Steve Lycett: “We’re not done with ASRT yet”


The PC version of ASRT got an update a few hours ago, and brought with it a new character as well as a few changes and bug fixes to the game, and it was given away for free.

However, despite this, some people have decided to complain, which has prompted S0L to announce that development on ASRT is still going ahead and that the character they got approval for a few months back is not General Winter and that the game will be reciving more DLC in the future.

At both SSMB & the Sega forums, S0L has stated the following.

“no-one has said we’re done with the game. We’ve not forgot about the poll either. It’s not up to us who we add to the game, I’ve made this clear a number of times. […] I’ll leave you with one interesting tidbit. This isn’t the character I mentioned we’d got approval on either, that was definitely one of the poll topping ones.”

What does that mean? It means that General Winter has been added due to Sega’s takeover of Relic, he is not the final character/update to be added to ASRT. ASRT is still reciving support and that there is at least one more character in development and it’s one of the characters who were voted for by the fans several months ago.

Source: SSMB

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    1. LOL, I know it isn’t fair for the Sega fans but I agree with you, I would love to see Blaze being added to the game more than any other Sega character, but I think there enough Sonic characters already, maybe next time, or in a future Sonic Riders.

      1. Eh, not another Riders, not too fond of them, especaily after the last one. Besides, they could took out Big, why not replace with her? (not to say I hate Big) That and not a lot of the characters look really interesting. *looks at General White and Football Manager angrily*

  1. From the looks of it, maybe one more character is added to make the character select look neat. Or two more, if they decided to put the random bar completely. I would be surprised if they added 5 or 6 characters

  2. The poll’s final results:
    -Ryo Hazuki: 3379
    -Hatsune Miku: 3180
    -Segata Sanshiro: 2613
    -Vectorman: 1221
    -Bayonetta: 1215
    -Ristar: 1081
    -ToeJam & Earl: 1015
    -Billy Hatcher: 692
    -Axel Stone: 584
    -Blaze Fielding: 528
    -Phantom R: 473
    -Selvaria Bles: 458
    -Alis Landale: 452
    -Sakura Shinguuji: 369
    -Welkin Gunther: 367
    -Opa-Opa: 333
    -Ash: 332
    -Kazuma Kiryu: 308
    -Sketch Turner: 306
    -Arle Nadja: 305
    -The Chu Chus: 274
    -Space Harrier: 253
    -Bonanza Bros: 230
    -Spiral Knight: 184
    -Amitie: 162
    -Rag Rappy: 160
    -Ecco: 125
    -Jacky Bryant: 119

    Knowing Sumo lately, I’m gonna take a guess and say… Miku will be added?

    1. Hey, Nack the weasel/Fang the Sniper was a bonus one, and was right behind Billy at 619 aignatures

      1. Woah, really? More people would rather see Billy Hatcher than Fang? What a shock to me.

        1. HE was only in the competition late, and only had 5 days while Billy Hatcher had the entire competition, so comparatively he did really well, and was still climbing when the competition ended had he had the entire time he proably would have made it

    2. Oh yeah, Bayonetta was a list topper. When I first heard this was the final list I thought for sure if anyone was added it would be Ryo since they had so many assets for him already from the first game, but now having seen Nintendo’s E3 coverage and remembering Bayonetta 2 is being made I feel pretty confident in my prediction that she’s the approved character. It’s too good a cross promotional opportunity that none of the other characters could take advantage of.

      Except Miku. I guess Miku also has a game coming to America soon. I doubt it’s her though because it seems like that’d be legally more difficult. She’s still second most likely in my mind because of that though. There’s also the fact I remember Sumo had some difficulties finding female characters to add to balance out the roster and there’s 2 here. After her in order of likeliness is Ryo, Segata, and Vectorman. I don’t really think anyone else on there has a shot.

      1. Out of all these, the one I’d LIKE to be playable is Ristar… (though due to the fact that he is a flagman, I doubt it here) but I believe Ryo and Miku have the highest chance.

  3. I’d be happy to see Rouge, Cream, Silver or maybe even the Chaotix in this kind of arrangement:, maybe having Espio driving on land, Vector driving on water and Charmy driving the plane. If they could find a way to include a bike first, of course. Also, I have a bit of a gripe with Tails’ plane. I think that his plane should have been the Tornado, or some variation of it. Hopefully that’s added in a future update as an option!

  4. So if it’s one of the poll topping ones, then it’s either Segata Sanshiro, Miku Hatsune or Ryo Hazuki that have definitely been chosen. My money’s going toward Ryo.

  5. That’s a large gap between the top row of characters and the “CHARACTER SELECT” line. Maybe a lot of new characters?

  6. Oh thank god!! This is why I’m starting to like Sumo a lot more than Sonic Team.

    And TSS, fix this place. I can’t tell what the heck happened to the words on every post you guys put out.

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