check out all of the new screenshots below in our gallery.

Source: Famitsu (via Nintendo Insider)

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  1. Anyone else notice the timers in the screenshots go up to 16:00 minutes!!! And I thought the levels would be 2-5 minute trips.

    1. Not all the time, Desert Ruin was long when I played it at Summer of Sonic with the whole ball puzzle and all… The best time was 7 minutes and it did have the 10 minute limit

    2. Over 10 minutes single acts are overkill for Sonic (hell most games would be boring with over 15 mins long levels)
      Interested in seeing how they handle it though.

  2. Finally… more on the 3DS version. Frozen Factory seems to look a lot different on this version, almost like an “Ice Hill Zone” in ways. Also, we have two more Wisps.. hm. Interesting… I can definitely see Iizuka turning this new Wisp thing into something for main series Sonic games after this… also, it feels that many wisps are getting replaced in a way too. Eagle is essentially a better Hover Wisp, Asteroid is pretty much Void Wisp Mach 2.0, Quake sounds like a combination of Spike and Cube…. and oh hey look, Burst is returning. Of course, I am skeptical about both versions with areas I like and areas I am a tad iffy on, but I will say I’m super glad that we have new 3DS screenshots, as I plan to get both versions.

    Also, does anyone else get a Rock Pikmin vibe from Grey Quake? Or is that just me for playing Pikmin a lot?

    1. But also, now that I look at it, I’d like to not only point out that Windy Hill got its inevitable sunset act, but also due to the ice area’s remarkably similar look to Windy Hill, I could even guess it may not even be Frozen Factory, but just another Windy Hill act.

      1. I’d believe that theory, though the cynic in me is saying they’re just reusing graphics to save on effort and cartridge space. The background to the “Icy Hill” stage looks straight out of the picture of Lost Hex we got as a teaser image, though, so I’m leaning more towards it being Frozen Factory. But at least they’re using new gimmicks for it – the snowball and boarding screenshots certainly seem like it’ll at least play differently than Windy Hill.
        And yeah, Quake Wisp is a little too close to be a coincidence.

        1. God, I really hope that is not true. Dimps, please take your time with this… I think this version of Sonic Lost World looks great, and I really hope nothing is taken away from it too badly. Though, with the new gimmicks in this snowy area, (plus that last screenshot with gears and such) I’m sadly starting to think they may be doing exactly what you said. Mrn… Oh well.

          1. Thats not the case, the Wii U version will also have the same level design so you cant exactly say they’re reusing graphics =P

  3. The snowboard is back! Forget the levels, wisps and cutscenes, That snowboard right in the screenshots section, is bloody back! I’ve been dreaming for a snow level that introduces the classic snowboard (Sorry if i’m not that respective. I am excited for the game to release this year, but I’m happy to see the snowboard back)

    1. Unless you count snowboarding down asphalt roads or snowboarding on ruined city buildings. Or is Sonic just skateboarding without wheels?

  4. I feel like the 3DS Version’s Wisps are superior to the Wii U Wisps.
    Grey Quake> Magenta Beat
    Ivory Lightning> Orange Rocket
    Red Burst> Crimson Eagle
    IDK its just my opinion

  5. The more I look at this, the more I think Ivory Wisp is pretty much just a Cyan Wisp… In fact, I’m getting a bit unsettled by some recent news, regardless of how great the game looks so far. Again, I really hope that Iizuka doesn’t go through on making the Wisps a standard, because that would most likely mean there would be no more optional characters period. Plus, I sort of wanted them to be made into side creatures like Chao have been after Sonic Generations, or to never appear at all due to the logic of Sonic Colors’ ending. However, I will say some of the new wisps in this game look actually very fun to use, such as Crimson Eagle, and still Yellow Drill.

    1. It LOOKS like the Cyan Wisp but its not, it has a totally different gimmick at hand & since when did the Cyan Wisp have a shocking homing attack feature & could pass through electrical wires. Im not getting sarcastic or anything but yea.

      1. Whoops… I read it wrong. When I thought of “pass through electrical wires” I thought it was like, going through a cord line, sort of like the little stubs Cyan can go through. And I don’t think it’s a homing attack, I’m pretty sure it’s like some kind of quick surge forward like Cyan…. of course, only as I read it.

  6. Ivory Lightning: Pretty much Burst with a Homing Attack & an Electric Barrier effect.
    Grey Quake: Pink Spikes & Blue Cube in one power, epic as fuck.

  7. For me it has a stunning look .. Dimps is doing very well .. I think that Sonic is going to succeed with this new game

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