SEGA Confirms Sonic Dash, First Game Details

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Following our report on Tuesday about Sonic Dash being listed in an Hardlight job listing, SEGA has confirmed to Kotaku that the game is indeed on the way.

“At this time, Sega is able to confirm that we are working on a new mobile game titled Sonic Dash. We have not announced any specific details on the product but we will be releasing additional information on this exciting, new game in the near future.”

That’s all well and good, but what about game details, Shadzter? Hit the jump and you shall receive.

Pocket Gamer France editor Sylvain has given us a heads up on some exclusive information about the game that they have received. As fans predicted, Sonic Dash will be an endless run and jump type of game, which means Sonic will automatically run by himself. The goal of the game is to collect rings and avoid enemies and obstacles, while your score gets ever higher. Pocket Gamer France also reports that the scenery will change as you progress and the game will also record how many meters Sonic has travelled. Game Center is also said to be supported, though no specific features are mentioned.

Sources: Kotaku and Pocket Gamer France

Thanks to Sylvain of Pocket Gamer France for the heads up! We’ll bring you more information on Sonic Dash when we get it. If you have any information to share, please e-mail it to

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  1. This has the potential to be up there with the likes of Jetpack Joyride. I really hope it ends up being good!

    1. Actually this sounds more like Temple run/Subway Surfers.
      I just hope each character have different abilities.

      1. I hope it’s more like Subway Surfer. That game feels fluid as hell and is a much better game then temple run IMO. Besides, The quick-step is already established in Sonic’s Move set.

        1. I also thought about Subway Surfers. The game is designed like some of those Sonic Unleashed sections, were you follow and attack the flying robots. I would fit to Sonic perfectly.

    2. I am actually pretty worried about how it will sell because temple run and most rip-offs of it are free while Sonic Dash will most likely have a price. Not to mention how Temple Run 2 just came out so some customers may be too busy with that game. If Hardlight can manage to pull off a completely original addition to the game play which will make it stand out over temple run and the others, then we are talking big sales. Hopefully. ๐Ÿ˜

  2. God damn, SEGA! Where the hell is my boxed main series Sonic title? >:( I’m getting impatient for the reveal!

    1. Calm your tits, Robutthead…
      This game sounds pretty awesome. Should keep everyone busy ’til the boxed game comes out.

    2. We need to have SEGA & Sonic Team Take their time. We don’t want another title being rushed Like Sonic 06. We Should give them time to make the game.

  3. I’m sorry, WHEN is the next Main Sonic game again? I didn’t know Sega resorted to making only mobile games.

    1. Digital is where it’s at right now, and obviously SEGA must have made a lot of money from those mobile Sonic ports and Sonic Jump. They confirmed last year that a new boxed Sonic game is on the way this year, but they don’t appear to be ready to announce it yet like we heard from some news tipsters and sources. My guess would be April/May when they usually announce the boxed Sonic games.

  4. Just be patient. I mean this mobile game could be good and in about 2 months I’ll bet SEGA will announce the new game.

  5. I hope it’s free when its release I would like to play it and waiting for an update on sonic jump

  6. Okay, WAY too many people complaining when they should be rejoicing! I know that post way back in late January is still floating through your heads, but you just have to deal with it! Now here is brand new information confirming a new sonic game and you are all upset? I don’t know about you, but I am making sure there is money on my iTunes account for when this comes out. Once again, thanks Shadzter for the interesting news, and for digging so deep to find it. Concerning the game, I wonder how fast the screen will scroll because normal temple run is fast by itself so if this is the icon of speed we are dealing with, we will probably have our eyes hurting from how fast it will go!

  7. When I read this, the first thing that came up in my mind are those mach-speed sections from that-game-that-must-not-be-named. :/

    1. Ugh…. definitely not. No way would Hardlight even think of something that ghastly…
      It’s probably gonna be Modern Sonic Actions mixed with Temple Run.

      1. OH MY GOD…
        If Sonic Dash turns out to be a Temple Run-styled game, I will fangasm all over it.

        Like, seriously, that game was ADDICTING. I got 5,000,000 (and something more) points in it. I loved it. And now, crossed over with Sonic?


  8. Well, Sonic Jump was actually really fun. So, this game seems to be the same concept…just running instead of constant jumping.

