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Last weekend at the Sega Arcade across from the San Diego Comic Con, Alex finally get some time in front of the camera to interview Aaron Webber on all things Lost World, the quality of Sonic games as of late and tried desperately to get some hints at the third Sonic title. Where in previous years, Aaron would spend most of his time showing off a Sonic game in front of the Archie booth, this year he was all over the place promoting Lost World at the Archie booth, Sega Arcade, Gamespot bar and elsewhere so it was lucky for us to get a few minutes of his time last weekend.

P.S. Sorry about the little droplet of water on the lens. Didn’t notice until we uploaded the video.

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  1. While I still side by my opinion that the level themes are pretty much halfway to Sonic 4 velocities, I really think these levels look incredibly designed in terms of basic level design. Frozen Factory’s casino portion, while pretty much a direct tubular rip of Casino Night in looks, actually seems to have some interesting gimmicks lurking about. And even with the aesthetics being much like Casino levels in the past… the game looks absolutely wonderful in every area. I’m loving how it seems to be turning out.

    1. By the way, that comment has nothing to do with THIS video, but it has to do with the gameplay footage of Frozen Factory Aaron commentated over.

  2. So, from what Webber said, the 3rd Nintendo-exclusive Sonic game won’t be a new Mario & Sonic Olympics game, and it isn’t referring to Smash Bros 4. He’s excited for it, which isn’t saying much since he works for Sega, but he’s heavily implying it’s a new sub-franchise, so still Sonic-related, but not modern 3D platformer, not Olympics -related, etc. I wonder if it’s an HD remake of an older Sonic game.

    1. If it’s a sub-franchise, it’s a party game. May not be olympics, but it’s gonna be something dumb like Sonic All Stars Baseball or some shit.

  3. So did he list all three games to clarify/promote the partnership, Or was it a hint?
    If so, he listed Mario as the first, and lost world as the second. Now last I checked, and maybe it’s just bad information, but isn’t Mario and Sonic coming out in November? Which comes after October 22nd?
    Now there are three possibilities here.
    1. (most likely) My information is just screwed up.
    2. (likely) He just listed them that way for no particular reason.
    3. (least likely, but my favorite) If Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games is the first with lost world as the second, maybe game number three comes around full circle and we get another Mario and Sonic, but this time as a platformer. Sonic could get totally high on mushrooms!

    1. I’d wager that the 3rd game as well will be a fully-realized Mario and Sonic platformer. I can just sense it.

      The only other possibilities are a new Sonic genre or Sonic Rush 3DS. I cannot imagine another 3D Sonic being announced, because Lost World will most likely still be very new to the public.

      1. I’d be careful with that “useless speculation”, you might offend Mr. Mass down there.

    2. What if it’s a Sonic Dance Game? With Sonic and pals dancing to Green Hill Zone and etc etc

        1. As a background character in another game, and not much of it.

          Maybe it could be a parallel to DDR Mario Mix.

    3. Your comment doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. It seems as if your trying so hard to find any evidence supporting a Mario Sonic platformer.. You’re trying too hard buddy. It ain’t happening.
      Also, in the interview he was caught on the spot so order doesn’t really matter. And sorry but, what’s with the full circle thing that you pulled out of your ass?
      Don’t waste too much time looking into useless details because it is not happening. And if it is, they will announce it sooner or later so if you really believe it’s happening just hang on to your seat and stop uselessly speculating.

      1. Actually in other interviews Webber always says Mario and Sonic is the first game of the partnership, while Sonic Lost World is the second game. That’s because Mario and Sonic was announced before Sonic Lost World. The other information is just his speculation.^.^

      2. I’ll tell you what that full circle thing is, its geometry. A circle is a round plane figure. The plane needs to move around starting at 0 degrees and meeting at 360 degrees where it returns to 0. Hence, the term “full circle” implies that something returns, often symbolically,to the point where it began. I would think that information was pretty well known, but I can imagine that stick in your ass makes it hard to put much thought into anything.

  4. Why are people so stirred up over the diversity in the level themes? Better yet, who cares? I welcome the casino in the frozen factory zone. I welcome the candy theme in des(s)ert ruins zone. It doesn’t make much sense to me why the fans are in shock over something as basic as a pun XD

  5. Oh My God!!!! it’s happening!! Eggman is gonna be awsome again. And THIS TIME WITH A SIDE ORDER OF HUMOR!!! SEGA I HAVE NEVER LOVED YOU MORE!!! And I want to give credit to Aaron too!!

  6. I am very excited to see how eggman is going to be portrayed in the next sonic game.

    1. I know, right? I can imagine Sonic surrounded, and then Eggman sends in the Egg Pawns to help him out or something. XD Epicness! If Eggman can be nice for once, I’m going to be happy. 🙂

  7. I don’t know why but I feel like the third game is another Sonic Riders. One question that I would’ve loved to ask him is if Lost World does take any ideas from X-treme because Aaron said that it did at E3.

  8. “You’re going to see things that Eggman might do or say where you’re like ‘… Wow… wow, that’s kinda cool!”

    Hmm….I mmaaaaaaaaaaay have a LITTLE more hope for this game, given this interview. May.

  9. Aaron’s little comments on how the story is, and how we’re gonna see Eggman from a different angle, it get’s me all fired up and excited! Ooh I want to play it right now! At least October is not too far away. Speaking of which, does anyone know when Lost World comes out in Australia? Perhaps the same time as Europe, but I dunno.

  10. Sometimes, I can never tell when Aaron is telling the truth or simple the world’s greatest hypeman, but no matter what happens, I’m always put at ease when he’s there. Straight up, so many of my recent Sonic purchases are simply because I had a chance to enjoy the demo with Aaron. It’s scary how he can do that, and I’m afraid if anyone can convince me to buy a mediocre system like the Wii-U, it will be that man. I’ll have to be on my guard come NYCC.

