TSS Review: This LA Convention Centre Escalator

We get a lot of requests here at TSS for reviews and news on various different items. Today we finally review something that fans have requested for a long time… This LA Convention Centre Escalator.


The escalator makes travelling different floors a breeze, one just has to stand on the pannels and hold onto the handrail. The escalator will take you under it’s own power to the desired floor destination. Travel both up and down, no online pass required, multiplayer mode is supported with aproximately 20-30 people able to use the esculator at a time with a co-op mode for parents with small children.


The escalator has a built in safety cut off switch and emergency power off button. This is designed to prevent injury in case of emergency, such as a badnik attack. The views from the escalator are catered to the videogaming individual, with directions to various exhibits and demonstration booths, as well as merchandise and refreshments stalls.

Transportation takes under 30 seconds. This is recommended escalator for those attending E3.

And it looks awesome.

You’ll Love

  • + You can go up.
  • + You can go down.
  • + It’s free to play!
  • + It looks amazing.

You’ll Hate

  •  – You’re not at E3 =(

Source: Gamekyo

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  1. How, how the hell did they get that picture? I tried to take a picture of those SAME escalators last year and got shooed away by security. I’m still annoyed by that. -.-

    At they very least, I won’t be tempted to try again this year, lol.

  2. I must make a note that this article is not entirely highlighting all the faults of the escalator.

    For example, while it does go up and down, it does not take me up more than one floor at a time. This is a severe shortcoming when I want to simply buy some toot from the toy store on the third floor after buying a chilli dog on the ground floor. Also, the open plan of the escalator makes it especially prone to aerial badnik attacks. It’s so frustrating when you’re holding several bags and waiting on the escalator to go down, only for an Aquis to fly from around the corner below and shoot at you.

    It’s decent for a quick thrill, and it does have gorgeous graphics, but for a more in-depth experience there are better alternatives, some of which provide graphics which are almost on par with any good escalator.

  3. looks cool sucks that my dad doesn’t design booths at e3 any more he would of taken me there

  4. Me and Alex will be there! We’ll be sure to give you our thoughts and previews on Sonic Lost World and Mario and Sonic 2014 yadda-yadda Olympics. I’m so excited!

    There’s a flippin’ Giraffe there too. @_@

  5. It’s typical modern Sonic. You don’t need to do anything to reach the goal. It’s all automated. 1/10.

  6. I really wish E3 wasn’t for video-game-related-industry people only. I’ll be in the area during E3, and I would have really liked to go.

  7. Aww, I’ll be at Anime Expo and that stuff will be taken down by then. Sad panda.

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