S&ASR Transformed (Wii U) and SMB Banana Splitz Going Cheap at HMV

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High street retailer HMV has heavily discounted two of SEGA’s 2012 releases in store, namely Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Wii U) and Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz (PS Vita). The former can be snatched up for just £7.99 and the latter for the extremely low cost of £4.99. At those prices it would be rude not to buy.

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    1. Same here. about some thing like 90% of all HMV stores closed around the UK this year. Which is a shame because the closest stores that has Video Game, Music CDs and DVDs/Blu Rays are miles away from were i live.

  1. Argh. Too bad I already got both. Fun games though, I must say. I still stand by Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz when I say it’s one of the few good stand alone Vita games.

    1. I’m not saying it isn’t true, but it is still a RUMOR, don’t get your hopes up. And sequel to Adventure, c’mon, where’d you see that?

      1. Darn, I was actually kind of liking what that rumor had going for. 🙁
        Oh well.

      2. Great…now I’m extremely sad, thanks for telling me anyway, sorry about all this 🙁

        1. Think about it this way. We didn’t get an actual leak of the game. So that way, when SEGA actually DOES show something, we can still be excited about it. Especially since it’s from SEGA themselves.

          1. Well…I guess you’re right, and if not, Sega will probably announce some other cool game soon!

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