    1. I wouldn’t say the Wii U is mediocre. It’s just different in its own special way.

  11. Yes! We finally get more info about the story! I have gotten so sick and tired of, “OMG! The game play is different!” It is nice to hear about the storyline for once. As much as I am super excited about the Sonic_Tails_Dr. Eggman craziness, it makes me wonder what exactly Knuckles and Amy are doing there. The fact that he specifically only mentioned Sonic, Miles, and Eggman makes me wonder if Amy and Knuckles will just have pointless appearances. I really hope not. I want them to consult Eggman too. If you are looking for a theory though, I’d have to guess that Amy gets captured/lost and Knuckles decides to set off on his own for an unecessary reason. At the end of the day, I just can’t wait for this game to come out. 😀

  12. Wow… I am psyched for Eggman’s role in this game. I think I know a certain YouTuber who is as well. 🙂
    On another note, it seems like they really are trying with the levels in this game, and hopefully, according to Aaron, the story will be more like Colors which was more fleshed out than Generations… in my own opinion.
    And now I just want to know what Amy & Knuckles will be doing… oh… and the third game. (PLEASE be a Mario & Sonic platformer! And… please let Sochi be the last in the Olympic series.)

    1. Credit for sending us our own content we made ourselves? What? This is our interview. Alex, the interviewer, is a writer here and the author of this article.

    1. The chances of Sonic being in the next smash bros is 50/50, Sonic was a Guest for brawl so they would include new guests for smash bros 4, (aka Mega-man so far) I get a feeling there will only be 2 guests like last time and one of them is bound to be Pac-Man.

      1. Lol and villager and Wii fit trainer…u saw that right? xD

        The fact that its called “for Wii u/3ds” pisses me off. Why not something like brawl or melee???

        1. Isn’t that just a placeholder title…? Or… is that the actual title..?

  13. Alex, why are you so nervous? Sup’ with all the studderring?
    Good interview nonetheless.

  14. Even if the 3DS version does have Exclusive levels, it should still have the same things like the Wii U version. Like how the Wii U has a “Dessert level”. Anyway I wonder what the last 3rd title game is =O. Its Nintendo related so I would say a Sonic Rush title, maybe ?

    1. Certainly I hope so, but if we talk about Nintendo exclusive Sonic titles then it could be:

      -Sonic Rush 3DS
      -New Sonic Chronicles
      -New Sonic story book game.

      But also there are some other strong possibilities:

      -New Sonic Riders
      -Sonic spin-off about another character (Tails, Knuckles, Blaze).
      -Sonic spin-off competition game.

      1. I hope Sonic Rush 3DS is actually 3D like Sonic Lost Worlds 3DS, matter of fact I hope all the Sonic games that come up on the 3DS from now on are 3D and take 2D transitions like a console sonic title like in Sonic Generations.
        LOL Sonic Chronicals was interesting but the music was ehh, pretty boring..
        Story Book games were cool, Secret Rings was better than Black Knight even though I liked the concept Imo.

        A spinoff game with the main character as someone other than Sonic would be pretty awesome, like a Silver The Hedgehog game for the Wii U & 3DS that makes Silver’s controls and gameplay better than Sonic 06 >.>

        Im not a big fan of competition games like, Tennis, or stuff like Sonic Battle. I like Sonic games with Sonic,Shadow, or Silver or just main characters in them, Chaos Emeralds, Unleashed, Colors gameplay style, good graphics, and fun gameplay and im cool. =D
        I never really got into Sonic Riders, when I think about it, its pretty much just about the Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing too me.

  15. why do people always go colours was the beginning of good sonic games again. its so annoying.

    1. Probably because it was the first game in a while to receive universal praise. And while I loved unleashed (Xbox, wii was alright) it was not as received well, and those who love it end up in either the minority or the under spoken majority depending on the crowd. It’s a lot like the star wars prequels.

      What kills me, is every time a new Sonic game comes out, we hear the same stupid thing. Here is what I refer to as the NEW Sonic cycle.
      Sonic colors: pre-release: Sonic games haven’t been good in a long time, will this be any different? Post-release: Dear God, this is an amazing Sonic game!
      Sonic Generations: pre-release Let’s forget the last title, Sonic hasn’t been good in a long time. will this game be any different? post release: Dear God, this is a fantastic Sonic game.
      Sonic 4-2: pre-release: Let’s forget the last title, Sonic hasn’t been good for a long time. Will this game be any different? post release: hey, this is a pretty good game. Not the best, but it’s good.
      Sonic Lost World: Let’s forget the last title, Sonic hasn’t been good in a long time. Will this game be any different?

      You can see where this is going. it’s been going on far too long. Sonic had a four year period from 2006-2009 where the console games were being poorly received, but for the last three years, it’s been ranged from good to excellent, and I have no doubt Sonic Lost World will be a great game.

      Now, I know this has little to do with the interview, but I saw your comment and thought I’d unload what’d been on my mind.

  16. wait the guy who wrote You are a Pirate was one of the writers in colors!? This explains “No copyright law in the universe is going to stop me!”

  17. I don’t know what the 3rd title is, but wouldn’t it be cool if it were Sonic R 2? At least in concept. Think about it; take the insane, breakneck action of the boost formula, give it a bunch of tracks, and BAM! Awesome racing game. Who wouldn’t want to race in a game using the Unleashed-Daytime style? I think it would be a blast!

  18. There was a knew mario sonic olympics game coming out
    i think souchi olympics
    is that the 3rd mysterious game?

  19. He said be excited for the third title so I think it will be something more than a spin-off or re-release.

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