Wreck-It Ralph UK DVD and Blu-Ray Coming in June!

wreckitralphdvdukIn the same “better late than never” fashion as the film itself, the box office smash (pun fully intended) Wreck-It Ralph will be making its way onto DVD, Blu-Ray, and digital download in the UK on Monday 3rd June. This comes almost four months after the film’s theatrical release, and about three months after the DVD/Blu-Ray release in the US which took place at the beginning of March.

Disney’s animation featured numerous videogame cameos – including our very own Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Eggman – and was a resounding critical and commercial success across the globe, so don’t miss this opportunity to own it for your viewing pleasure at home!

You can pre-order Wreck-It Ralph now on Amazon by clicking here, here, or here.

Will you be buying the film when it arrives on 3rd June? Let us know in the comments!

Personally, in the words of Wreck-It Ralph himself… I’M GONNA WRECK BUY IT!

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  1. I might buy this when it’s released in the UK, my sister saw it with her fiancee and said it was good. Kind of related, I visited Disneyland Paris a few weeks back. And in the Studios park there was a massive Wreck It Ralph poster on one of the buildings with Sonic and Eggman on.

  2. I think the cover needs a tagline or review quotes since it feels empty. Other than that it looks good.

  3. Anyone know when it comes out here in Australia? I heard t comes out at the end of this month

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