Sonic Jump Is Free To Download! (IOS Only, Expires January 1st)

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Update 2: As suspected this is a limited offer, it’s part of Apples 12 days of Christmas promotion. It will expire at some point between New Years Eve and January 1st depending on your time zone.

Update: Some people have pointed out that this might be a one day offer, it’s not uncommon for IOS apps to become free for a day and then return to their normal price.

Greetings Blue Believers. If you’re not too busy finishing off the left over turkey and attempting to force feed yourself whatever tasty treats you have left in your selection box, how would you like to give your thumbs a workout?

We all know about Sonic Jump right? That surprise game which came out back in October which was… surprisingly excellent from what people keep telling me. Well, it’s now free to play!

However, it’s only free on IOS devices. I don’t know if it’s a worldwide thing or if it’s limited to Europe, so if someone could confirm if this is a worldwide deal in the comments that would be jolly fine of you.

Full details as to what devices it will run on can be found here. Also if you don’t have a compatible device, just download it anyway, that way if you ever do get a device that’ll run it, you can still use it later.

So how was every ones Christmas? Get anything nice? I got a chest infection, ho ho ho!

Thanks to Woun for the heads up.

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    1. Nah, not one bit. I saw this coming when the game was first announced to be pay-to-play. The whole shop and leveling up concept of the game is almost reliant on the free-to-play method and that’s gonna attract alot more players that may actually pay more than one time for game content.. just wait a couple of weeks and the same will happen to the android version.

  1. Still waiting for a WP7/8 version. Totally gonna happen, right SEGA? Right?

    … Pretty please?

    1. No offense, but do people actually use Windows Phones? I’ve never thought of Windows as a relative platform in the last three or four years.

  2. I’ve already got it for android but I’d be glad if it got free for android too since it would mean that more poeple will play it.
    And I’m sorry about your chest infection dude.

    1. I had this on my wish list and just happened to be checking it when I noticed that Sonic Jump was available for free. 🙂

  3. … So, this is IMMIDIATELY after I bought the game on iOS, then found out that my ipod is too old to run the iOS required for this game.
    Well Globbit. >:I

  4. make the character upgrades free…..some of the challenges to unlock the extra characters are poo….its bloody hard work to unlock Tails!!

  5. It’s free in Australia too, so I guess it’s worldwide. I’ve been meaning to get it, now it is free! MWHAHA!

    1. IKR! I got an I pad, and a $15 i tunes gift card. The first thing i did was buy the game, now a few days later to discover it’s Free………..WHY APPLE, WHY!!!!

  6. I’ve been thinking about getting this game. Now it’s free for a little bit, I might as well get it now (lol I’m posting this AFTER I got it for free. WTF moment…)

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