Sonic the Fighters Rumoured for Xbox Live Arcade

Amidst the flurry of classic SEGA titles hitting Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network last week, it may come as no surprise to many that whispers of potential releases of other classic games are circulating.

A recent tweet from XBL enthusiast @lifeflower lists the “unannounced/rumoured” release of three classic SEGA titles including Fighting Vipers, Virtua Fighter and Sonic the Fighters, displaying a screen grab of a USK rating for each of the games on their release schedule page.

While still officially unconfirmed with no information on extra features these games may have, many fans will be happy at the potential prospect to revisit one of the lesser-known titles from the Sonic franchise, along with other seminal beat’em ups from the SEGA Saturn era.

Props to eagle-eyed SSMB members NiGHTS and goku202006 for spotting this!

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  1. Huh…very interesting. For me, the interest for Fighting Vipers is what really catches my eye, having already own Sonic the Fighter on Gamecube.

  2. Yo, thanks for the shoutout. I’m quite excited for this, I really hope there’s online play.

  3. I may have Sonic the Fighters on gamecube, but an HD re-release with extra features and possibly online multiplayer?! That’s frickin sweet! So THAT’S the other Sonic game that was talked about at Sonic Boom…they said that besides SA2, they were working on re-releasing another Sonic game on XBLA and PSN. Very much looking forward to hearing more on it, hope it’s true!

  4. “Props to eagle-eyed SSMB members NiGHTS and goku202006 for spotting this!”

    ……..Well I guess its better then “lotsa numbers”….

    Anyways thanks for the props but credit “grap3fruitman” from Retro as well for finding it. if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have posted it on the status which lead to Felix/NiGHTS making a thread about it.

    Check the timestamp, he got to it before all of us:

  5. Is Sega gonna make a port of every Sonic game? I know this is a rumor but we are just getting SA2! Wont be surprised of sonic R gets a port now.

  6. May as well make every Sonic game available for download. I mean, why not?

    I wouldn’t mind me some Sonic R, honestly.

  7. I hope they release all the lesser-known games. As much as my wallet will want to kill me, I would really love a chance to play games that I never really had a chance to play before.

  8. Mhhh, interesting. Most interesting indeed!

    Sonicrush1991-> Lemme guess, you’re a brony right?

  9. I’ve wanted Sonic Championship and Sonic R XBLA ports for years now. Hopefully they’ll add Rocket Metal, Robotnik, etc. as playable characters.

  10. I have Sonic Adventure DX on GameCube, then got it from XBLA(w/o the DX upgrade so far. Kinda stupid that you have to buy the upgrade for the last 3 Achievements). I have SA2B on GameCube, but I’m getting that from XBLA as well(though this time, I won’t really mind paying the SA2B upgrade). Sonic The Fighters I have as part of my Sonic Gems Collection for GameCube….. but I don’t really see myself getting it in any other form anytime soon because it’s not really that great, IMHO.

  11. They can’t! It has Fang in it who SEGA refuses to admit actually existed 😛

    An official playable Honey the Cat would be cool 🙂

  12. Im so torn. Im obligated as a fan to buy and play any release and re-release of a sonic title. But If this is true, I dont think I could go forward with it. I never liked Sonic the Fighters.

  13. You know what’s funny? Check out this new Wreck it Ralph trailer:

    Between 0:05 – 0:07, you can see the arcade room flash by quickly, but if you pause it at the right moment, you can see the Sonic the Fighters arcade machine on the right side, just before its blocked by the Sugar Rush arcade. There’s lots of other recognizable machines too. House of the Dead, TMNT, Street Fighter II, Space Invaders, NBA Jam.

  14. Sonic Fighters was a pretty terrible game though I can understand some people wanting to play it because it’s one of the few Sonic games that hasn’t been ported 100 times.

    You could pick up Sonic Gems Collection though if you have a Gamecube or Wii. That way you get Sonic R as well, since people seem to be mentioning it.

  15. I could understand if all 3 of those games were part of a Collection like the Vintage Collections, but releasing Sonic the Fighters on it’s own? Unless it has new features, it won’t really be worth 800 points or whatever they decide to charge for it.

    Stop stalling Sega and give me Knuckles Chaotix on a console! I don’t care if it’s not as good as the MD games, I WANT TO PLAY IT (Without shelling out plenty of notes for the 32X version)

  16. We need ask SEGA for Sonic The Hedgehog Arcade the one that never was released for other system.

  17. I already have the game on GC, but if Honey the Cat is a playable character, of course I will buy it!!…
    By the way, they should include biographies (even short ones) in the new digital release of the game (if it happens)!!…

  18. i have a very strong feeling that sometime in the furure theyll rerelease sonic heroes and shadow the hedgehog since there doing more rerelases now,hell i woudnt be surprised if they rereleased sonicriders

  19. If this gets a PSN release, I’m all in. Hopefully, it’ll have online play!
    Still hoping Knuckles Chaotix gets a re-release, though.

  20. I’d rather have Sonic Battle remastered in HD, and atleast Knuckles’ Chaotix and Sonic 3D Blast re-released first.

    I wouldn’t pass up Sonic 3 coming to PSN either.

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