ASRT PC Gameplay: How to Destroy an Expert Ghost


Sega of America just released a handy video showing you how to destroy the Expert Ghost on Adders Lair. The interesting thing about this footage? It would appear to be from the PC version of the game.

With the exception of the character trailer released a few days ago, this is the first full gameplay footage shown of the PC build. The PC version is released at the end of this month on Steam and a retail edition is planned for Europe too.

Now… In the video, Sega get a time of 1:21.270. Fellow Blue Believers, beat that time!

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    1. It’s even more impressive when you realise he started off from a restart. He didn’t do the ‘rolling start’ or use the boost item as he crossed the line.

  1. 1 second, I need to pick my jaw up from the floor….

    Jesus Christ! He bent that poor ghost over at went to town!

  2. Already beat it, after I completed Generations, I literally spend every hour I have on this game

      1. Sad thing is I have a PC that can run it at 60 FPS too, even 120 if I ever get a 120hz monitor.

        I’m torn between getting this or sticking with my Wii U version, which I’ve totally S-ranked already. Doing ghosts like these now 😛

  3. I am no good at this game… In fact I SUCKED!!!
    I’m 17 and currently in competition with an 8 year old who is beating my buns. He can do everything on A class while I’m stuck on B!
    Stupid college getting in the way of what’s important >:C

  4. :O NO F*CKING WAY! My sister is an Expert at Sonic And Sega All Stars Racing Transformed and I think if you two had a battle…..You would tottaly WIN!!!

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