Sumo Digital Hints a Possible Mario & Sonic Karting Game?

Back in April, Sumo Digitals Steve Lycett took to twitter and said – Having a beer, thinking of how we’d follow All-Stars Transformed… In that conversation he also said this.sonicmariokart

Today, we find out that Sega have partnered with Nintendo with regards to Sonic…. Could it be that, either the third game in the partnership is a Sonic Vs Mario Kart type game? Or that Mario DLC is on the way for ASRT?

Of course, maybe he’s teasing at the long awaited Shrek & Sonic All Stars racing?

The comments await you to specualte.

Source: Neo”Detective”Gaf

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  1. I don’t think they’d do this. Nintendo is kind of stingy with their franchises crossing over. Even though it’s been done. Wasn’t there something about kirby not being in this game for the WiiU ver?

    I’d like a platformer game anyways, but I’m not sure how that’d work.

    1. They crossed over with PAC man so I wouldn’t be too surprised! It’s more than possible at the minute!

      1. Also nintendo allowed Pokémon Conquest, a crossover of Pokémon and another series in Japan I’m not educated on.

  2. Maybe the next Mario Kart game for the Wii U will feature both Mario and Sonic charecters!
    That would be awesome!

  3. OH MY GOD! MORE NEWS!!!! THIS CERTAINLY IS AN ACTIVE DAY IN THE SONIC WORLD INDEED! Well, a kart racer… I am just speechless. In fact I am just stunned about everything that has happened in the past hour. It isn’t necessary, but writers at Sonic Stadium, May you please put out one last post very very briefly explaining all that has just happened in the Sonic franchise and possibly give us some of your opinions? That would be cool so we don’t all feel so alone on this. Thanks! 🙂

  4. That would be amazing as I really like how course/character selection is handled on SEGA’s side, combine that with Ninty and perhaps I can indeed race Kirby around Hyrule field.

    1. I’m sorry, but when you said Hyrule Field, I just pictured Link and Ganondorf riding around in karts and burst out laughing. XD

      1. Alternatively, you could just see Link rolling backwards across the field too XD

          1. I remember! I love Spirit Tracks! Although that image doesn’t have much comic value to it. XD

  5. Man is it going to be Mario Kart game consoles like Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 the game boy advance also game cube and Nintendo DS Wii last lead Nintendo 3ds . Also I like racing game a lot to me I was child to Mario Kart 64 on Nintendo 64 that’s why Iam Mario Kart fan . Then last question Mario is going driver a car and Sonic is running how awesome is that.

    1. Yeah, I think everyone is a little exited and has jumped the gun a little. No one has said weather it will be a full title or not especially since ASRT isn’t even a year old yet and the amount of time needed to make it was just over 2 years.

      I don’t think SUMO Digital would reveal anything this early unless he was Wii U DLC.

  6. I hope this wouldn’t be the third title.

    C’mon Steve. Make that Sonic fighter game you hinted you might do. Please!

  7. I just want to say though, how I realized that you writers at Sonic Stadium all did one post each. Jason Berry wrote the trademarking, Vizard Jeffhog wrote the first post confirming Sonic: lost world and the confirming of the new Olympics, Alexander Peal did the one concerning Sega and Nintendo making the partnership, Shadzter wrote the one rumoring more details on the 29th, and you Hogfather did this one concerning the possibility of a Mario and Sonic racing crossover. I bet Swiss will do the next one.

      1. I just realized that nuckles87 did the next post about the game play shown of Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics of 2014. That is quite the coincidence isn’t it? Since it is completely by accident though, it would be cool to see Dreadknux himself write the next post or maybe Swiss, we don’t see all to much written by him.

  8. This amuses me. I love how nonchalant Steve is about this whole thing, too. He sounds like he really enjoys his job and pulling legs. I can respect that XD

    Racing game, would be interesting. I wonder how Sonic would react to being unable to outrace a blue shell :I (I will forever rage at blue shells, and my pain is understandable XD)

  9. Meh… Their differences were already settled in BRAWL. I never wondered who would win in a KART race, to be honest. 😛

    This sounds like Mario DLC to ASRT if anything.

    1. Agreed, also if that were to happen I espect to see Sonic as a playable character in the next Mario Kart, I’m sure Nintendo can dispose one of their generic koopas or boos to make space for him.

  10. That remind me Sonic and Sega all stars with Banjo Kazzoie I play on xbox 360 game demo but sadly I got it for Wii because Rare ware came and Microsoft here to put Banjo Kazzoie in Sonic and all stars racing . Then also RareWare die in 2010 to make Donkey Kong 64 to put on Xbox live arcade. But Iam so happy that Sonic and all stars racing transformed they didn’t remore Avatar only for xbox 360 or Metal Sonic Dlc all game console .

  11. I got for got they remove Big the Cat was not in Sonic and all stars racing Transformed well I don’t know Sonic fan people said Big the cat is bad Sonic character .

  12. Iam going to get One Mario and Sonic game is Mario and Sonic Kart racing not another Mario and Sonic sushi olymipcs game 2014 just only one.

  13. I hope it’s not just Sonic and Mario, but Sega and Nintendo… Just imagine racing through a Kirby or Zelda-themed level or even a Metroid Prime themed level where you start off in Talon Overworld and then you go through a water section in Phendrana… the possibilities are endless.

  14. The title: “Sonic, Mario and Nintendo and SEGA All stars Racing Transformed Kart 8!”

    1. I think a better name would be
      “Nintendo VS SEGA: All-Stars GP”.
      It would be taking Mario Kart: Double Dash’s two-driver aspect (but made optional) and S&SART’s take on the Air-Land-Sea racing concept, add Nintendo & Sega characters beyond the Mario & Sonic cast, turn classic stages from both companies into inter-changing race-tracks, get Richard Jacques and Kenta Nagata to compose the music and multiplayer for races and battles.
      That would be the greatest mascot-based racer of all-time.

  15. better be a cross over in Super Smash Bros 4/u/3DS and Mario Kart U with sonic stages in both

  16. I think it could be possible. Here’s a good name for the game
    Mario and Sonic: Superstar Grand Prix
    Sonic Series
    Metal Sonic
    Mario Series
    Donkey Kong
    Bowser Jr.
    Diddy Kong
    That’s my hopeful Roster and i hope there’s a story mode and mission mode. Unlockable characters and Tracks. Oh and a announcer but not that annoying one from Sega-AllStars.

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