‘Sonic Athletics’ footage surfaces online

As you may be aware, SEGA recently released a new arcade game in their Tokyo branch of Joypolis. We were lucky enough to visit last week and managed to get the first footage of the full game in action. What do you think? A fun game, or exhausting challange?


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  1. – Metal Sonic, YAY!
    – Amy, why do they give you stupid running animations T^T your one of my fav characters.

    1. She just runs like most girls do, not all girls run like that. But its just a stereotype that all of them run like that.

    On a side note, I think Amy has another costume change in this game. Am I seeing it right?

  3. D: Beat me to it! I literally JUST got back from Japan and was going to send my footage to you guys. Bah. In any case, I can give a real life opinion. It’s exhausting.. not really so much because of the running but it’s too damn hot and humid now in Japan. Companies don’t like to turn the air conditioning on high either so yeah. You get sweaty.

    Before you get on the treadmill-thingy (it’s literally like a conveyer belt… metal circles are underneath a thick strip of material that you run on so you’re powering yourself), there’s a stand with cubby holes to change your shoes if you need to. They give you a board to read which explains the rules in Japanese. Then, they open the gate and let eight people through. You can’t select which character you want.. It’s all luck. I got Metal Sonic. 😀 If you’re carrying a bag or want to take a jacket off, there’s a small basket to put your things in so they don’t get dirty.

    First is a race. Second, two rounds of long jumps. Third, hurdles. If you false start, they make everyone redo the round. It’s easy to jump the gun in the third round because do a good job making you wait and wonder when the signal will go!

    The bar you hold on to when you run has buttons towards the bottom that you hit with your thumbs when prompted. It gives you special powers, like speeding up at a certain point… but you have to quickly hit the buttons or else you miss your chance. You also use them to long jump… I wasn’t paying attention during the first jump so I failed that time. XD

    It was fun, but I love the Sonic Carnival much more!! 😀

    If anyone’s interested in pictures and video I took, I’ll gladly send it over.

  4. No Metal Sonic is my favorite character why did he got in 8th place little boy play with Metal Sonic. Also Sega America could you make Sonic Athletics for us

  5. Misread the title as Sonic Athlete’s foot. That’d be an interesting idea, if not disgusting. Other than that, that game is a bit odd. It’s basically a home console game slapped onto an arcade box, like those Sega ASR arcade games you can find dotted around.

    1. Actually Silver and Metal Sonic weren’t in that game. It’s possible it could be the 2012 London Olympics though. Unless SEGA just remade it entirely and posted it so it’s exclusively Sonic Athletics at Joypolis. I kind of wish I could go Lol

  6. I love this game! It mixes too fun things together, and still keeps it entertaining. I wonder why we don’t have it stateside yet? =D

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