Images from the Sonic/MegaMan panel


The Sonic/Mega Man panel took place at the San Diego comic con today and it was one of the biggest and most interesting ones yet. We got a sneek peek at the future of the Sonic books, a Q & A with a Sally cosplayer having Ian free her bonds from both Eggman and Wily cosplayers (we may have video of that later in the week) and even Ken Penders was in attendance in the back of the audience (he did not say anything though and merely watched the panel). Those in attendance also got a goodie bag full of Sonic and Mega Man comics and the Sonic Super Special poster issue. While we only got a couple of pics, they are in good detail. Hit the comments section below to see the rest.

UPDATE: Bonus pics of the Sally and Eggman Cosplayers.


Here’s the one you’ve been waiting for. A good look at issue #255. We can see that the glove from the previous cover belongs to a new character, some sort of bull. Then, we also see Bunnie Rabbot in her “new” look which is basically her old look with a new ponytail. We also see Nichole in the back who either has a new look or the pose is making her look a bit different. Hard to tell.


Here’ we have the alternate cover for Sonic #253. A diagram of Silver Sonic. That’s…pretty much all I have to say about that.

You can look forward to my video interview with Ian Flynn later in the week as well as an interview with Ken Penders.


“Sally” here has loved SATAM as a kid, and it has inspired her to become a comic book artist.


It’s Dr. Eggman! Only skinny….and with hair. Eggman is so powerful, he can choose to grow hair and be skinny at will! He just usually doesn’t because it makes him look more evil.

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    1. Not Iron King. He has different horn and only three digits on his hands. This dude has four. Also, Iron King has a bit more of a goat face.

  1. I can imagine a bit of 256’s cover I KNOW thats Sallys boot under sonic’s shoes on the far right and woah NICOLE got a big makeover! I also saw a pic from WC 12 and i’m really hyped to get it next week! 😀

  2. Completely off topic but..
    I randomly searched sonic lost world on youtube and saw there was actually footage of the casino level posted 2 days ago
    O_o I wouldn’t have known otherwise, I thought that would’ve been posted here

  3. Well the cover looks great but I have one thing to say about Bunnie’s limbs: “Ugh, I knew she’d be back to being status quo with robotic limbs. Why!? They wasted a good plot about her adventure with her normal and realizing she’s better off half roboticised. Why didn’t they try to make a one shot story about that anyway!?”

    1. Maybe we’ll get something in the issue about how she got where she is now. Sonic and the others meet up with her again and she tells her story. Still, I would have liked to see a Universe Arc about that. Keep hope alive.

  4. Got me some time to realize but all the covers from “Counter to Chaos” can be conected to form a bigger picture when you put them side by side!

  5. Wish they’d move the panel to Thursday or Friday.. we always head out of San Diego on Sunday.

    Glad someone covered this thou 🙂

  6. I know this isn’t relevant to the article, but have you guys seen the new Sonic the Hedgehog 3DS XL?

  7. The bull (well I think it looks more like a buffalo to me…) kinda reminds me of that bull thing from “night of the werehog” movie. It’s not probably the same character but it highly reminds me of it. Diggin’ the new look on Bunnie though! Kinda sad to see her revert back to being a cyborg. I’m just hoping here they’re just weapons of some sort (like prosthethics) but oh well…will wait and see I guess.

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