Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed DLC news coming tomorrow?

Steve Lycett @ Sonic Team


Update: More clues have been found at the Steam Forums. See below for full details…

Sumo Digitals Steve Lycett (Aka S0L) has done an awesome job keeping fans updated about ASRT’s development and providing support to fans long after the games release. As well as dropping a few hints and teases that additional content might be in the works for the game. Well… a few hours ago S0L posted the following on the Sega forums in a topic entitled ‘Any News on DLC?’

So tomorrow will be interesting. For a number of reasons. Better pack my flame proof suit…

In other posts made by S0L over at the Steam forums, S0L has dropped other hints.

Скоро зима (If you run this one through google translate, you get ‘winter is coming’)

Is it me, or is it getting really cold all of a sudden. I wonder what tomorrow will bring…

In addition to this, several people who own the PC version of ASRT have noted that there has recently been a number of changes made to that game which would indicate an update is on the way. Could it be that we might finally get that DLC news we’ve been waiting for? Let the speculation begin!

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    1. Please be Smokey the bear, please be Smokey the bear! (jumping up and down in anticipation)

    2. I thought “flame proof suit” implied that certain fans wouldn’t be happy with the news (and would flame).

      1. Please. I’m sure that it REALLY refers to one of the heroes of Burning Rangers, from the Sonic Team gem of the same name.

  1. I think that this might have something to do with that tweet that Sumo Digital made earlier this year regarding “two rivals” racing, or going head to head, or something like that. I doubt it has anything to do with Mario, since this is a SEGA all-stars game, meaning only Sega characters are eligible (then again there were Danica Patrick and Wreck it Ralph… so maybe I guess?). Regardless, I just hope it WON’T be console-specific DLC.

  2. It’s interesting because he mentions the tease as if some people will be pleased, and others won’t. Hmmmm…

  3. Winter…Billy Hatcher? I’ve never played that game, just said that based on the fact he has a snow-themed track, as he did in the first SASASR. Are there any Sega characters/games that have a snow or cold theme to them?

  4. OR……The third sonic game! that is exclusive to nintenndo
    sequel to all-stars?

  5. The winter thing reminds me of Billy Hatcher… which, while I would like to see him back in, I think that’d be a bit of a waste for first DLC (not counting Metal Sonic, who really doesn’t count much in the first place.) But he says he’ll prepare his flame-proof suit… implying maybe we won’t like it, it will be a bit odd, or maybe… something literal. Hm.

  6. you know sega has the rights to game of thrones games right?
    so maybe its a game of thrones character??
    hence the winter is coming hint

  7. Winter is coming?
    “I think winter is coming. Such a winter as this world has never known. The last winter of humankind.”
    “Tonight, the thaw. Tomorrow, the snow will fall again yet stronger. The Drowned Woman and the Dreaming Child will give us form at last. Tomorrow the snow shall fall and so shall mankind. She is coming!”
    Doctor Who The Snowmen Series 7, best crossover ever.

  8. flame proof suit? what if it is not a fire related character, but something that starts a flame war? just saying

  9. Unpopular guess here, but with SEGA announcing Project Diva F for the PS3’s getting localized and released this year, I don’t think it’s too farfetched to imagine it could be Hatsune Miku as DLC. She was at the top of the fan polls, and now there’s actually a reason to promote her.

    Otherwise, probably Billy Hatcher or something… I won’t pretend I still avidly play this game after getting burned out unlocking everything.

  10. Maybe…

    “Flame proof suit” suggests fire

    “Getting all cold all of a sudden” suggests ice

    Fire and Ice

    Scorpion and Sub Zero? I can only hope :3

  11. “Winter is Coming”. If you go to, their main slogan right now is “Winter is Coming”. I know it is a HUGE coincidence, but you know we can all dream right, HA HA HA……WRONG!!!

  12. Fire suit … Winter is coming …

    Hot … ice … or maybe Ice … hot …

    Icyhot … THAT’S IT!! New DLC is Segata Sanshiro riding an Icyhot tube with wheels.

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