ASR Transformed Wii U Patch On The Way

As anyone who has been following the release of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will know, while the 360/PS3 versions have been lavished with praise almost universally, the same cannot be said for the Wii U version, which has instead been plagued by game-breaking bugs that have made the World Tour mode impossible to fully complete.

Well, finally… Nintendo gamers, you may rejoice! A patch for the Wii U version of SEGA’s new racer is on its way, according to Sumo Digital’s very own S0L:

An update on the Wii U too, SEGA have confirmed the issues are fixed and it’s currently over with Nintendo. We’re hoping it will go live very soon!


So, hold tight, Wii U owners – if all goes to plan you’ll be playing a fully functioning version of the game in no time! With any luck, the patch will also be released in time for (if not to coincide with) the European release of the Wii U this Friday, 30th November. We here at TSS will let you know when the patch arrives – we’re jolly nice chaps like that!

In the meantime, have you read our review of the 360/PS3 version? Want to know what we think of the Wii U version? Stay tuned for a review of it soon after the UK launch…!

Source: SSMB

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  1. Yah can’t wait the only thing I can do is everything except world tour, I got beaten alot in matching making until I learned I found out about the mods, so if tried to unlock every mod for every character i got so far used the speed mod the most, it’s a good game

  2. XD If only I had the option to switch between the current patch and the new one. I’ll sure miss spawning into empty space and repeatedly falling to my death in battle mode.

  3. I know this is off topic but sonic generations is -75% off ($7.49 USD) on steam as part of there daily deal offer i just wanted to say something just in case someone wanted to get it for a cheap price and all the other sonic games besides sonic adventure 2 are -50% off as well.

  4. I’m pretty sure the real problem with the game is that in the Wii U version is not Ralph who you play as but Turbo in disguise, but I hope that with the new patch they can kill Turbo once and for all.

  5. Good to hear, but I’m getting the Xbox version. Can’t afford a Wii U yet! Know me, the Nintendo nerd I am, I will probably get it, but this gives me a chance to finish off all my tons of old games and also see how Wii U plays out. Because even with the Wii, I still had to get a 360 eventually to play the new Sonic games and many others…I miss the GameCube days, when Nintendo got all the Sonic games including tons of exclusives! Instead, the Wii got a lot of exclusives, and a a few of the earlier multi-platform titles, and they were a little butchered compared the the 360 ones. Oh well, I’m loving my 3DS anyway… 😛

  6. While it was easy enough to skip the broken Boost Challenges, it sucks that Burning Ranger Mirror Sprint is completely busted on Wii U. As funny as it is to spawn as a boat on a car track, broken games are no fun.

    Ah well, game is still fun.

  7. About flipping time. I love the game and all, but wasn’t this supposed to be the best of all the console versions (unless if Xbox Live or TF2 characters outrank 5 player local and exclusive party modes)?

    I hope this patch fixes the broken multiplayer modes (offline and online) as well as the infamous Boost Challenges. I thought Roulette Rush was just freaking brutal, turns out it’s freaking broken.

    And framerate fixes don’t hurt either 🙂

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