Summer Of Sonic 2012 Recap!

With a year gone by and a new day of events and memories right around the corner, why not look back at last year and remind ourselves what makes this event so awesome! In a brand new video using footage we shot last year, we hope this lets some of you reminiscence about the greatness that is our community!


It’s like a day full of awesomeness squeezed into two minutes and jet blasted back into our conscious. Are you pumped for this year’s big event?

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  1. That last bit looks like how the story mode of Mario and Sonic at London 2012’s story mode should’ve gone! 😛

  2. I wanna go. I wanna go so badly. SO FREAKING BADLY. But I live too far away from London. ;_;

  3. Summer of Sonic was so much fun last year. I spent most of it playing the All Stars Transformed demo or hanging around the Sonic 4 Episode II demo, but I had an amazing time. Hoping to go again this year.

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