SEGA Releases More Sonic Adventure 2 HD Screenshots, PC Version in “Coming Months”


In a blog update today SEGA of America has released six new screenshots for the new HD port of Sonic Adventure 2 showcasing some of Sonic and Shadow’s stages like Crazy Gadget and Sky Rail, as well as some of the game’s cutscenes in 720p high definition. You can view them all in our gallery after the jump. A launch trailer is also available for your viewing above.

Sonic Adventure 2 will be released later today on the US PS Store, tomorrow on the EU PS Store and Friday on XBLA for $9.99/£6.49/€7.99/800 MSP. SEGA says the Battle DLC will be released this Friday for $3.00/£1.99/€2.49/AU$4.25/240 MSP.

Fans who purchase the PS3 version will also get a free Sonic Adventure 2 theme for their XMB.

Source: SEGA Blog

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  1. Looks like Sega realised the errors of their ways and didn’t remake the font in the original Comic Sans.

  2. SEGA annoys me sometimes. I go to their blog to see if they’ve posted anything new, but they haven’t. I notice their Flickr has new SA2 screenshots posted yesterday , so I download them and make a TSS post about it, AND THEN they make a new blog post after I’ve already posted my article, so I have to go largely edit it.

    1. The game without the DLC is also SA2 Battle. The Battle DLC just adds the extra features multiplayer and Chao stuff Battle has. It’s like how Sonic Adventure on PSN, XBLA and Steam was actually Sonic Adventure DX and the DX DLC just added DX’s Mission Mode and Metal Sonic.

  3. Wait, what does ‘coming months’ even mean for the PC release? November? December? January? 🙁
    I’m annoyed they’re not releasing it sooner, I’ve wanted this game for about 7 years.

    1. Yeah I have been waiting a very long time to play SA2 too. It made me dissapointed when I read “months to come” Who knows, SEGA could even mean 2013.

  4. Wait a second. Don’t get me wrong, I plan to get this game AND the Battle DLC. I would just like to know why we have no rewards for PlayStation Home like we did for Sonic Aventure/DX. I would so LOVE to have that t-shirt and those soap shoes. Can you please confirm this, Vizard?

    1. Not seen anything online yet, but now the game’s out on PSN in the US and EU tomorrow, someone should be able to confirm it soon.

  5. i will most def be copping SA2 and a pound of stanky weed and reminisce about the good ol dreamcast days ……………..DOES ANYBODY KNOW IF SEGA IS RE-RELEASING POWER STONE 1&2 FOR XBLA?

  6. Pc in “Coming months”. That does not sound too good. I’m at least happy there is a Pc version.

  7. Sonic Adventure 2 looks IDENTICAL to the original. A lot of the graphics are still very blocky, and the background textures are still blurred. Really?

    If I’m wrong, please, please correct me (I’m a diehard SA2 fan), but this seems to me like just footage from the original game.

  8. I feel like once SEGA finished all the Xbox and PS3 versions, one worker asked “Hey, what about PC? Don’t we usually do that?” Then the manager kinda went “……..CRAP.” *starts working on it the week of release* “TELL THEM IT’S COMING IN MONTHS!!!”

  9. I still don’t see much of a difference in the graphics, lol. Maybe I’m just blind, though…

    1. I agree, there really is no difference aside from it supporting widescreen. If you watch the cutscenes on YT that someone ripped with their computer, it looks exactly like these screens. I also don’t get the excitement for this being re-released; its still the same game that was released 10 years ago. Maybe its because I personally still own SA2B on good ol’ Gamecube.

  10. Well, it’s actually on the XBL Marketplace now. But It isn’t letting me purchace anything due to internet issues on my end.

  11. The graphics are still not right compared to the dreamcast. No joke; the self shadowing and shadows being cast by cars and other objects were absent on the gamecube port (same problem on this so called HD version). Maybe I’m nit picky but it goes to show how ahead of it’s time the Dreamcast was when it was released. Didn’t see shadows being rendered that way in any games until Doom 3.

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