Dreamy Sonic Team OSTs Soar onto iTunes

And I honestly hope your wallets are ready for them.

The folks at SEGA are working on double time as of late. From the North American premiere of Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph last weekend, where the blue blur made numerous cameos, and with Sumo Digital’s Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on the way this month, some would expect that that would be all from SEGA for the upcoming holidays. With everyone’s attention elsewhere, SEGA has quietly released numerous soundtracks onto the iTunes market.

Available for select regions, specifically the US, Japan, and most of Europe, the onslaught of soundtrack releases began last week with Sonic the Hedgehog Original Soundtrack and Sonic Unleashed Original Soundtrack: Planetary Pieces. Eager fans of Sonic Unleashed and Sonic 2006‘s music may now procure the complete soundtrack to both games!

And today (by EST standards, mind you!), I was notified by TRiPPY of NightsintoDreams.com that NiGHTS into dreams… Perfect Album and NiGHTS: Journey into Dreams Original Soundtrack have both snuck onto the digital music marketplace as well! The timing is perfect, considering that NiGHTS into Dreams saw an upgraded rerelease onto XBLA and PSN worldwide just last month (which, if you haven’t bought and played already, you should)!

Now, though some of you might be jumping for joy at the moment, there is reason behind the fact that you should ready your wallets.

Take note that each represented Sonic Team title boasts gargantuan musical anthologies, so each game has their music split into three albums each. Translation: a total of 12 soundtracks alone! Each album clocks in at £7.99/US $9.99/¥1,200, so multiply that by…

…oh boy.

If you can afford to support the good folks working the music behind the games (and if you’re in the aforementioned areas), buy the albums today!

I know I would…

Sonic the Hedgehog Original Soundtrack – Vol. 1Vol. 2Vol. 3

Sonic Unleashed Original Soundtrack: Planetary Pieces – Vol. 1Vol. 2Vol. 3

NiGHTS into dreams… Perfect Album – Vol. 1Vol. 2Vol. 3

NiGHTS: Journey into Dreams Original Soundtrack – Vol. 1Vol. 2Vol. 3

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  1. How come your not reviewing the Sonic Rush, Rush Adventure, Black Knight, Secret rings and Generations ones? (Well..generations are ringtones…but still)

  2. And Canada gets screwed over AGAIN.
    Hey Sonic Team. That little thing to the north of the States? That’s not ice, that’s us, your beaten and yet still loving brother.

  3. Well, I bought a legitimate Sonic 06 soundtrack the year it came out, and Unleashed I bought the physical soundtrack in 09 (found out it was a bootleg yesterday though after reading a tweet from Jun Senoue 🙁 ), and the Journey of Dreams one I got for christmas in 09 as well. Into Dreams is the one I’m interested in, let’s just say I’ve never bought the soundtrack, but have the music. I always delete any Sonic music I’ve downloaded though, if it becomes easily accessible in the U.S…not sure if I’m going to buy all of Into Dreams, Sonic Riders, Free riders or discs 1 and 2 of Secret Rings, bit low on cash before the holidays. maybe I can use some of my Bing Reward points to get one for free 🙂

  4. I would buy the NiGHTs one for sure if it were cheaper. But I’ve bought physical copies of four-disc OSTs for cheaper, so for a digital album it’s a bit too much. Especially when the majority of music is just ten minutes of slight variations of the same songs.

  5. The Sonic Unleashed soundtrack isn’t complete. Endless Possibility isn’t in the itunes version even though the physical copy of the ost had it.

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