Sonic After the Sequel OST Now Available


Following the release of the game a few days prior, the famed fan-made original soundtrack to LakeFeperd’s Sonic After the Sequel is now available to the open public!

Featuring the combined works of artists Falk, Funk Fiction, James Landino (KgZ), and Andy Tunstall (Ristar/Tunners) of Before the Sequel 2012, along with newcomers Mr Lange, DJ Max-E, and Li Xiao’an, the incredible seven-man album clocks in at a total of 76 tracks! Be warned though, this 3 and a half hour beast of sound does go for about 420MB.

To those who’ve played the fan game and/or stalked the artists on Soundcloud, what are your favourite tunes from the OST? Landino’s blood-pumping Breakfast Time for Horizon Heights’ boss? Falk’s jazztacular Tea With Ellie for Cyan City? Lange’s tropical Turquoise Paradise of Foliage Furnace with nods to the Sonic OVA? Funk Fiction’s club-worthy Rocks Like This for Technology Tree? Tunstall’s spine-chilling Ghosts With Guitars for Moon Mansion? DJ Max-E’s frosty Neon Paradise for Parhelion Peak (…wait, that one sounds familiar…)? Or even Li’s harrowing Eye of the Storm for the final showdown? The Special Stage themes with remixes to Sonic Drift 2, or even Sonic R? Cutscene music? Share your thoughts down below!

In any case, you can either download the complete OST from the game’s website, or listen to it all on the music’s official YouTube channel. This is definitely a soundtrack worth looking into!

Have a preview!


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  1. And to warn you guys in advance, tracks are likely to be thrown around all willy nilly in your playlists.

    (using iTunes as an example) So, what you’ll have to do is select all the tracks which share “Sonic After the Sequel Original Sound Track” as the album, and give them all “ATS Sound Team” under “Album Artist” (NOT “ARTIST”). That way, they’ll be all dragged together into one album again, all tracks in the right order.

    Additionally, you’ll have to add the artwork as well. Select All, Get Info, go under artwork, and look it up in your files. That’s all folks!

    1. Need to use a proper MP3 player like foobar2000 then. =P I had no issues importing!

  2. From what I’ve heard so far, Andy Tunstall’s music (Moon Mansion) has been the most consistently awesome. All the other artists have really great tracks in the game, but pretty much all of them besides Tunstall had a track that wasn’t great.

    1. (Oh, Tunstall worked on Acts 2 and 3 of Foliage Furnace. Those were awesome too.) I also really liked Falk’s and KgZ’s work too.

  3. What more can I say Viz? This is the sex.

    You know I should really give these guys, who make incredible music, something back in return. I think I should draw all of these guys/gals in a studio working on the project… I just need to know what kind of animal they think they are, what instrument/tool/device they are most likely to have on them (e.g. i-pod, mic, synthesizer, DJ set etc…) and favorite colour.

    And hell since you’ve been following this series for a long time (thanks to you, I have been able to discover and embrace this awesome fan-made soundtrack) I’ll throw you into the group.

    I’ll add that into the list of things to draw… XXD Should you ever be in touch with these guys pass on the message for me and I’ll give it a shot drawing this group picture. 😉

      1. Ha ha! You’ll never know these days – especially on the net. 😉

        Sweet, what kind of character do see yourself as? Animal and colour please – think of a ‘Sonic-stylized’ design for your character.

        Btw, SUGAR SPLASH ZONE (Special Act)!! Awesome work on that piece!! I haven’t played CB series personally but apparently feedback from the listeners suggest there are bits and pieces from that soundtrack and after listening to it more I think I can see where they are coming from with that claim!

          1. Good point!

            Well I prefer to stick to one style to keep things looking consistent. = )

            But then again like Falk would approach his music – ‘variety is the spice of life’.

            After looking at your photo/picture references it’s given me an idea on how I’ll execute this artwork.

            Thanks for those images, it definitely helps. I’ll take note of you playing the keyboard – you got shotgun on that! Ha ha…

            Oh and still won’t hurt to tell me what you’d like to be if you were a character from the Sonic series (animal form). *thumbs up*

            And now I’m on the road to collect data from the others. *thumbs up*

            Oh and if you happen to see the others in future please pass on this message that I’ll give this project of drawing you guys all in the studio a shot, as a thank you piece. Cheers Mr. Lange!

  4. My favorite(‘s) were moon mansion, foliage furnace, storm station, redhot ride…Pretty much every zone, except for horizon heights because that just felt like a clone of hilltop heights.

    1. Hilltop Heights Act 1 is my personal least favorite song in the soundtrack, but only because it is too similar to Sonic Heroes Seaside Hill. I don’t care for Sonic Heroes, least of all its music. But, both the level and the music were deliberately using that for inspiration, and for being that it does an excellent job.

    1. So far my favourite is Sonic 2 8-bit Green Hills. When this came on during the 4th Special Stage I was smiling so hard I nearly broke my face. Great to see some 8-bit love!

  5. My favourites a tie between can you feel the sunshine remix/special stage 7 and dream dance act 1 🙂 The other songs are amazing too! I seriously love it when Sonic gets a sugar rush XD

  6. I don’t see why Sugar Splash Zone wasn’t simply called Sugar Rush Zone. Much more fitting for Sonic and the whole theme of the level IMO.

    1. Doesn’t affect Tails, so there wouldn’t be a whole lot of rushing in his case. :v Only Sonic gets on a sugar high while Tails got a fuzzy high in BtS!

    2. Because 1: That name belongs to Wreck it Ralph.
      And 2: Because it doesn’t indicate that this is the water level, as it should.

  7. You rarely get Sonic Fan Made Games with great music. This is the best thing i’ve ever seen.

  8. SEGA should hire these guys for the OST for Sonic 4 Episode III if there ever was one. This is waaaaaay much better than the OST for Ep I & II

  9. This is what Sonic 4 should have been like. Now if only I could get this game to work on my computer. 😛

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