  9. I can only imagine it.
    The place would be (guess it) yeah, the overused Green Hill Zone. Unless SEGA decides to put another level. But they could add a lot of hazards, like spikes, rocks, and also new props like loops, corkscrews and the ziplines.
    Temporary Shield = Generic Sonic Green Shield
    Coin Bonus = 10 Rings …Ring.
    Coin Magnet = Electric/Blue Shield.
    Tabuu Invincibility = White Stars ๐Ÿ˜€
    Boost = … umm what could it be? lol:P
    And the obvious stuff:
    -Run is Sonic’s trademark hands-in-the-back run.
    -Jump is Spin jump.
    -Slide is Slide. (NO KIDDING) I mean, UnleColorAtions slide anim.
    -Coins are Rings. (YOU DON’T SAY?)
    -And the hollow “monkeys” would be badniks. Now, which badniks? Maybe different levels per run, and different badniks corresponding to them.

    1. Yes!!! I like it. I seriously hope it’s something like this. If it is, I will offically love Hardlight ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. Loops and Corkscrews do sound really fun! And then you even have to dodge stuff on those or maybe Eggman will fly in and destroy some of the track so you have to jump at proper moments to survive all while going super fast! The more we talk about it the more intense it gets!

  10. Sounds good to me, I really liked Sonic Jump btw.

    But I hope this game have the following features:

    -Boss Battles.
    -Power Ups, Special Moves
    -Some sort of Race Mode (or Battle Race more would be more fitting)
    -More than 5 different kind of stages (each with unique estetic and music)
    -The 10 playable characters from Sonic Jump.

    Also when are they going to announce Sonic Propel Adventure Dimenssions 3???

  11. You guys are so freakin’ spoiled. Hardlight announces a new mobile game and all you guys care about is “Where’s the new digital/disc Sonic game?” They were right, the Sonic fanbase is hard to please.

  12. No one is making comparisons to this and Rayman Run? If it’s anything like that game, I’m buying it no doubt. Hopefully it can hold me over for the next Sonic game announcement! ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Zones idea (includes 4 acts each and boss act; levels take 2-3 minutes to finish):
    Green Hill Zone-esque zone
    Casino Zone
    Underwater Zone
    Ice Zone
    Woods Zone
    Magical sky castle zone
    Death Egg Zone
    Doomsday Zone-esque zone

    Character ideas:
    (I discluded Vector and Charmy because 10 is enough and they would make less sense as playable characters than the others. Maybe they can talk to Espio through a walkie talkie or something. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    Story Mode
    Arcade Mode
    VS. Mode (Race against someone locally or online)

    There could be unlockable items, power-ups, and shields like Sonic Jump, considering this game is like a spiritual successor to Sonic Jump.

    What do you guys think of that? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    It could maybe borrow graphical style from Sonic 4, or maybe have hand-drawn graphics, and have Rayman Run eque gameplay… or maybe just Sonic 4 or Sonic Rush gameplay but you can’t stop running.

  14. Well, there were rumors a Sonic game would be announced today, and they said 10 playable characters, and being as this is made by the same people who made Sonic Jump, I bet this will have about 10 playable characters! This is the “New February Sonic Game” rumor, guys. Sorry to say.

    1. Considers . . . maybe some parts of the rumor came from this game, but this doesn’t answer all of them, especially since the rumor said that it would be a main series game on consoles and 3DS with UnColorAtions gameplay (that IS fun to say).

  15. well SEGA if game gives you money to continue development on a disc game then okay give it a shot.

  16. I hope it’s a free app. I like to listen to Crush 40 songs while playing games like Temple Run, or just surfing the net. Now I can play a game with very fitting music, unless the game has its own badass music to go with it ^^.

    1. Cool! Just imagine going at level 10 speed while listening to His World or Sonic Boom or What I’m Made of or Sonic Heroes or maybe even reach for the stars! I would get so into it I probably couldn’t put it down! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Sorry SonicWarrior but, 3/3/13, Sonic Adventure 3 TBA. It’s the 3rd game and the 3rd day of the 3rd month

  18. Btw pplz, I heard that the next Sonic game was to announced on the 3rd of March and that the next big game is gonna be Sonic Adventure 3. Does anyone know if that’s true or not?

    1. So what? I’m a Pokรฉmon fan, and I find it funny that Pokรฉmon have a game with the same name; Dash.

      1. I wouldn’t mind it too, if there wasn’t a shipping called “Sonic dash”.

  19. Alright. What needs to happen is 11 acts (like Sonic Jump), then a boss battle where Eggman flies along in front of you and you jump and hit him. Also have an arcade mode which is just Temple run with sonic and different scenery. Eggman can be the monkeys during the acts. I reckon that all Hardlight’s games need to follow the Sonic Jump template.

    Sonic Jetpack Joyride here we come!

  20. Really? Ugh, there are SO many games like this on the App Store already.

    But I’m still going to buy it, of course! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. i think sonic should have more and more games in the futher and more new charters in them to and a new show to WHO AGREES WITH ME SPEK UP

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