3D Sonic the Hedgehog Coming to Nintendo 3DS Japan

A new Sonic game has been revealed! Well, not exactly new, but still!

Joining fellow Genesis favourites Super Hang-On and Space Harrier in Japan, the one, the only, and the original Sonic the Hedgehog is coming to its native Nintendo 3DS eShop on May 15th of this year!


To be released as a 3D Classic, Sonic 3DS features the ability to play the original game with three dimensional depth, customizable controls, and the ability to toggle between the Japanese and “Overseas” versions, and Mega Drive 1 and 2 sound formats, as reported on Sonic Retro. Like the upcoming Taxman/Stealth remastered iOS version, players are also given the option to play the game with or without the Spin Dash.

A price is set for 600¥, and there is no confirmation of a Western release at this time.

Special thanks to Wraith on the SSMB for the tip!

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  1. Soon, they will remake this game so that you can play it on your toaster!

  2. This can’t be all we’re getting for this year. Aside from the ISO/Android game, and treadmill game; there isn’t much Sonic traffic these days. I hope E3 holds an even bigger Sonic announcement for us all.

    1. Someone from SEGA already promised that a boxed Sonic game will be released this year. This is a downloadable game from the 3DS eShop.

        1. that wasn’t hardlight. it was from the youtube channel touchgameplay. they were just guessing there would be a new game 😛

      1. Yeah I’m aware of that. Aside from the PR and rumors of a Sonic Advance collection HD, etc. I’d like something a bit more concrete, we already have confirmation that the mysterious Mario U game is getting a October release and will be playable at E3. That said, we haven’t gotten any hype for this “boxed” sonic title; anything will do really.

  3. Ok this possibly has my interest since I don’t have a portable copy of Sonic 1.

    1. I take it you don’t have Sonic Classics Collection on the DS. Be thankful you don’t have Sonic Genesis on GBA.

      1. Sonic Genesis for the GBA was very good in my opinion. Everyone else is just too picky.

  4. Damnit, Sega! Stop rereleasing the original game and give us something new!

    1. well this is a new record 10 posts before someone said “Stop rereleasing the original game”

  5. What a let down, when I read that title I was actually expecting a new 3D Sonic title on a Nintendo handheld not Sonic 1 re-released for the umpteenth time x.x

  6. Riiiight. So how do you turn a sprite-based game 3D? Is this becoming Sonic the Pop-Up Book? Because that’d actually be a really neat idea… if Nintendo hadn’t just done it with Mario.

    1. They’ve done it to a smattering of games as far back as the NES on the eShop, and it works pretty well. Even in 3D games I tend to play with the 3D off though. Dat eye-strain.

      1. Eye-strain? I laugh in the face of eye-strain!

        Seriously, screw eye-strain, I play with 3D on anyway. 😛

    2. Well, Xevious, Urban Champion, Excitebike, TwinBee, Kid Icarus, Kirby’s Adventure, and the currently Japan-exclusive Space Harrier and Super Hang-On have been made 3D Classics.

      Not a single Mario game has been given that treatment yet. Unless you were talking about Paper Mario (though that’s kind of a stretch since it isn’t a 3D Classic)…

      1. More along those lines. Really, my thought process is that a pop-up book styled Sonic game would be really cool (maybe for the storybook series? Who knows), and then I remembered Sticker Star. And if SaSASR has taught us anything, it’s that Sega isn’t afraid of taking a great Nintendo idea and blatantly stealing it to make it even better. As a number of commenteers have already said, it’s better than just rereleasing Sonics 1 and 2 again.

    1. Not counting compilation releases, 10. Counting compilations, 21. Still, being able to play it without the cartridge has got me sold!

  7. at least it will be the first 16 – bit game on the e-shop (kinda like back in the day with the megadrive huh) 😀

  8. Sega better bring this to North America. Sega has a tendency to not bring games to America as they promised. (*cough* Sonic Blast and Sonic Labyrinth *cough*)

    1. I totally agree with you. In about a month, it’ll be a year since they promised sonic blast and labyrinth for the 3DS. Hmph… 😐

      1. you guys mean the e-shop for Blast and Labyrinth? for a moment there you guys were saying that we never got Blast and Labyrinth on GG or something.

  9. …The anticipation has been going on for nearly 2 months….

    …Patiently waiting for the announcement of the boxed 2013 Sonic game….

    ….Food supplies are running low…..

        1. Oh, we’re still waiting on that new game huh? I’m really starting to fade and not care anymore lol

          When the inevitable does happen, I’ll swoop by and grab a copy though :3

  10. I would be saying something productive right now, but it appears all the thoughts I’ve gathered up about this post have already been displayed in the comments by other people. So if you take every comment here and mash them all together, you get my comment. 🙂

    1. Holy moly! That does sound quite epic! SEGA should keep that in mind for the future.

  11. I’m guessing this’ll be £3.99 when it’s released in the UK eshop and $5.99 when it releases in the US. Correct me right or wrong, but that’s what I figured out on the converter from 600 yen

  12. Lucky of sega of Japan they release Super Hung on and Super harrier then. Last one Sonic The Hedgehog three of them is on Nintendo 3ds is on Nintendo e shop on May15.

  13. Re-releasing Sonic 1 with 3D effects is nice, but I already have the Sonic Classic Collection for my portable classic Sonic needs. But Where’s Sonic CD and Sonic 4 on 3Ds?

  14. To be honest, the added 3-D for Excitebike was very impressive so I wouldn’t just glance over the whole 3D thing like most people are. I mean, if Green Hill Zone looked beautiful in its original version, just imagine how much more eye-pleasing it will look in the 3-D mode!

  15. I want to get it besides already having Classic Collection. Though I’d probably would give up at the Labyrinth Zone like I always do =/. I hope it is not Japan exclusive, but I highly doubt that.

    1. Tell me about it. Act 3 has always have been a bitch for me, but if you take your time and time your jumps just right you should be able to beat that annoying last part with-in the 10min time limit. If you really want to put that out of your misery, I recommend playing the Sonic Jam version of Sonic 1 on Easy difficulty, this will help remove some of the traps along the way up.

  16. I like this game but I hate the fact that it didn’t have spin dash. I hope they add it on this one.

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