Update: Sonic Dash is Free To Play


UPDATE: Despite earlier claims that this was a one day deal. It seems that this might be a permenant price drop as iTunes still have it listed as being free and there is no sign of an end date for the new price.

If you’ve yet to pick up Sonic Dash, today might be your lucky day as it’s free to download on iOS. Those of you who already own it, you might be in for a suprise too, several people have reported that they have recieved 10 revive tokens for free when starting the game today.

A new update has also gone live, see the details after the break.

Acompanying the free to play offer, a new update has also gone live which has improved the game in all areas. Several SSMB members have reported a vastly improved performance compared to the original version, red ring collecting has been made easier and theres more of an incentive to play the game thanks to the new daily challenges and rewards.

Full details as to whats included are as follows.


✪ Complete a challenge every day to win amazing prizes including Red Star Rings and additional characters! ✪


✪ Improved performance on iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4 devices. ✪


✪ Obstacles have been tweaked to avoid unavoidable deaths. PLUS an all new Mission Tracker on the main menu, improved frame rate & bug fixes. ✪


✪ Get more rewards for the more you play! Level up your score multiplier by completing unique missions, or win amazing prizes including Red Star Rings & additional characters by completing Daily Challenges. COMPLETE DAILY CHALLENGES TO WIN AMAZING PRIZES

Remember, the deal is for today only and it appears to be worldwide. So head to the iTunes store and get it if you’ve not done so already.

Source: iTunes.

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  1. Actually, it doesn’t say anywhere that it’s today only, and it was free yesterday as well. I think it’s permanently free-to-play now, as it should be. This would also explain why early buyers are getting free in-game stuff.

    1. I actually posted something on this yesterday morning (around 8 AM Eastern [U.S.] time) in the comments for Freak-Out Friday: Sonic Does A Thing. I’m glad someone was paying attention. 😛

  2. I don’t think it matters if Sonic Dash is F2P or not, the only people who can play it are the rich people with iPhone 5 and the new iPad…just try playing it a couple times on an iPhone 4…just try

    1. I have had it on iPhone 4 since it came out and it’s been fine. Admittedly the graphics aren’t as nice but other than that its been running just fine

    1. I know that feeling, I want to play it on my phone to, because it is a fun game (I actually got it for my mom’s ipad, but I can’t play it that often, same for sonic jump, although that is out for android, sooooo…

  3. So happy about the Re-balanced obstacles. There were times where I was doing a magnificent run, and all of a sudden a barrage of things appeared, or I would get blindsided after a corkscrew or loop or pole or something, and BAM…dead.

    1. Yeah… but you can still get blindsided when running down big hills or jumping over something and being hit by an object directly behind it. Also, there is one particular formation that is nearly impossible to jump over. Hope they do another update and fix these small issues. Then… this game will be perfect! 😀

      1. Yea, I started playing again and it seemed fine after the update, but then I was once again hit by a barrage of things and then I kept dying…It was worse than before too….so many damn things at once!

  4. So far the game has been sweet! A few little deformities here and there, such as hidden obstacles and lag after jumps, but those can be fixed. ^^ I think it’s just something to keep us happy till the new game is announced, probably at E3. If that much time has been put into it then I hope it’s gonna be great. X3

    1. Ever since January when the sonic stadium put up that very first rumor, it has been hard for me to forget about the new game, but yeah Sonic dash is helping me get my mind off it and at this pace, we should all make it to E3 without any trouble. Who knows? Maybe we may see a teaser trailer in April! 😉

    1. It really does stink that the 4s is just a little over a year old and it’s already outdated. For me, the only thing bad about the 4s version of sonic dash is the down scaled graphics. But really, the iPhone 5 isn’t much more than the 4s so why is it praised so much?

  5. Sonic Dash is free to do nothing on my phone because starting it just causes it to load forever.

  6. Next update they need to tweak the homing attack on the Choppers. Seems like sometimes with I tap the target, Sonic doesn’t attack all the time.

  7. Before I wasnt able to download this app on my Iphone 3GS because I didnt have a front facing camera, but now I am able to download the game for some reason, and it works quite well

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