Sonic Adventure 2 Coming to PC on Monday

“About time!”, a good number of you would say!

The official Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook page has confirmed today that the long awaited PC Digital Download version ofΒ Sonic Adventure 2 will finally be distributed online as early as this coming Monday, the 19th of November.

The updated Dreamcast classic will be accompanied by theΒ Battle Mode DLC, which unlocks additional content within the game – additional multiplayer stages and characters, and Chao Karate being noteworthy – the DLC of course being sold separately.

No word yet on the PC port ofΒ NiGHTS into dreams… HD.

Special thanks to Danielius on the SSMB for the tip!

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  1. Which will it be first: Sonic Adventure 2 modded into Sonic Generations or Sonic Adventure 2 modded into Sonic Generations?

      1. I did. I meant to say vice versa, the opposite, the reverse, or sweetly and simply “Sonic Generations modded into Sonic Adventure 2.” Oh, the woes of writing when someone is running for a bus and hurriedly typing something in their iPhone. Thoughts just don’t make it to the screen the way they were intended and thoughts just don’t make it to the screen the way they were intended. Broken record. Broken record.

        But humor aside, I did not intend to mean that Sonic Adventure 2 would have a greater chance of being modded into Sonic Generations by that accidental repetition of the phrase which might suggest it would have a one-ended outcome in the modding scheme of things. In reality, I wanted to get the idea out there so bright minds would start churning away and any thoughts would get pulled into the comment section. That means if anyone out there happens to have plans of modding between these two games and is reading my words here, please post something or forever hold your peace until you have your masterpiece in order and wish to do so.

  2. Woo HOO!!! I was getting concerned at the lack of news about the PC verison. Excited now! ^.^

    1. You want Vanilla in it, do you? πŸ˜‰ Hmm… Are there 3D models of Vanilla already available to do this?

    1. It’s only a digital download. πŸ™ I’m going to get it for PS3 though, I doubt my laptop could handle such an epic game. xD

  3. See my comment above and see my comment above. Yes, oh, yes. *Slightly inside joke* Umm… *Clears throat* What do you folks want to see modded in Sonic Adventure 2 for PC during the first week of release?

    1. All of the characters using their Generations models, or Generation styled models, as it should’ve been from the start.

      Yes, that includes the additional 2P characters.

    2. What i want to see?…uhhh How about just the dark side ported to the hero side and vica versa like you play shadow in sonics stages etc

  4. As for me, I would love to see Blaze, Silver and Team Chaotix modded into Sonic Adventure 2 for PC. Now, I do not know how Silver and Blaze could have the proper character abilities assigned to them because each of them possesses something unique and fresh that was not seen in the franchise until their official debut. But each member of Team Chaotix has someone in the Sonic Adventure 2 roster with similar movement and actions which could quite easily be adjusted to their specific animations and actions. Charmy may be a bit tricky since he is always floating and flying, but then again maybe something from Sonic Heroes could come in handy in the modding process when perfecting this.

  5. @Codeman320: No, computers will not have to have computers powerful enough to play this, because what would a computer need to do with a port of SA2? Maybe you should tell a computer what it should do with it along the same lines of what it should do with a lifetime supply of Willy Wonka chocolate ( ). XD

    But my answer to your real question is no, practically any modern computer should be able to run this unless it is a shoddy port.

    1. haha, that was hil-r-ious. even though i have SA2 on gamecube, i’ll pick up the PC port for the mods. oh sweet….yummy mods :O;

  6. Yes! Now I don’t have to buy it on my dying ps3!
    I hope I’ll be able to get it playing in 1080p like Sonic Gen PC

  7. at bloody last i picked up a gamecube copy but the bastard breaks down right at the start of the last story

  8. Hey SEGA, why isn’t this on the PS Vita? Do you not care about the PS Vita, is that it? If you made this portable, you would make so much money, I mean seriously! Talk about bad move!

    1. You do realise the PSP is was selling better on it’s first week than the Vita has done in 7 weeks right? How exactly could they make “so much money” from a handheld that is doing worse than it’s predessor? If you ask me, making any game for the Vita could be considered a bad move on any company’s parts.

  9. There has been talk of releasing Sonic Adventure 2 to mobile platforms ever since the Tapwave Zodiac, a Palm-based gaming handheld, but it has never gotten anywhere even with fans begging on their hands and knees. Granted, PS Vita would be the best option for such a release with so many things in the spades such as an excellent screen, usable controls and adequate storage. Yet I would not bet on it happening since the same has been requested by hundreds and remained answered on the iPhone for years, which, in part, makes sense since it has no decent controls to speak of, but that still makes it a fan disservice when many have requested it. Now, the PS Vita has an even smaller user base than the iOS Platform and Nintendo 3DS, which, of course, does not make it a very lucrative option for Sega and a much less probable outcome for fans.

  10. I would love to see either the first Adventure game or the 2nd on 3DS! I know it’s unlikely, but it would be nice to play Sonic’s first 3D rendered games in Anti-stereoscopic 3D (that’s the popping out of the screen without needing to wear glasses type of 3D, for the people who have no idea what I’m on about)

  11. This so exciting! Im looking very forward to what mods people make for the game. I can see Sonic Generations models and characters being put into it or maybe some really awsome Chao Garden mods…Silver or Blaze Chao anyone?

  12. Oh wow, I was given credits. I haven’t expected this at all! πŸ™‚ You’re absonicolutely welcome too!
    I also can’t wait to download as I never had a chance to play it (but i guess i will need to wait for my pay-check first xD). Have fun those who can already buy it tomorrow! πŸ™‚

  13. WE are just hours HOURS! away from the PC Release, of course i have it on GCN, PS3, and Xbox already, but THIS is what i have been waiting for, people will have to stop using Dreamcast PC Emulators for this! i will obvisily be in school today, but i figured out how to connect to my school’s wifi and i always bring my laptop. so i hope it comes early! i will be ready!

  14. I wouldn’t put up too much hope about mods. I highly doubt that SA2 engine can support such high-poly models as Generations ones.

  15. okay so I just played the PC version and it runs fine, but there are RANDOM slow downs, i don’t understand why it’s happening.

  16. At last, it looks like the game many of us have wished for has finally come to Steam. As for me, what I’d like to see modded into SA2 is a fan-remixed soundtrack, and multiple texture hacks that make everything look astonishingly detailed and surpasses the original in visuals.

  17. Mh i’m not gonna lie i’m a lazy bastard and i would love to see SOMEBODY update the Chao editor for SADX to SA2….Would somebody be so kind to make somthing like that?

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