Sonic Athletics Announced, Open April 25th

Sonic Athletics is a new game, or should that be attraction which will be openning at Sega’s Tokyo Joypolis on April 25th. Players can take on the role of either, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, Metal Sonic, Silver and even Blaze in a sprint to the finish line. First one there, wins.


And you won’t believe how you play this game…


You take position in one of 8 treadmills in front of giant arcade style screens which display a running track in which you compete against your friends or strangers in a race to victory.

Yes that’s right – the faster you run, the faster your character runs.

Based on google translate, the game is recommended for people who need to exercise and it invites couples and friends to join in the fun too.


You can see from the computer model how big the attraction is. Before anyone asks, the odds of this coming to any other arcade is virtually zero. If anyone does happen to go to Tokyo Joypolis any time soon. Please take lots of photos and videos.

… … … ..What? Whats wrong with you lot? *looks at the title* Oh… Oh! I bet I know what you thought…

Source: Toyko Joypolis

Thanks to Blue Blood for the heads up.

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    1. no, not really. wii fit is like the best selling game EVER. especially with wii fit u coming out….

  1. Bet ya Amy and Blaze will be in the clothing they were in the Mario & Sonic Olympic Games series.

  2. So, is there a option to just plug in a controller, keep myself plopped on the sofa and exercise my thumbs while my friend tries training for the Olympic games?

  3. … I’ve had it! How many false alarms on the next Sonic game have we had now? More than 9?!?!? And now you guys find it joyful to tease us about it!? AHH!
    All grudges aside though, this game looks really awesome. This would actually be worth the frustration if it came out in America, but sadly it doesn’t. 🙁 (I would do anything to take the role of a Sonic character in a race.)

    1. I heard that it was going to be officially released at the Summer Of Sonic. Not sure how long that will be though :/

  4. Will there possibly be more games in the Sonic Athletics series? I mean, it is called Sonic Athletics so there must be more athletics than just running, right?

  5. Man, screw you japan >:c I wanna have some fun excercise but you take it away from us from the west and other countries -_-

    I would have love to play that, i excersise and have fun at the same time! IT’S GENIOUS!

    Fuck the kinect, this is better XD

  6. Oh for the love of god Sega, STOP WASTING OUR TI–

    “and even Blaze”

    So when’s the next flight to Tokyo, again? D:

  7. Yea. I would love to play this, but My heart would probably stop around 30 seconds in. Im so friggin out of shape its not even funny. XD

  8. They could take it on the road in the US for a while. Maybe have some events at malls and stuff.

      1. Well it is appropriate, after his debut he has recieved alot of criticism, even though he is probably the most powerful sonic character.

  9. Damn you Japan, always convincing me to move to you. Stop being so damn awesome. Wait, scratch that. Keep being awesome.

  10. Blaze FTW!!

    I would love to race in one of those, I could drink as many Reb Bulls as I could during the race to fill my boost gauge.

  11. *Looks at the list of playable characters*

    Modified Mario & Sonic Olypmic games engine. That’s my thoughts.

  12. Hmmm… I wonder what the chances are of me flying to japan and sneaking away that Sonic treadmill without getting caught…. I might need a bigger carry on bag :C

  13. Funny how many people are most excited about Blaze, including myself (hint hint Sega). I can understand why they wouldn’t be able to mass produce this, it mostly is for people who are really into Sonic, and it’s so big the only place you could get enough people to make it worth installing is a place run by Sega rather than a general arcade. It does seem to be based on the Olympics, shame you can’t race through a well known area. Then again, there aren’t any games which have featured all these characters at once (hint hint Sega) except for the Olympics, so i guess we can forgive them. I don’t expect to ever be able to play it, unless it shows up in Heaven. Oh well.

    1. Because Blaze is eipc, nuff said.
      Personally, I’d like to see her in the next main Sonic game (with her Burning form) than any of the other characters.

      1. Agreed, but I have a feeling the next Sonic game will still have Sonic as the only playable character, but I hope we could get a Sonic Rush 3DS sometime in the future.

        1. Especially since the 3DS has not had an exclusive Sonic title for itself, just ports of existing console games

  14. Nowhere will the US ‘Sonic X’ theme song be more fitting to play over a Sonic game than this.

  15. If I ever went there, I would probably be flung off the treadmill XD

    Looks like a lot of fun, though!

  16. WHAT?
    *Caps lock off*
    *Sigh* Why do I feel that this is a bad idea?
    1.) We haven’t had an actual Sonic game since Generations (iOS and racing Transformed are cash cow spinoffs)
    2.) SEGA’s finances are not, well at the moment, something that takes so much money to produce is a not a good idea for a company in such financial situations
    3.) While it may be only one machine (All of you want it a Six Flags, or at other arcades for some reason) It is just competative running, the reason I play a Sonic game is to run at the speed of sound and do things I can’t do in real life!
    Oh what the hell, I know the second I see this in an arcade I’ll jump on and run like a maniac…

    1. Well, it’s only been two years since the last game XD I doubt this is why they haven’t had a game in a while. Making a game takes time, and the longer it takes, generally results in a better quality product.

      …Just don’t go like, Duke Nukem Forever long. That game got to the point where it took so long, people expected it to be perfect |D

  17. I would hog up the Sonic character treadmill and run like Sonic.

    As the famous warrior Sanic quoted, “CUM ON STEP IT UP!!!1!”.

  18. If there are special abilities you can use, I’ve got dibs on Silver.

    One could have only expected SEGA to come up with something like this. Something virtual to encourage exercise, and we already have enough little kids running around with their arms tossed behind them in a hedgehog fashion. Kudos to SEGA for finding a way for lazy little kids to get up and move! … I can see this maybe turning out to be a bad thing though. Someone’s gonna get hurt. I can just hear the little kids challenging one another, then one of them bashing their head on the metal bar when they trip as they try to push themselves to run faster. Ouch.

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