Time to go Ape! MeeMee Joins ASRT!


The Play Expo event was held in Manchester this weekend and Sumo Digital were due to give a talk about the making of Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed as well as a small Q&A session.

Earlier reports coming from the event suggested that a new build of the game was shown that included several new features as well as the first appearance of a new racer, MeeMee from Super Monkey Ball.

  • Two Items can be stored when racing. The second item appears beneath the first one and has a button prompt (B for the 360 version).
  • Knuckles’ All Star is the Master Emerald emitting energy.
  • Not sure if this was a glitch but I was sent back into the previous lap. I assume it was an item
  • The Giant Robot Fish from Generations makes a splash after the Octopus Area
  • Pre-set mines are also present on Seaside Hill.

Well as you’ve probably seen in the above video by now. MeeMee is indeed in the game (you can just barely see her at around 0:36-0:41) and we at last have clear glimpse of Ristar as the race starts. Also interesting to note is that Ralph appears to be in this build and achievements also seem to be active as the player gets two during his run.

Stay tuned to TSS for more news as we get it.

Source: Sega forums user: Starlight Rage Zone & YouTube User: MrRW26 Via Four Cartridge 

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  1. I watched a different video with Sonic’s all star move, it’s not Super Sonic. Looks like he does his boost and you can homing attack another racer. I don’t like how the master emeralds in the game but not the chaos emeralds unless their shadow’s all star move. Or Sumo digital’s hiding something about the story mode…

    1. Hmm, interesting. Could be Shadow’s – glad they might be mixing up the All Stars now.

      Although secretly I’m hoping Shadow gets Chaos Blast. That would be oodles of fun >:3

    1. I really wanted Super Sonic too, his all star move is kind of useless. If he went super, he’d be able to go further and attack more people! Don’t loose hope though! He could just appear in the story!

    2. Saying your done with a game because a move isn’t in it is silly :3 Since All Stars can apparently be triggered anytime with the proper item (stars?), it would be a bit too strong. So don’t worry about it, and who knows, maybe it’s an unlockable car or something like it was in Sonic Riders.

      1. I’m not hating the game because Super sonic’s not in it, I actually think It’s good to have a change for once. I already pre-orded the game. At least my favourite Sonic stage is in the game!

        1. sophie, Grassy was replying to Bolt. His/her comment stacked underneath yours. If Grassy had replied to you, the comment would have moved to the right a bit, like your reply to Grassy has.

  2. meemee, instead ristar, vectorman, chuck d head?
    Men, this guys from SUMO digital doesnt know anything about SEGA and his fans..

  3. That’s awesome, love Monkey Ball and glad she’s in it. Looks like all of the characters from Sega Superstars Tennis are going to be in this game; but that would mean that Pudding from Space Channel 5 would be in it too :O NOOOOOO!!! I can somewhat stomach Ulala, but having her, Danica and Pudding all in one game would be waaay too irritating for me.
    Anyway, game’s looking great though, really glad characters like NiGHTS, Reala, and Gum made the cut; still kinda hoping the Bonanza Bros. make it in XD

  4. From speaking with Steve Lycett at Play, albeit outside of the panel, I learnt that (At least some of) the All-Star moves have been toned down inorder to get them to work online, hence no Super Sonic.

    Other things of note:

    * When Sonic’s All-Star is active, “Reach for the Stars” from Sonic Colors (Specifically, the version when Super Sonic is active) plays.
    * There are more platform exclusives than the Mii & Avatar characters, which should be released in the next few weeks.
    * Not every character will return, but Steve said he wasn’t going to say more than that since some of the exclusions are likely to upset people.
    * There are lots more cameos like Ristar in the Death Egg Zone track, but he didn’t reveal anything more than that.
    * Danica Patrick was nearly removed from non-US versions of the game, but was kept in so people didn’t feel like they were losing a character.
    * The final unlockable will please A LOT of people, and it’s not Classic Sonic.

    1. I thought it was the Sonic 4 theme when I saw it, but… YES! REACH FOR THE STARS! Last character? I don’t know… I sense something along the lines of Sonic riders here…. But it’s stupid.

  5. I actually am one of the few who actually like the Super Monkey Ball games… YAY FOR MONKEYS IN BALLS! And it is cool to me that MeeMee was added, I guess… though I was much happier when NiGHTS and Reala were announced, this is still good… and I do hope that final unlockable may just be Silver.

  6. Why is it that the first character that came to my mind for the secret character is the Time Eater? and his all star move would be him throwing the energy balls? Well the hidden character isn’t classic sonic…

  7. So 23/24 Characters out of 29 are confirmed and still have the ‘console exclusives’ to be revealed, by current judgement this means
    No Big (Good in my opinion)
    No Billy Hatcher (Or they’re just super late confirming him since they do have a Billy Hatcher track in the game.)
    No Ryo Hazuki
    No Bonanza Bros.
    No Chuchus
    No Opa-Opa
    No Jacky & Akira
    No Zobio & Zobiko
    No Alex Kidd

    While I do actually support other franchises getting more than one character to help represent (Unfair Sonic got EIGHT characters over the rest even if it’s “SONIC” & Allstars) but I know Sega cannot be that dumb to cut half the cast from the previous game AGAIN, you’d think they’ed keep the entire, if not MOST the entire cast from the first game and add on a bit more. I can (Hatefully) Let go Ristar (They should’ve used the flagman from Outrun), Vectorman and the Hornet not being playable in the game, but if this is fact they just better not Disappoint with DLC this time. And something tells me they’ll screw THAT up as well.

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